Thursday, October 29, 2009


Watched the Yankees last night and they lost. What happened? Guess it was the rain. Fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the 7th inning . Hope they do better tonight. Not much to report here in Caroga, Today.....Jen's at the office working hard and I'm doing some last min. stuff inside the house before I head out to do a little hunting. Here's a Little post I ran across on the Internet, thought I would repost it......"Hey, I treasure every moment in my life...I live every moment as if it's my last and have a beer to celebrate.Who knows when your last words or actions are the last ones the recipient will hear or feel? I want to leave them with a good feeling as well as a lasting memory....I could go on and on....just know, I am happy every day!" Well that's about it for today.....Wish Me luck , hope to have something on the meat pole today. Til Next Time, Jerry


I was going to talk about baseball this morning, because we stayed up (again) to watch the World Series, and I gotta say, these guys are borderline uninteligible. Between the slang, the mumbling and the run-on sentences, I now understand why they have to play baseball-because they can do nothing else. If someone gave the great Lou Gehrig line today it would sound like "aye yemda reely luck wold" or something like that. It's not a language problem, it is a speech problem. ARTICULATE! My point of view. I am not a big fan of neverending baseball. I love opening day-love a summer night where you can sit in the stands and watch a good game. But this neverending testosterone festival of high paid divas and commercial exploitation runs rather thin by October 29. Enough already. Let's move on to something else. there was a commemorative baseball bat for sale - $149. what do you do with THAT thing? Oh well. Only four more games (I'm being optimistic). Go Yankees. Go away.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well,..... I guess no more posts from me!

Photobucket Well,..... I guess no more posts from me! I just finished reading Jen's post, And I quote, """ Unless of course we're discussing a well crafted sentence. That moves me too. There is nothing like reading a well written, definitive statement that makes you stop and think, or just reflect for a moment on the quality of thought and its presentation. Wow. """ I'm Just a Chicken pecking on the keyboard... So with that I try my best for the last one.... Rain and over cast here but mild on the temperature side, in the 50's. Been doing a little hunting this week mostly in the afternoon hours down the road on Dave's property which backs up to a large track of State Land. I Have only seen a few deer in the last couple of days, nothing with horns so my Meat Pole hangs empty. I hope to have something hanging from the back deck soon. They did shoot a bear the other day on Dave's property which was just over 100LBS. As I said raining today, I'll be taking a break from the woods and busy myself with inside work and the Yanks game tonight. Dan & Jenny coming up for dinner, I think it's going to be Chinese takeout. On a Sad note a friend pasted away the other day, Bill Solomon, husband of Debbie Solomon , friends from Port Washington. Bill, we will Miss You! That's about it for today..... (Maybe Ever ) Off to take a couple of classes. Just a Chicken pecking on a Keyboard. Jerry Photobucket I know she was only kidding and did not mean me.......She does not read my stuff!!! Photobucket

