Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mac & Cheese

What can I say.....Cant make them all happy!!! I like Mac & Cheese. On another note.... Have a happy Holiday!!!! Photobucket Jerry

Driving Miss Daisy

Not that I'm censoring or anything, but did we really need to see two different angles of the mac and cheese? Just a thought. Anyway. . .
You may also be tired of seeing endless pictures of paradise in the snow Thankfully, I never do. Although the angles may be slightly similar (mac and cheese?) I guess these are the views that I never tire of, and so I try to share them with you. If you have had enough of lousy shots of snowfall in the woods, and the view from our back porch, feel free to scroll down. I have also shared other thoughts with you today.

and my favorite, the sun coming through the clouds over the pasture. You know the old saying - "Just another lousy day in paradise." I pinch myself every time I wake up and get to see this gorgeous nature miracle.
They say there are no two snowflakes alike, but really, how do you know for sure? When you see the snow falling from the sky at any given place in the world, isn't it conceivable that a rogue copycat snowflake has slipped through the cracks? Just one? Or two? or five? In all the billions of snowflakes that are falling from the sky and landing in drifts and fields a gazillion deep, who is to say that no two are alike? And more important, who was given that job? "Hey Bob, today you are going to be checking snowflakes for duplicates". "Let us know if any two are alike, OK?" How long did that career last? And what if "Bob" was a slacker? What exactly was the scientific equipment that determines the screening of snowflakes? I don't think I've ever heard of it. My point is this, I don't believe it. Not no how. I personally have never found any two alike, but then, I seem to feel that they work best in teams of snowflakes, so I never try to really find duplicates. I'm happy with the fact that they are just falling around me. I don't have to dig too deep (no pun intended) to find all that detail. I'm just dumb and happy with the visual.
These are the things I ponder as I am being chauffered all around the northeast. It occurred to me the other day as I was nursing a crick in my neck that I have become the ultimate passenger. I rarely look forward in the car - due to my temporary injuries, I am viewing the world out the side window, and I like it. After trips to Amsterdam, Johnstown and Gloversville, I have learned North Bush Road from top to bottom, and could tell you approximately where we are by the lay of the woods. That to me is quite an accomplishment. I also have the time to ponder street signs, and the biggest question I have is this - Which came first? the Deer? or the Deer Crossing Sign? How do they know where they are supposed to cross? These are the same deer that are running out into the road in front of cars and trucks, willly nilly. Not the wisest of the animal kingdom's beasts. I could understand a chicken crossing sign because apparently, they cross the road quite often. But deer? We expect them to read warning signs produced by the Department of Transportation? Isn't this a large and overblown expectation? It makes you feel sorry for the deer. What if he's a slow reader? Who helps him? This is what happens when you are a constant passenger. You begin to fixate on questions that quite possibly have no answer. Today, we will be driving to Long Island and then on to Pennsylvania to enjoy Thanksgiving with Jerry's family. We are looking forward to the trip, and to Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. As our family grows and expands (in numbers, not in turkey induced waistlines) road trips become more and more of a reality for any kind of gathering. As for me, I am lucky enough to view it from the passenger seat where I can really focus on what's happening on the side of the road, instead of in front. That's Jerry's job, and he is a brilliant chauffer. I will see the farms, the woods, the creeks and the railroads that parallel the roads we are driving, and sometimes get a peek inside someone else's world. But always, I am thinking of where we are going and who we are going to see. I am thankful for all of it. Enjoy your holiday, enjoy your family, and don't miss the view outside your window. It can take you breath away if you let it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here it is!!!!

It's done and here it is!
We miss you Walt... Come up soon.
Think Mom make an extra one for the freezer!
Jackie, Nicole, Brian we miss you too!!!!!!!!!

Mac & Cheese !!!!!!!

Jen's wood burning stove from the 1900's , purchased in Maine With gas side car
Amish Kitchen cabinets
Check out the dishwasher painting by Jen
Daphne wants some too! Nicole's & Mike's ,"Get well Soon" flowers after Jen's stay in the hospital
Hey Walter.......!!!!! Mom's making he Famous Macaroni and Cheese.

