Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just thoughts. . .

With my arm hanging useless at my side, and dragging my right leg behind me due to the muscle strain from the catheterization, the only visual that comes to mind is Quasimodo. It's not flattering and certainly doesn't make me feel too good about myself, but that's who I resemble these days. I know (hope) that this is a temporary setback, and am looking forward to feeling better. Fortunately for me, I had my calendar messed up and was thinking this was Thanksgiving week. Not hard to do considering that that stores are already playing carols and the stores and communities are already decorated for Christmas. I did have a senior moment in the store last week and thought, incorrectly, that Thanksgiving had already come and gone. When I couldn't place us at a table, I remembered that our last Thanksgiving was down on Long Island and couldn't have happened yet. As I said, I'm not in the best shape these days. It's bitterly cold out, and yet the air is dry. It does make a difference. I know that people in Arizona claim that the 110 degrees is a "dry heat", as if that makes it OK, but truthfully, if you are someone with arthritis or any joint pains, it does matter. I love the cold here. It is crisp and clean and refreshing, and it doesn't hurt.
Daphne has apparently had an epiphany. She jumped off the bed this morning to go and lay down with Jake, and after about 1/2 hour of that, came over to my side of the bed and began her stamping and snorting. She wanted to go out! Now mind you, this is miraculous at any time of the day, because Daphne doesn't do winter. But this was at 4:00 A.M.! If the weather is in any way inclement (meaning anything other than 60-90 degrees, dry and sunny) she doesn't want to go out. She will, if forced, do what has to be done, but if she can sneak off to a corner somewhere and use the wee wee pad, or even just sneak somehow, she will. But waking me up to take her out at 4 am when it is 15 degrees, dark and desolate? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? It was probably one of my proudest moments (second only to Walter's successful potty training-sorry Walt) She was so happy to go out, only with Jerry though. I guess she figured if anything WAS out there, he was her best hope. I don't think Jerry was feeling the love, but he took her anyway. She was just so frigging happy! When Daphne is happy, she bounces and shakes! Her tail winds like a helicopter blade, and she just quivers with emotion. It's kind of fun to watch, even if you don't share the same happiness. Jake went too, just because. He doesn't like to miss anything and this field trip was definitely not normal. I hope she doesn't make a habit out of it, and yet, isn't that what we have been begging her to do? Make a habit out of it? Now I'm really torn. It was pretty amazing. These dogs keep us hopping don't they? It's real dark at 4 am. Trust me. We still hear hunters driving down the road at this hour. They are getting an early start. Jerry has not hunted since Brian was up, and that was a while ago. Our contractor got a buck last week, (which explains the delays in the bathroom project - apparently we are not the priority) and we heard of another guy (eavesdropping at the apple orchard) who got his first 10 pointer within ten minutes of walking into the woods with his bow and arrow for the first time. He claimed the buck was following HIM! Hopefully, those who are hunting will be successful in their search. We're thinking of you guys out there! I am hoping Jerry can get off the jen-patrol for awhile and get out there again. We'll see. Stay warm. It's cold out there.

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