Thursday, July 29, 2010

The past week has seen Jackie and Jesse (and Blue) and Pam and Chuck. We love having company and this was a particularly lovely visit with all. Our dogsitting foray was an eye opener for us. I felt heavily the responsibility of caring for someone else's precious doggy, and no sooner had they pulled out of the drive then I was panicked. What if he runs away? What if he gets eaten by a hawk? All of a sudden I was very clear about all the misfortunes that could befall our little friend, and I was afraid to let him out of the house. He was forced to be leashed whenever we went out, because he is not clear on the boundaries the way our dogs are. He did sleep upstairs in Allison's room, so all the "personalities" were separated for sleeping, which was probably a wise choice. The two "Personalities" that clashed are Blue and Bailey-both passive aggressive Alpha dogs. A very interesting combination to be sure. Our visit ended with an overnight with Jackie and Jesse on their return trip, and we loved having them. Come back soon! Right on their tail was the arrival of Pam and Chuck, and we loved every minute of their visit. Restful and peaceful with lots of laughs and visits to the woods. We're always sorry when they leave and I hope they'll be back soon. Good times. We're feeling the winding down of summer already, and it is both a lovely time of year and a sad time to see the summer behind us. Although we still have August ahead of us, here in the Adirondacks the weather is beginning to turn already. The lake is still on the warm side, and swimming and all the lake activities are still happening, but there is a distinct chill in the air that isn't there in mid-July. Good sleeping weather we say. I have been knitting maniacly and whipping off berets and glovelets for interested parties. Allison's fall wardrobe will include matching berets for each outfit. Jerry is busy at work and happily ready to start his new assignment INSIDE. The 90 degree days were torture in the parking lots, and happily he is moving to the lobby which is AIR CONDITIONED! Hallelulia! So that's our update for now-we're finishing up our third summer as full-time residents of Caroga Lake, and it has been a learning process and lifestyle change for the three of us. So far, I would call the experiment highly successful. Onward!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We took Jerry's Mom for a drive yesterday, all throughout the lower Adirondacks. We drove up to Speculator through Wells and Hope, passing some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. And it wasn't until we were halfway through our trip that it dawned on me that I had not brought our camera. Aside from the family photo opportunities that I was missing, it occurred to me that I have become very complacent about the beauty that surrounds us, and I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a disturbing thing. When you are spoiled every day by the spectacular surroundings of your habitat, isn't it a shame that we become somewhat numbed to its beauty? There was a time that I would not have left the house without the camera in my bag, and now I am never exactly sure where the camera is. That's complacency. We did have a wonderful day. Stopping in Speculator for lunch and shopping we were able to put our hands on a warm indian style boot for baby Collins. He is on our minds all the time. We passed through Piseco and Higgins Bay, and I am always reminded again of the beauty around us. Shame on me. The further north you get, the more rugged and unspoiled the terrain. I am always spurred to the thought that we should be camping and canoing every chance we get. There is a part of both of us that is drawn to the furthest and most remote locations. I think if we had joined forces years ago, we'd probably be living in the Yukon or something. It is comical to see the responses of people who are not of the same mind. They are not exactly sure why we're here, and how do you handle the winter? Those are the usual questions and concerns. My answer is this: Once you get below 30 degrees, does it really matter how cold it is? Cold is cold. We are having the same winter here that is happening on Long Island. No one is hanging out by the Tiki Bar in either location-it's winter. Here, we just have spectacular beauty and a mindset that allows people to work in flannel shirts and chukka boots. We embrace it differently here. That is why I love it-I feel at home. And so, seeing the mountains again from the view of a visitor, I am again poised to jump in an enjoy it. Thanks again Mom for showing us how lucky we are. Sometimes we need a little reminder here and there. Wouldn't it have been great if I had brought the camera?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Who's Job is it?

According to Jerry, four out of five people who mow their lawns are women. That was his observation on Tuesday when we took a ride into town. We passed a few homes and women were mowing the lawn. We assumed they were the wives, but I am not convinced. I will need more proof. Today, Jerry mowed the lawn and I went to the grocery store. He is still in negotiations. The weather has been Hazy, Hot and Humid, which means we are unable to see the mountains in the distance when we drive up to Caroga. It's an odd sensation, knowing something is there but only seeing a faint outlne where yesterday was a detailed vista. It has been a lazy week for me, but for Jerry, not so much. He is suffering outdoors at his post in the parking lot of the O'Brien building in Albany. Hopefully soon, his post will change to an indoor area where he can enjoy the benefits of air and heat, accordingly. Allison has been cleaning up her room for nearly four months now. Tomorrow Jerry's Mom will arrive, and we will find out exactly how far we got in this process. I have been threatening to finish the job for her, which tends to move progress to a higher level sometimes. I'm hoping. With this kind of hot and humid weather the best thing to do is find a quiet spot and enjoy a good book. I have been doing that all week. My view at the computer is now out the side window, and it overlooks the remnants of last year's garden, sorrowfully. I have been enjoying tomatoes from the grocery and so far, I have heard nothing of the blight. The rain this year has been much less than we experienced last summer, and so I can only assume that these local gardens will enjoy a more successful summer. I hope so. It was heartbreaking last year to pull 24 tomato plants, overnight. So much so that we were garden-traumatized this year. I think that was the real root of our problem, no pun intended. Anyway, next year we try again. Our campfire is ready and waiting for the week ahead, and we are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Grandma Rosa. I hope she likes dogs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Embracing the Slow Life