Snow Day.... Here in Caroga Lake

We are gettin a little snow here and 4 miles down the road and down the mountain they are gettin rain!
Maybe an inch or two.
Nothing very new today, They installed the New heating unit yesterday afternoon and it is working great!!!!
Thought about painting Ali's room today but after some early morning errands and some snow shoveling I figured painting can wait another day.
Really it will wait until next week as we are off to the island to drop off Ali and then to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving with mom.
Sure glad the price of gas has come down , was $1.98 earlier.
Next week the new Generator switch is being installed that will power up the house in the event of a power outage. The switch allows you to disconnect from Nation Grids power lines and switch the the incoming power from the generator to the fuse box.
Since we are so close to the local ski mountain we can hear during the day and night the snow making machines working... I think they are up and open already..think they opened last weekend. This snow fall will help them keep their cost down!
I stopped over there couple of Weeks ago to see if they are looking for seasonal help, "Jim" ( Not Dan...LOL ) the owner was waiting to see if his past employees returned, then he would call.., we will see!
Talk to you Later!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Re. Gremlins, (or, Am I going CRAZY ?????)

Regarding ..... Gremlins,(or,Am I going Crazy????) It's 1 PM the heating company has been here and after looking at the installation that his company did in 2006, the problems with unit and it's history.....Today they are installing a New Unit. As I type, it is on it's way here from Albany and at no cost ...Whoooo Hooooo!!! I'll let you know how it works out!!!! Hope no Gremlins hiding in this one! gremlins Pictures, Images and Photos

Nicole's Bridal Shower

There are some days in our lives that just make you pause and look around with incredible gratitude and happiness. Yesterday was one of those days. Nicole Marie was celebrated at her Bridal Shower, and it was such a beautiful day from start to finish. Her bridal party knocked themselves out with creativity and attention to detail. Everyone managed to pull off the surprise, and I think she was truly stunned. She had that deer in headlights kind of look on her face, the ultimate reward for lots of near misses and almost-spilled secrets. She is a beautiful bride-to-be, and will be a beautiful bride. We had a great time, and look forward to the wedding "season" ahead. Congratulations sweetie! I hope you had as much fun as we did! The guys were hosted back at Valerie and Sal's home, where hot dogs and football saved the day for the men. All in all, it was a great time for everyone, and they received some beautiful and practical gifts. Here are some pictures (not good because apparently I was having way too much fun, but I did take pictures!) In my defense, I was also taking pictures for Nicole with her camera, and I am praying that her camera's pictures are better than these - Nevertheless, you can see what a great day it was.

Gremlins, (or, Am I going CRAZY ?????)