Free car wash

Another lousy day in paradise. It's a dreary day here in Gloversville. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to the theatre from our house, give or take an hour. The problem is I get sidetracked in a major way. Sometimes I decide to take a detour, either a different route or stopping at one of the many stores along the way. Sometimes I meet someone I know, but mostly I meet no one, which is how I get side tracked. Me, myself and I are a dangerous group when it comes to "sidetracked". I am a firm believer in taking the road less traveled, which has led me down some pretty tricky roads. On the other hand, I have found some amazing things in my travels, and I am never really sorry that I was diverted. Today's diversion came in the form of a CD that I burned for myself last night. I call it the "Irish Cry" CD, because on it are 15 songs that reduce you (if you have a human bone in your body) to tears by the end of the first selection. Starting out with a bagpipe version of Amazing Grace and ending with "The River is Wide", I've also included a few selections from Dixie Chicks (Godspeed) and even a waltz (Frances Black's "After the ball"). These are all melancholy songs that are perfect for a rainy day in the mountains. Sometimes, when I allow myself, I schedule in some "grieving" time for my loved ones passed. This is either a very healthy outlet for sad feelings, or a maudelin exercise in feeling bad. I'm not sure yet. This could go either way. I like to think it is healthy, unless of course it runs on for weeks on end. So far, I can pull myself together after an extended trip in the car. My commute time has always been filled with music, and here is no different. Sometimes I use the time to choreograph a number or learn the words to a song, others, I just listen to a beautiful song over and over until I can feel it in my heart. Music moves me. More than anything else, ever. Unless of course we're discussing a well crafted sentence. That moves me too. There is nothing like reading a well written, definitive statement that makes you stop and think, or just reflect for a moment on the quality of thought and its presentation. Wow. Sometimes poetry can do that too. How about you? What moves you? What makes you tick? On rainy days like today, I think it is a good time to stop a moment and ascess what is going on in your life and how you are handling it/changing it/stopping it. We are the driver. God is the navigator, and hopefully the passengers are a group that you want to make a long trip with. Sometimes its a good idea to make a rest stop and lose those passengers who are making the trip damn near impossible. Not as easy as one might think. (Sometimes we carry passengers much farther than they deserve to go.) That is what I did this morning with Jerry. We took some time to talk about our past, our future and our passions. We are on the same page, as usual. I love that. It makes me so optimistic about the future, because we both want the same things or agree on our differences. So I look out my window here at the theatre, refreshed and ready to take on another day. Some extra time in the car with good music was the way to go. Sometimes rainy days are perfectly placed in my life. As my father used to say, "Free car wash".

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catching up a little

It's been a few days since my last blog. I have been busy busy at the theatre, and still pinching myself when I think of my job. What other job allows you to go to a Halloween fair and spend the day with a bunch of kids in costume, face painting and handing out candy. It amazes me everytime I think of it. We had such a busy weekend that by time I sat down to chronicle the activities I was just too darn tired. We are tiptoeing around the thermostat these days. There's a real balancing act trying to get the regular heat, the pellet stove and the humidifier all set correctly. When they are all set at the proper temperature and effect, the house runs smoothly. When they are Out Of Balance, it is a miserable condition. Too hot, too cold, runny nose, uncomfortable. These are the first days of autumn where they are all running all the time. It takes a few tries to get it right, and we're almost there. Last night, I slept perfectly. The air was just right. I'm starting to feel a bit like goldilocks. Apparently, she is down to two bears. I did see the pictures of the bear from down the road, and I wasn't necessarily upset about that. I probably should be more of an animal rights activist considering my love of dogs, but I just dont feel the same sense of outrage when I see a wild animal hunted. It just doesn't move me the way seeing a dog or cat or other animal that is captive being abused. I guess I kind of feel that the "wild" animal is hunted because it is truly survival of the fittest. And we are the fittest right now. I have no doubt that if the bear could take me out, he would. Who who advocate for me? His friends? I don't think so. But a small animal in captivity not being treated right? I am his advocate. He is being captive because we choose to keep him. So treat him right. That's my feeling. It gets a bit complicated when you live among hunters and gatherers. I've seen more camoflage in the past few weeks then I've ever seen in my lifetime. It's the uniform of autumn. Now if women were hunting more often than they do, there would be a whole different uniform. Camo be damned-it would be alot flashier for sure. If you're going to do camo, why not a little fur around the hood? After all, it's cold out there. the pants would not be so baggy. They would be more like ski pants. Effective but attractive. A little form fitting. And the boots? There would be uggs in the woods that I am sure of. All these men are dressed in boring, colorless, shapeless and ugly outerwear. What a lost opportunity for fashion. There is a huge market out there that maybe would hunt if they could look a little snazzy in the process. Leave it to women to find a new sport to accessorize. A tree stand would be Martha'd in no time. Painted, carpeted and possibly curtained. We grab any opportunity to decorate that we can. Certainly some throw pillows tossed about for comfort. I'm telling you there is no end to the possibilities. It's different here though. People dress for function first. Then form. I've caught myself on more then one occasion tripping into town in an outfit that I would have considered unacceptable less than two years ago. Not so anymore. There are different rules. Or better yet, no rules. Ain't it grand?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party & A Bear Shot down the Road