I am learning to love the slow life. We spent the day Sunday on the lake with Cathy and Dave. They have a beautiful pontoon boat which we managed to trash with spilled soda and onion dip. We were swamped a couple of times by drive by skiiers, and the sodas did not make the wobbles well. Wonderful hosts that they are, they simply washed it off with a smile. We had a ball. It is amazing to see the houses along the shoreline, and to see where the draw is. Many of these waterfront homes from the back are unimpressive. From the water you can see what the WOW factor is. They are truly spectacular. Photos will follow as soon as I can find the camera. The pictures we took give you just a small peak into a truly wonderful day. We are expecting some VIP's here in the next few weeks, and looking forward to the visits. Jerry's Mom is coming for a week, and Jackie and Jessie (and Blue!) will be joining us at some point. We can't wait for all of them to join us. I look around with a new eye when I know visitors are coming. Yesterday I painted thefront door. That was a project four years in the making. I think I've had the paint for a full year. Just didn't get around to it. Now it's done, and I love it. I decided to go all Martha Stewart yesterday once the paint was out, and decided to decoupage a small child's chair. I love the finished product and will give it an important place in the house. Now we just need that small child's butt to park itself in the chair. Soon! Mike Jr. has no idea how many folks are waiting for his arrival. We're ready! Little by little, I'm finding my place in this beautiful spot on the world. Jerry is enjoying his job, I can tell. He has a new spring in his step and is having his hair cut in the old style. He's back in business. I kind of miss my mountain man, but I know he is enjoying himself. As I tell the kids all the time, everything is temporary. Try it-you never know. I am trying out being a Type B personality and so far, so good. I have not yet become the spinner/knitter that I want to be, and so I am directing those energies again. We'll see.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates From Caroga Lake

Well Gang, Been a while since I blogged so here goes. Been A hot summer for me as I like it between 66 & 68, temps have been running last week in the mid to high 90's. Jen liking the temperatures a little better then me . We have had the A.C. on and she has been walking around the house with a sweater on. Not keeping it at 68 but low 70's. Well today A.C. off this morning and windows open.....Seems all will be happy. Jen & I got invited yesterday out on our friends pontoon boat for a nice slow ride & swim out on Caroga Lake. Thanks Dave & Cathy! The water was just wonderful, clean, clear and warm enough to stay in for awhile. I Did get burnt on some areas that have not seen sun light this year . Jen's been home for a little while from the Glove regrouping after a little set back. You have read her blogs so I wont go into it. Just glad that she is doing better, Love You! All the Kids seem to be thriving in their lives . Any day now we could be getting the phone call that our Grandson has arrived.....Could be pushing it ...Nicole due 7-or 8th of August. Brian Started with the NYPD last week and is loving it. Go Brian! Next weekend Jackie & ????? coming up for a couple of Days, My Mom will also be making her 1st trip from P.A. to Visit next weekend, for a week. Walter I see & hear is having a great time out in Montauk L.I. Fishing after a Break from working out in NY Harbor. Ali taking advantage of NO SCHOOL and catching up on missed sleep from the days that she had to get up early for the school bus. No pictures of the garden this year cause it just did not make it in. It's over grown and soon I will have to get in there and knock down some of the weeds. Bailey loving the front porch and the cool ground under it, Jake is having a hard time getting around these days as his hips are hurting. Jake spending a lot of time in one place or the other and Barking out his requests to us.... Daphne also this year starting to show her age....Sorta like me...Getting old and having some pains from time to time getting around. Jen & I have been working on the living room and it's coming out fabulous, rough cut wood boards on the walls and ceiling. New larger pasture facing windows have really opened up the view. In the next few weeks the front porch railings will be installed . Jen & I seemed to have located the perfect siding while out on a day trip North of here.. Now to find who sells it. Jennifer has come into the room so I'll end this and spend the morning with her and not the Keyboard. Til Next time Gang,..........Jerry Having the Times Of Our Lives!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