Here Is the Question!!!!! Well let me explain somethings 1ST then I'll pose the question. We seem to be being tested all the time by the House. We never cut corners when working on the house or purchasing equipment for the house. (Never, never, never!) We have 3 heating systems in the house, one an automatic system (Propane system) and two that require that you be home and manage the heat sytem.....(I.E. Putting wood into the wood stove or Pellets into the pellet stove every 24 hrs .) All of the heating systems are new in the house since about 2004 ( pellet stove 04, wood stove 05, propane system 06). The propane is our main system and it turns on and shuts off as heat is needed. The same type that most people would have in the house. When we are home we use both systems , pellet stove and propane system.. House stays toasty !!! Seems infallable right? The propane system was installed by a contractor here in the area and the unit is a Carrier heating and Air conditioning unit . Last winter the propane unit failed one time due to a small igniter like is used on you Bar-b-Q. That was replaced and propelled us to take out a service contract from the company that installed the heating unit (so that we had a service plan and that we would not pay HUGE Emergency Repair fee's when and/or if the system ever failed over the winter. We have had heat going here off an on since Sept.. Both the pellet stove, the main system and the propane system. NO PROBLEMS! I thought I had it all set up for success. As we were going to be away from the house over the weekend (I love you Nicole!) I had a friend stop by and check that the heat is working (Dan the Bee Guy - you rock buddy!) ( should be no problem as it was a new system in 06 - I got it covered!) 6 Hrs before we arrive home the friend checks on the house and finds that it feels warm inside. All appears to be fine, maybe a little cool at about 60 degrees. . . We arrive home 6 hrs later , it's 14 degrees outside and when I walk in the door I find that our propane system picks this time to fail......No, it didn't fail while we are home since system started working in Sept. IT FAILS WHILE WE ARE AWAY - MY BIGGEST FEAR!!!!! The house is at about 44 Degrees and the crawl space is getting close to the Freezing temp. of 32 Degrees. OMG! I think I might snap! I planned for this! Paid for this! Dreaded this! We fire up the pellet stove and bring inside of the house up to a comfortable temp. after a short time, I'm on the phone Sunday night with our Propane heat contractor, our service company. A message is left with the company and they will call back at some point...they do call back and I'm advised ,.......It's going to be a awhile as he has some other calls, it's Sunday night and of course it's cold out so everyone wants heat! (Hence my sense of frustration). We do talk about the heat failure over the phone and this state of the art heating system does give "Codes" much like you car does when it fails in an attempt to tell you what the computer is seeing and why it failed. The Codes are a series of flashing L.E.D. lights. I count the flashes it makes and tell the repair guy... He seems to know what it is and has me shut down the system power then power up it after a short wait, like rebooting your computer. I do that and it reboots , heat now returns and new warm life is starting to blow through our forced hot air system, the crawl space is also starting to warm up due to radiant heat from the vent pipes passing thru the crawl space on its way to other parts of the house. Here's the Question!!!! Why after doing all the right things does the system fail not when we are Home and can address the problem????? Why????? The problem also continues thru the night I forgot to tell you and I keep doing that manual reboot and all works until temp. reaches what the thermostat is set at and it shuts down but fails to restart without my help of rebooting. What causes those Gremlins to appear while we are away? Why???? I NEED TO KNOW! This morning the heating contractor will be here to read the "CODES" and fix the system and we will be warm again...... My Questions for the Heating and Plumbing Company- How do I trust the system when we leave again??? It's new in 06.... Works most of the time unless "it" knows we are away... then the Gremlins returns. As I type the system has Failed !!!! The L.E.D Lights are flashing a "New Code" and we await the heating repair company, We are not re-booting yet so that the repair guy can see the Codes. Read this code Pal: Pissed Off Client! Let me add to this, New used truck , trany failed within 30 days, new washer failed within 60 days, refrigerator new in 04 fails, underground service,power lines fail! Did I mention the septic system fiasco? Nevermind. You want Gremlins????? I got Gremlins!!! Oh by the way, we had a fantastic weekend and I am so proud of my baby girl! You all Have a good day. By tomorrow I will be Calmer, Happier, and I may go hunting. Then I can shoot something. Anything. God I love guns.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things to do - or not

Yesterday we went to Albany to pick up more flooring from Lumber Liquidators. It was a great day, and we had FABULOUS seafood at Bob and Ron's Seafood Diner (Bob and Ron? something like that) It was clearly a local favorite and the lunch was delicious. We took a scenic swing around Albany and I was shocked to see how it has grown since I was last in the heart of the city, probably about ten years ago. It was a culture shock for sure. We took a leisurely drive home and stopped at a few antique shops, just for fun. I always appreciate when Jerry is so willing to step off the beaten path. We always have a good time. By the time we got home, I was whooped. Truly whooped. We had walked the property in the morning, in an effort to get outside and start exercising. It was great, although cold. The land changes every day with every temperature change. The little brooks that run through the property are now frozen and crackle when you step on them. It is a rugged beauty that I love so much. I have found new appreciation for down coats, and the warmth they provide. I am a convert forever. It still befuddles me why someone would not want to be warm (hello Allison!) when it is such a comfortable condition. Warm. It is my life's mission to be warm. Inside and out! It was a great walk, but contributed to my meltdown last night. We had planned on attending the Christmas Parade in Johnstown last night, but 17 degrees is not the right temperature for me to be standing on the curb for a couple of hours, however wonderful the event. I was never one to want to attend a football game either - not when the same game was showing on the TV in the living room - warmth, food and the remote. It just doesn't get better than that. And I would pay for a ticket to sit in the stadium in the freezing cold why? I never had a good enough answer for that burning question. I guess I'm a lazy fan. Allison went to see Twilight last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are not aware of the book series and the movie opening on Thursday, you need to get out more. Even I know that Twilight is this weekend's big story. I haven't read the series yet, it is a vampire type love story-not so much my preference. But, in the middle of January when the activities options are winding down, I may just pick it up. I still have to tackle Harry Potter. There is alot of reading ahead of me, and alot of cold weather ahead. What a great combination don't you think?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just thoughts. . .