Well Gang It's been a few days since we blogged cause just been too tired or busy to do so.
We last Saturday helped out at The Glove, they had a Children's Halloween event and haunted house on the stage. Great turn out of volunteer's and children . We all had fun. Here is Jen dressed up, Got a lot of compliments on her costume...Mostly from me and other men
here. This is a side view of mine as I drove down to the theatre
Jen helping out with the face painting
Jack showed up
Good time was had by all!
You want what painted on your face?
The Help that made it work!
Don't go any further in viewing the blog...picture of a Shot bear is following...
Til next time gang ,Jerry
Off to do a little hunting this afternoon

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oddities and observations

As I drove to work this morning around 8:30, it was noticable to me how many hunters there are out there. I only saw their cars, parking alongside the road next to private property and state land alike. It is black powder season here, and it appears to be very popular. Jerry is gearing up for Saturday, which is opening day for regular season. The black powder guys are just a bit more gun-ho (ha ha). Anyway, I have seen a few deer at night as I drive home from either the theater or in the case of last night, a playwrites workshop. I drove to Northville (approximately 20 miles, oh, I don't know, just down the road a piece)Public Library where there was a writers workshop held. It was highly informative, and once again, unveiled a culture of writers are artists that are living their dreams quietly and simply, here in the Adirondacks. I am always surprised by the people I meet at these types of gatherings. I knew for me that this environment here, which is inspiring at every turn, would be good for my creative self. What I am finding out, joyfully, is that I am not alone in this. There are actors, singers, writers, painters, artists and entrepreneurs everywhere. It's a fun place to be, seeing what people do with their inspirations. I'm loving it. Jerry has been working hard at home, getting the place buttoned up for winter. Today we're experiencing somewhat of an indian summer. The temps this week are way better than we had last week. People in town are walking around in their shirtsleeves, which is kind of startling considering the down that was being worn last week. I'm liking that too. It is funny though, the differences between upstate and downstate - I'm always taken back a little bit by the cultures that are so far apart. Here in upstate New York, people are absolutely clear on fashion. It has no place in winter. We all like it (notice how now I'm one of them?) and agree on what is "in style" and look at the mags and all that - but when it comes to getting dressed and getting outside? It has no bearing on fashion at all. OK, maybe for the teenagers, but I see even a few of them in "odd" wear, weird but thermally appropriate. Not MY teenager, she'll freeze for fashion, but many of those kids who were born and raised here know that it makes more sense to be warm than to be "cool". So yes, you will see shorts, flip flops and a ski jacket. All at the same time. It's just practical. At some point during the day, you will need the ski jacket. Temps can vary 40 degrees or more throughout the day. So just wear it all and loose the layers as need be. Seems like a plan to me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broadway comes to the Glove !!!

Well Gang it's been a few days since we posted and I did start this post the other day but just had things to do. So here goes..... The Show was Great!!!! I had planned on taking more pictures but between my one costume change and sometimes not being able to make it out into the house from back stage I missed a lot of picture shots. About a 2 hour show with many very talented people and it seemed the show was very well liked. Turn out was good and about what is normal for the shows that have played in the past. Jen did a Great Job as is the normal and not surprising. I can say we all had a fun time and the theatre made funds towards the up keep and restoration.
Some of the Local Talent.
Part of the group of Singers that are so talented.
I know there should be more pictures but I was back stage and missed a lot.
Hopefully I will get more from friends in the audience .
This weekend is the Halloween haunted house inside of the theatre , I was helping out last night setting up Ghoulish props
that the kids will be walking past and scared by. The theatre has a HUGE amount of costumes and scary props.....
Good luck with that guys.....Not sure if I am going to bee there as this weekend is opening day in the Northern zone....I will be out deer hunting.
The weather here has been very mild and they say that we will maybe hit 70 on Thursday, maybe a little too warm for deer hunting.
That's about it for now, Jen's been working very hard at the Glove pulling it all together.
Til next time Gang.........Jerry :>)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Another Caroga Lake Update

Well Gang....Seems the lower part of NYS is getting a little early winter snow and cooler weather. We on the other hand have Sun Shine and some what mild weather , In the shade it's 40 but the sun is shining ! The Heat is on in the camp and I suspect that it will be til mid April at least.