AC vs. Reality

The problem with air conditioning, when there is one, is that we are under the assumption that the outside world is just as comfortable and humidity-free. When we are dressing for the day in the morning, we are dressing according to our body's temperature, and the air conditioned body has no clue as to the actual temperature or humidity out there. Such was the case when I woke up this morning and took a ride into town. My mission was to pick up a few pair of pants from the tailor for Jerry (uniform pants) and then to swing by the local farmer's market for the latest in fresh vegetables. We're at a disadvantage this year as our garden never made it past the planning stage due to our inability to see past last year's blight, and to get ourselves together after the medical and employment scheduling conflicts that took place this spring, but I digress. Suffice it to say that we are buying our veggies this year from the farmer's market. Which brings me back to our story. I was dressed in lightweight parachute pants (are these out of style? I don't know-ask the girls, they'll tell ya) and a very flimsy, gauzy long sleeve shirt. Perfect I thought, for the early morning chill that usually accompanies any trip to town at that early hour- 9 AM. As I drove down the hill (4.4 miles to the bottom at Route 101) I realized that I was seriously overdressed. I don't like the AC in the car because essentially, I'm not a big fan of AC period. I like the wind in my hair and the breeze on my face, much like Jake when he rides shotgun. AC in the car is for when you are dressed up and on your way to a wedding/funeral/party. All other times it is just in the way. But this time, I was on my way to town for nothing as serious, just a trip to the store and the market. I could see other people dressed appropriate-tank tops and shorts and sandals. You can always tell who doesn't have AC. It's a dead giveaway-they are dressed appropriately. So, I did my errands and headed back up the hill towards home, all the while not turning on the AC, just on GP's. By time I got home I was actually sweating, which for me is a big deal. I generally like the hazy hot and humid weather. But, again, it's all about the clothing. I feel that summer weather is God's way of slowing us all down, whether we want to or not. Get yourself an iced beverage and go sit in the shade. We could all learn a thing or two from the dogs. They know how to weather out a hot day. Lots of cold, fresh water and plenty of laying around. So, into the house I went to change my clothes into more appropriate summer attire and don't you know it, I was a little chilly just two seconds after stepping over the threshold. Aha! Dilemma solved. And so, I changed my clothes into shorts, sandals and tank top and I am headed out with Jerry for the day. Away from the canned air and the weird temperature. As I have said before, If you don't like the cold, don't move to Tampa. The only time I'm truly warm is in the dead of winter when it is 20 below here. THAT is when you'll find a roaring fire and a comfy seat to rest your toes on. I dream of that on the days when it is 100 degrees and humid. That's the truth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Say No

Just say No, don't do something, and that becomes for me the thing I most want to do. Having our computer down for four days was becoming my obsession. I wanted to know what was happening on the internet, I would wake up during the night and think of all the websites I could be surfing. It was getting to me. And just when we thought we might have to suck it up and go buy a new computer, Jerry was able to reload our programs and voila! Here we are. I am now re-committed to blogging as often as I can because once I couldn't all of these topics of conversation came up, some really blog-worthy events and observations, and I was unable to get online to post. Now that I am here, I'll be damned if I can remember what any of them were. My birthday happened on the 5th, and I am very grateful for the thoughtful good wishes that were sent my way. I am a firm believer that birthdays should be celebrated, each time they happen! Our way of celebrating was was to do absolutely nothing, and trust me, that was a glorious first choice. We spent the day reading and relaxing and it was fabulous! Today, I am again holed in the house with the air conditioner running. That would be the air conditioner that I scoffed at back when Jerry had it installed. I was adamnant that needing AC in the Adirondacks was ridiculous and self-indulgant. Yes. And here sits ridiculous and self-indulgent in the AC while Jerry goes to work in this 100 degree heat. Actually, I can state that if it were not for the dogs, I may not have it on. may not. But since they suffer so much in this type of heat, I am running it for them, and so Jerry can come home to a nice cool house when he is done with his shift. I try. I have been reading voraciously, and loving each novel that I tackle. We have new shelves in the living room, and my goal is to fill them with un-read material so that when November rolls around and the winter sets in, I will be in hog heaven. Unread books and a roasty pellet stove. Heaven anyone? Our hearty Congrats to Brian-he was sworn in yesterday in NYPD's newest recruit class. They're lucky to have him. Good Luck Bri-we're rooting for you. So, my goal is to keep blogging on a more regular basis. Now that the theatre is riding in the back seat of my life, that should be somewhat easier. Drama is easy to find, no matter where you are!