With my arm hanging useless at my side, and dragging my right leg behind me due to the muscle strain from the catheterization, the only visual that comes to mind is Quasimodo. It's not flattering and certainly doesn't make me feel too good about myself, but that's who I resemble these days. I know (hope) that this is a temporary setback, and am looking forward to feeling better. Fortunately for me, I had my calendar messed up and was thinking this was Thanksgiving week. Not hard to do considering that that stores are already playing carols and the stores and communities are already decorated for Christmas. I did have a senior moment in the store last week and thought, incorrectly, that Thanksgiving had already come and gone. When I couldn't place us at a table, I remembered that our last Thanksgiving was down on Long Island and couldn't have happened yet. As I said, I'm not in the best shape these days. It's bitterly cold out, and yet the air is dry. It does make a difference. I know that people in Arizona claim that the 110 degrees is a "dry heat", as if that makes it OK, but truthfully, if you are someone with arthritis or any joint pains, it does matter. I love the cold here. It is crisp and clean and refreshing, and it doesn't hurt.
Daphne has apparently had an epiphany. She jumped off the bed this morning to go and lay down with Jake, and after about 1/2 hour of that, came over to my side of the bed and began her stamping and snorting. She wanted to go out! Now mind you, this is miraculous at any time of the day, because Daphne doesn't do winter. But this was at 4:00 A.M.! If the weather is in any way inclement (meaning anything other than 60-90 degrees, dry and sunny) she doesn't want to go out. She will, if forced, do what has to be done, but if she can sneak off to a corner somewhere and use the wee wee pad, or even just sneak somehow, she will. But waking me up to take her out at 4 am when it is 15 degrees, dark and desolate? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? It was probably one of my proudest moments (second only to Walter's successful potty training-sorry Walt) She was so happy to go out, only with Jerry though. I guess she figured if anything WAS out there, he was her best hope. I don't think Jerry was feeling the love, but he took her anyway. She was just so frigging happy! When Daphne is happy, she bounces and shakes! Her tail winds like a helicopter blade, and she just quivers with emotion. It's kind of fun to watch, even if you don't share the same happiness. Jake went too, just because. He doesn't like to miss anything and this field trip was definitely not normal. I hope she doesn't make a habit out of it, and yet, isn't that what we have been begging her to do? Make a habit out of it? Now I'm really torn. It was pretty amazing. These dogs keep us hopping don't they? It's real dark at 4 am. Trust me. We still hear hunters driving down the road at this hour. They are getting an early start. Jerry has not hunted since Brian was up, and that was a while ago. Our contractor got a buck last week, (which explains the delays in the bathroom project - apparently we are not the priority) and we heard of another guy (eavesdropping at the apple orchard) who got his first 10 pointer within ten minutes of walking into the woods with his bow and arrow for the first time. He claimed the buck was following HIM! Hopefully, those who are hunting will be successful in their search. We're thinking of you guys out there! I am hoping Jerry can get off the jen-patrol for awhile and get out there again. We'll see. Stay warm. It's cold out there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Burrrrrrrr , Today's word!

Well Gang Just a quick update.......14 Degrees outside 7am , very little wind,thank god. Photobucket Crawl space temp.50.0, so far, so good! Jen doing better and gingerly walking around . Ali has not figured out that it's time to wear a coat yet and seems she is making her clothes choices based on the indoor temperature Keep those comments coming!!! "Having the times of our lives" Jerry