Jackie and Blue (Her Dog) came up for a visit the other day and it was a wonderful visit, We did not get to see as much of her this visit as we would have liked cause Jen worked at the theatre and we had Rehearsals for the up coming show this Saturday. We did miss her and it was good to she her. As Jen has said in her blog we are....I mean Jen is working her Butt off getting this show off the ground and Jen also getting the theatre working. Heat is now at the top of the list as it is slowly starting to come on... The Glove has so far that I have seen 3 systems and all of them need attention, Jen does have heat now in her office which is good. Jen's office is on the second floor over the theatre and has many steps up and down for her daily.. Jen's lost some weight doing those stairs , feeling good causing her to find smaller clothes. I think she was "Looking Great" already, I suspect she is enjoying it . I'll leave it at that....She Looks great now and she looked great then!!!!


For those of you in the area come out and see the show.

For those of you who cant make it I am in a costume that I'm glad the old crew from work will not be seeing. It's all for a good cause so I'm doing it, I have the camera so there will be no pictures.....


Jen's also looking to get the Dance classes going soon and has a great dance studio to practice


What a Place!


Well that's about it for now, Should be a great show, Jen's singing one number, I wish it was more.

To all the cast & crew.......Break A Leg !

Til Next time Gang.....Jerry (Pictures to Follow)


For almost a full week now we have had "company". It has been a real nice treat for us, because once again we see our place through guests eyes, and our place always looks good to me, we just forget sometimes. I've been so busy running "into town" that I forget what a nice campfire can do for your soul. I've been immersed in producing our "Broadway Comes to the Glove", and everything else has become background music. It is a fun way to operate, but that background music is calling to me. Jackie left yesterday, amid threats of snow in the Catskills. They talked about elevation snow here, but to the best of my knowledge (it's still dark out) we didn't get any. Frost is another story. Plenty of frost. The theatre is cold, and so I have learned to dress in layers, and I have learned to appreciate Jerry's -30 degree socks. I got them for him a few years ago for hunting, but I don't think he's been allowed to really take ownership. They're mine. Big, thick wool socks that keep your feet warm. A godsend here in the Adirondacks. Dressing for work these days means turtlenecks, thermals, jeans, boots and glovelets. You just can't be exposed for too long or you start to get stiff. We were at technical rehearsal the other night and the theater was 50 degrees inside. Now, we are all suffering from colds and sniffles. Why is it that burning the candle at both ends is only a problem during a show? I do it all the time, and never lose my voice. But when I'm involved in performing, the first thing to go is the voice. Now I'm scratchy and snuffling and by tomorrow night I should be in great form. Always a nice way to do a show. :( That being said, the show is fun and should be entertaining. That is our goal. I have been thinking about the differences between THIS job and the OLD job, and the difference is this-I'm SUPPOSED to be making copies, learning words, e-mailing cast and practicing dance steps in my office. Poor Chief Kilfoil used to just step around me when it was showtime. He was always a good sport about it, but now I am free to sing and dance all day long, because THAT'S MY JOB. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. It is simply too good to be true, only so far, it's not a dream. I used to go to seminars about EXCEL or FOIL Laws. Our seminar last week was at the Stanley Theatre in Utica with all kinds of "artists" who reside and work in the Capital district and surrounding areas. Tough gig eh? If you've never been to the Stanley Theatre, you're in good company. Neither had I. I've never actually been to Utica until this past year, and all it does is make me realize what a big and beautiful world it is out there. If you're living in your box, open the lid and get out. It's amazing what is out there. I just always assumed that New York City was it when it comes to theatre, and let's face it, Broadway is Broadway. However, if you can't get to Broadway, you can get into a theatre seat and be entertained in Broadway style. These theatres that are thriving here (Stanley, Proctors-and maybe someday The Glove) are absolutely gorgeous houses that have been restored to their original historic beauty. In the early 1900's they knew how to build theatres. And the talent that is showing up on the stages is nothing to slag off. These people are talented. As they say, there's a broken heart for every light on broadway. But there is enough talent out there to light up the world. Our small company included. The kids that have joined our show and are performing Saturday night amaze me. At twenty-something I couldn't get out of my own way. These kids have their goals, their dreams, and the motivation to get out there and find them. I just love that kind of energy. It inpires me. These days, my goals and dreams are being realized by the kind of job I have. and also, remembering to get out to the campfire more often, because that's why we moved here. And it's still the best place to be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Weekend Here In Caroga !!!!

