Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day Off?

Today I am off. I am incredibly grateful and quite lazy. Jerry is upstairs working on Allison's room, and I am not. I did offer to run the shop-vac. I can do that one handed, but so far, I'm still sitting here at the computer. My motivation level is incredibly low. I have ordered wallpaper, surfed the land's end website and read the Yarn harlot blog, which I thoroughly enjoy (see link on sidebar). Now I am writing this blog, and although I have nothing pressing to really say, I will speak nonetheless. I am getting somewhat frantic about surgery, because I have alot of things on my schedule coming up. The holidays are fast approaching, and I have done nothing. Yesterday Jerry informed me that he made a purchase, and although I totally agreed with it, it blew my Christmas plan right out of the water. Now, I must come up with another inspired gift idea, and act on it. In two weeks I will be acting on nothing, and I realize that. I hope my recuperation time is quick, because I have no time for this nonsense anymore. I want to get it behind me, heal quickly and move on. I watch the snow accumulating on the mountain and know that ski season is right around the corner. I won't be skiing this year, and that annoys me. I just picked up snow shoeing two years ago and loved it first time out. I won't be doing that this year either. And today it is 50 degrees out. I feel as though we should be tilling the garden, because it is that warm and balmy. But, that is also not on the calendar. That gets done in the spring. Little by little I'm chipping away at my options, and it appears that vacuuming the second floor of spackle dust is going to be today's activity. There is alot to say for log cabins. They put the logs up, shoved some spackle inbetween the cracks and left it at that. No wallpaper, no primer, painting or even spackling till it's smooth. They had the right idea. I think when we get to the living room decorating, we will definitely be nailing up some type of wallboard or tongue in groove. I hate spackle dust. You'd think I 'd be good at it, with all these years of make up application behind me. But I'm not. I just like to paint and decorate. The prep work sucks. Jerry has left the shop vac replacement bags on the kitchen table, so I am assuming he is looking for my assistance. I love that guy - he is so subtle. I guess I'm off to the loft. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go. Enjoy the day-it's a beauty.

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