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well. I didn't get to the surgeon today. Actually, I got to the surgeon YESTERDAY, where I had another cardiac catheterization. We were picking up paint on Sunday at Wal-Mart, and all of a sudden I had that chest pain that feels as though it is indigestions and someone standing on your chest at the same time. Shoot. Do I ignore it? Is it just indigestion? With my history, I decided to come clean to Jerry and just point out what I was feeling. It was not "painful". It was "uncomfortable". As we had not eaten anything since breakfast (3 hours earlier) and it came on rather quickly, we decided to go to the hospital and get it checked out. I should know by now that getting checked out is going to involve being admitted and large quantities of tests, but I blithely set off thinking I'd be outta there by dinnertime. Wrong. Once they admitted me and ran all the tests, I was happy to hear that my enzymes and other bloodwork were all negative. But, the cardiologist was not satisfied with just that, and wanted to check out the stents and other arteries due to my symptoms and the rapid onset of pain. This is where I began to melt down. I am not a good patient, and less so when I feel like things are spiraling out of control. Suffice it to say that I was hysterical. Long story short, I had stopped the blood thinners in anticipation of shoulder surgery. That might have made me feel a "difference". At any rate, the catheterization went well, I am home now, although I do feel as though I have been mugged. Allison was a trooper throughout it all. The arm surgery has been postponed. Jerry is a prince. I knew that. Thank God he can't hear, or he would be unbearably big-headed.

Cooler Here In Caroga!

Well Gang looks like it's time to pull out the winter coats, 28 degrees here this morning and looks like might not get much warmer. We got a light dusting of snow over night, the sun is shining here this morning. Today was to be the day that Jen was to have her shoulder surgery but that had to be canceled. Jen spent a couple of days in the hospital, Sunday and Monday and now home resting and doing well........I'll leave it up to her to explain what happened, she if fine now but tired and resting. Hospital Bed Pictures, Images and Photos Of course she is much more a cutie then the guy in the bed above! Lots to do here still as most of you know.......I have 6 Gals of paint waiting for me to spread it around. Over the summer we insulated the crawl space with spray foam and the basement area under the living room ( soon to be Jen's studio) and it seems to be working out well. Keeping an eye on crawl space temp as that area has most of the plumbing and best area to freeze. Have a remote temp sensor in the crawl space which is not heated , temp is 50.5 while its 28 outside.... Here is a Link to a live web cam here in Caroga Lake..its on a store looking out over Canada Lake. You can move the camera left, right,up and down by cliking on the picture!!! Gives you an idea what it looks like here!

Let Me know what you think by posting a coment...I have many other Web Cams to post.

Lets me know whats going on around us here.

Talk to you Soon!!!!

Having the times of our lives!!!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

not much to say - or do

There's no controlling him now.
It's a rainy and dismal day. I'm practicing being an invalid. I have it down to an almost perfect routine. I should be a barrel of laughs by Tuesday. The woods and the pasture look positively dreary. The colored leaves are now a bed on the floor of the woods. It is beautiful in it's starkness, but not something I need to see up close. It's the kind of day where you just want to cozy up to the pellet stove and play cards or read a book. The three of us are well suited that way. We all like to read and can pass the day without much trouble or effort. Daphne and Jake are also on the lazy train. I am missing the L.I. kids, as I always do when we have just seen them. It takes a few days to get used to it being just us three. But we are always looking forward to the next visit. There is a section in our local newspaper that lists all the activities of the weekend for informational purposes. Any theater, benefit, church dinners or band gigs that would interest anyone. That's where we go to find out what is going on. I'm missing alot of things this weekend, but we just didn't feel like getting our selves out there. After partying the night away last Monday, we are in slo-mo. I am typing right now with both hands, but as of Tuesday will be hunting and pecking with the right hand only. There are so many things I need to catch up on before that happens, and instead I'm laying around reading and watching the tube. Shame on me. Keep in touch. We love those mails.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Caroga Lake Update

The weather here is very warm...64 degrees in the shade at 2:30 pm, sun shinning . Well gone to the doctors office for a hearing test and I have a loss of higher pitched sounds.., Dr. contributes it to shooting my guns over the years, while at work or hunting. Dr. said you have the most trouble hearing female higher pitched voices ( Jennifer)and voices of children. I felt like Ray from "Everyone Loves Raymond" in the episode when he has an attack and the Dr. tells him he needs to play more golf.. Ray brought home a note from the Dr. I almost asked the Dr. for a note explaining that I might not be hearing Jennifer through no fault of my own Photobucket We will see, a hearing aid might be coming down the road. Jen has her shoulder surgery coming up on 11/18, she cant wait to get it Done! Keep her in your thoughts, surgery will be in the afternoon and she will be coming home that day. We had a long Island visit last Sunday thru Tuesday, P.B.A threw a great retirement party! Got to see the guys from patrol , the office , other retires and some from west of the water cooler. Thanks was Great! It was good to see all the kids that night , we all had some great laughs. The next morning Jen and I got together with the kids for a late breakfast at a dinner..spent nearly two hours there do to it be crowded.. was a blessing in disguise as we spent more time together . We are hoping to have the whole crew here for the HolidaysPhotobucket Until next time, Jerry

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Island Rocks!

We were on Long Island from Sunday through Tuesday night, and it was a spectacular celebration of friends and family. Some pictures from the weekend will be posted later, as today is now filled up with Doctor nonsens for pre-surgery. But I must quickly say that there will be no living with him. After Jerry was reminded by his co-workers of how wonderful he was to work with, (which we knew!) and on top of that - he was told that his rogue posts on the blog page were enjoyed, and in fact, they were missed when he deleted them, I realized that he has been enpowered on a level that will be quite difficult to live with. I'm just hoping he will let me enjoy my opinion once in awhile. The blog games have begun! Truthfully, it was an amazing night and always so great to see everyone. It's hard to say goodbye, but we always are hopeful that we'll get a chance to see everyone again. The family was amazing, as always. We had a pajama party at Jackie's and a breakfast/brunch/dinner at Greenvale Diner, which I wouldn't recommend if you are in a hurry. We learned that Jackie and Nicole are a team when it comes to telling that manager what the deal is. Go Girls! Walter is full of bluff, but still a sweetie. Allison just takes it all in (which scares me to distraction), and Brian was missed at Breakfast. Katie and Kirk Kerr (not yet, but I just love sayin that!) joined us for ha ha's, and it was just the best weekend we've had in a long time. Of course, Jake is still distant and remote, because he is offended that we left him and Daphne at Liz's Bording School, but he is treated like gold there and gets over it after a couple of days. He and Daphne slept together last night, which shows you how they really feel about each other - when the chips are down, they are tight. More later we're off to Amsterdam! Thanks everyone! What a kick! Pics will follow!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Nice

In the magnificent Johnstown High School Theater, (which the custodian vocally feels is way too expensive for these kids "cause they're just gonna junk it up anyway") we had the pleasure of seeing the JHS Drama Club's Production of "Making Nice".
Billed in the Leader Herald as a "Screwball Comedy" the tale revolves around a dictatorial director who is charged by a new government agency (along the lines of a theatrical OSHA) with jeopardizing the emotional safety of the cast and crew. Very cute. The cast did a bang up job, and I was, as always, really really proud. Although I am never sure what screwball actually MEANS (do you ever describe your day as "screwball?" What exactly is a screwball type of day? If things are happening that aren't in the script, I don't generally see that as too funny. If things are going wrong, I usually fail to see the humor in real life, when screwball on stage is desirable. It is a worthy change to aspire to. Instead of seeing a really bad day as "horrible, why not screwball? Do you describe a friend as a "Screwball type of gal?" Not so much anymore, although the closest I have ever come to matching that word with a friend is Maryellen. There is no malice in that - She would be the first to admit it. Actually, that is the perfect term for her. Whenever we're together, we DO have screwball type of days. Maybe Madcap would better describe it. hmmmm. I'm not sure. It is definitely a theater term, and always promises a good time. It did, and it was. I have uploaded lots of pictures because, well, she's our kid. We can do that. Enjoy. Bravo to the Johnstown High School Drama Club, and a special shoutout to Johnstown's newest thespian, Allison Carpenter, the Wind Woman. It was fun.
Thanks to the Princess' giggles, Sandi gets an upgrade.
Both ends of the horse are not getting along.
The Lobby was abuzz with congratulations and smiling faces. What a nice night.

We're on our way to LI for a scewball couple of days. Anytime the whole family gets together we probably qualify. Screwballs, all of us. We're off to celebrate Jerry's retirement and looking forward to seeing our former colleages at PWPD. Take a bow everyone. Bravo!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day Off?

Today I am off. I am incredibly grateful and quite lazy. Jerry is upstairs working on Allison's room, and I am not. I did offer to run the shop-vac. I can do that one handed, but so far, I'm still sitting here at the computer. My motivation level is incredibly low. I have ordered wallpaper, surfed the land's end website and read the Yarn harlot blog, which I thoroughly enjoy (see link on sidebar). Now I am writing this blog, and although I have nothing pressing to really say, I will speak nonetheless. I am getting somewhat frantic about surgery, because I have alot of things on my schedule coming up. The holidays are fast approaching, and I have done nothing. Yesterday Jerry informed me that he made a purchase, and although I totally agreed with it, it blew my Christmas plan right out of the water. Now, I must come up with another inspired gift idea, and act on it. In two weeks I will be acting on nothing, and I realize that. I hope my recuperation time is quick, because I have no time for this nonsense anymore. I want to get it behind me, heal quickly and move on. I watch the snow accumulating on the mountain and know that ski season is right around the corner. I won't be skiing this year, and that annoys me. I just picked up snow shoeing two years ago and loved it first time out. I won't be doing that this year either. And today it is 50 degrees out. I feel as though we should be tilling the garden, because it is that warm and balmy. But, that is also not on the calendar. That gets done in the spring. Little by little I'm chipping away at my options, and it appears that vacuuming the second floor of spackle dust is going to be today's activity. There is alot to say for log cabins. They put the logs up, shoved some spackle inbetween the cracks and left it at that. No wallpaper, no primer, painting or even spackling till it's smooth. They had the right idea. I think when we get to the living room decorating, we will definitely be nailing up some type of wallboard or tongue in groove. I hate spackle dust. You'd think I 'd be good at it, with all these years of make up application behind me. But I'm not. I just like to paint and decorate. The prep work sucks. Jerry has left the shop vac replacement bags on the kitchen table, so I am assuming he is looking for my assistance. I love that guy - he is so subtle. I guess I'm off to the loft. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go. Enjoy the day-it's a beauty.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well It's Here!!!!
We are both glad that it's here , Glad that it will soon be over, I have had enough of the Television Spots that seem to have been running forever.
I hope no "HANGING CHADS"like we had for 6 or 7 weeks when Bush 1st ran after election day.
Get Out There and Vote!
Ali Has school today here in Johnstown , not off like her friends on Long Island , like she had when she was a student in the Glen Cove School Dist. Last night Ali was not happy when she found that out. I seem to recall her saying something like, this sucks! I don't think she will be saying that when she has off on snow days here and her friends from Long Island are marching off to school.
Jen's is suffering with her shoulder every day, Very much in PAIN. She has not been sleeping through the night as the pain makes her wake up and groan. The pain is ever so evident in her face all the time.. Surgery is just down the road for her , we all have high hopes that she finds some relief. Surgery is 11/18.
I have been trying to keep Jen's spirits up and light, Trying to make her laugh but she is having trouble finding any humor or pleasure in much as the pain is never gone from her shoulder.
Aggravating her shoulder with every move she makes.
We have been keeping busy here in Caroga , Ali has a school play this week starting Thursday thru Saturday , Jen and I have Been taking Bible study Classes on Thursday Nights, and we have a Wine and Chocolate party to go to on Friday night thru the church. Saturday is the day
that we go to Ali's play. Wooo Hooo.
We had pellet stove pellets delivered the other day...5 TONS( which means 10,000. LBS) to get us thru the winter.I have been moving them into the basement a Ton at a time, 40 LBS bags.
3 Tons moved so far, 2 Tons to go.
No deer hunting since Brian was here as the weather has been very warm , reports have that hunting has been slow. It also not as much fun doing it by yourself. Hope to get out soon, Brian has been talking about coming up to hunt.
Weather has been very warm here and warm enough to walk around outside in just a tee shirt.
Nicole is graduating from nursing school in December and we will be attending the ceremonies.
Good for you Nicole!!!! You worked very hard .
My retirement party is coming soon and we will be visiting Long Island
for that party that is being given by the Port Washington P.B.A. Two other retired members will also be honored that day too.


If everyone in Caroga Lake shows up to vote at the same time, it would be 1200 people. Total. That's the size of the town of Caroga Lake. As I've mentioned before the Republicans outnumber the Democrats 3 to 1, but it is a friendly rivalry. The process works here without much incident. I'm glad. I love to vote. I always feel so happy to take part in the process. I tried to relay that to Jackie and Walter and Allison when they were growing up. I dragged them with me so they would feel comfortable at the polling place, and even accompanied Jackie into the booth for her first presidential election (she wanted me to! And unbeknownst to me, you can do that!) It was a thrill to see her vote. I won't be available to accompany Walter for his first presidential election, but I feel confident that he will be voting today. Right Walter? I don't like to tell the kids how to vote, but I have no problem telling them that they MUST vote. And so, I'll say it again - GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! ALL OF YOU!
There. I've done my Motherly duty. Now, onto something else, because I am SO over this election. I want to watch TV without commercials that are spun around fear and questionable truths. I'm almost looking forward to the Christmas commercials that will surely fill the airwaves tomorrow. There is only so much time you know, and the christmas commercials I'm sure have been waiting impatiently in the wings for some air time. After all, It's November 4th already! Time's a wastin'. Decorations are beginning to appear, and with the snow and all, it is beginning to look ALOT like Christmas. This is the second time I have had a surgery in November, and so I will probably be utilizing the internet again for Christmas shopping. It is a wonderful thing the internet. And with free shipping, you just can't go wrong. There are a few local stops I have to make, but other than that, it's easy this year. I have a funny feeling that this year will bring a much less excessive shopping season, and a more spiritual Christmas. I hope so. We need to start helping each other, everywhere. We have a food kitchen at our church every Sunday, that is open for the public to come and eat a meal, and to take home a few meals as well. It is heartbreaking to see the line at the door when Church is over. These people are lining up for FOOD! It definitely puts our "needs" in perspective. Well, I've preached enough for today. But what the heck, it can't hurt! Have a great day and don't forget your civic duty. Go USA!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

I am feeling like a million bucks. I have missed that hour since May, and here it is - back again! Thank you! As we know from Noah the Amish cabinetmaker, the Amish do not participate in the daylight savings time program. As he said, the cows know better. So, there is no change for our Amish friends down the road. But for me, the change is remarkable. I am grateful for that extra hour. I accomplished great things yesterday, and today I plan to do the same. Of course, I'm back at the costume shop - busy hours this week. Lots of returns coming in again today. There were lots of Halloween parties over the weekend, so the holiday goes on and on for us. If I never see a feather boa again I will be happy. Trying to vacuum feathers off the floor of the shop is like trying to nail jello to a tree. They just keep moving! Halloween was lots of fun. For me and Allison anyway. Poor Jerry had to deal with septic tank issues. I'll go no further with that. I'll let him explain, just as soon as he is able to talk about it. It was rough. Allison and I went into Johnstown-I went to a party and she went trick or treating with friends. It was a good time. The house I was at was in the center of town, and their party started years ago the first year they were living in this house, which happens to be across the street from the Junior High School and in the center of a busy and young neighborhood. The first year, they were calling friends frantically and saying "have you got kids? NO? Good! Bring your candy over here-we're swamped!" That's how the party started. It was not a costume gig, which I was actually relieved about. Enough with the costumes! But they had delicious soup and hor's d'eouvres and we all sat on the huge porch (victorian house-my favorite!) and watched the kids TorT. This house had three daughters in their 20's who participated in the questioning of the kids. No treats without a trick! All kids were asked a simple question (who is buried in Grant's tomb?) with an occasional toughie thrown in. All were given candy with lots of laughs. It was a great time. Jerry considered showing up as Ed Norton (gas mask and all) but was just too pooped (sorry, I couldn't help it!) to go anywhere. As I've said before, he is my hero. The giants have won, and Halloween is behind us. All is good with the world. Now we just need to get this election done with, and I can actually turn the TV back on. VOTE! Vote your heart, but Vote! and whatever happens on Tuesday, God bless America - all of us.