Well gang, Walter , His Girlfriend Jackie and Sal came up for some time here at the camp... They did some 4 wheeling , cut down a few trees and in general a good time was had.
Bed room planked and finished for the most part. Still have a few more things to hang.
Walt & Jackie
The Gang.
Sal & Walter working on moving the camp fire. Hey Walt......Is that a HOME MADE camp fire? Jen made a few great meals and I think everyone ate well.
The Crew spent a long weekend , went home on Monday and we miss them already...
Jackie ( Jen's Daughter) on her way now and should be in time for dinner.
Weather is nice here, we are at Peak as far as the leaves go or just past it, we had a little rain last night and they are using the snow word in the forecast.
Til Next time Gang.......Jerry ( Still waiting for Nicole , Mike , Payton, Brian ,Ashly and some others to make the trip north )

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Rough Board Planking Photo's

Well Gang , here are a few more
Rough Board Planking Photo's Being Installed in the Bedroom.
Daphne Giving it her seal of approval.
They are still working on it today doing the bedroom cathedral ceiling, these are photo's from last night after they left.
Early this morning @ about 3:30 or 4:00 am Walter , his girl friend Jackie & Sal arrived ready to do some 4 wheeling.. Glad you guys are here but I am tired and did not stay up long.... Jen gave them a little more time before she headed back into sleepy time.
All quiet now ( Except for carpenters working) as Jen's has gone into the office at the theatre to make a few phone calls and paperwork, The guests took a ride into town to pick up some supplies and visit with Jen to see her new work digs.
We had Ali's High school Swim Team Spaghetti Dinner here last night. Jen had made her worlds famous Mac & Cheese, I made a little pasta on the side with sauce for those who wanted that... Bread, Butter, Salad, Drinks and Cake..... We had a poor showing from the swim team as it's hard to find us sometimes in the dark....
I wrote directions and made a map for Ali to hand out... If you get lost anywhere near here and try to use your cell phone to get un-lost , you are just outta luck....No Cell Service here. Long and short of it some must have got lost and returned home, we have plenty left over for Walt and his gang.
Looks like fun!!!!!
After the crew from swim team left our house Jen & I headed into The Glove Theatre for rehearsal as I have said in the past, Jen is also producing a show as it was almost canceled when the shows producers had to back out. Jen would not let that happen and took over the reins and we have a great show coming. Got home close to 11 pm.
Til Next time Gang......Jerry

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doing Rough Planking In The Bedroom

Well Gang we are working On our bedroom walls, floor and ceiling. We purchased back in April from the Amish mill some rough cut Planking which has been drying . Today they started on the floor, here are some of the photos. Thursday they start on the walls and ceiling.
Looking Great and we love it
Jen doing a little cooking, Ali's swim team coming on Thursday night for Jen's Mac & Cheese
Raining , Windy Here , 48 Degrees outside.
Til Next time Gang......Jerry
That's about it for now....

Monday, October 5, 2009

really big news

Nah, not really. But I got your attention right? It's quiet here. Although I did enjoy myself tremendously during our trip to Old Forge, it was so nice to get out and breathe some fresh air, I just couldn't wrap my head around the necessity of a kayak, on October 3rd. I don't like to get in the water in August when it hovers around 75-80 degrees. Now? hmmmm. That could wait. We did like the tandem kayak, even though everyone who owns kayaks tells you "no, no, no" because everyone likes to be their own Captain, I think I like being paddled around while taking in the sights. It's less wear and tear on a shoulder that still bothers me on occasion. Kayaking might be a good way to exercise and build up the muscle, but being stuck out on the lake if that "build up" program goes awry is not my idea of a good time. So, for now, I'll be a passenger. It's not a bad gig, believe me. The lake (or was it a river-Moose River?- I think that's right) We have spent so little time together recently, due to the theatre in part, that it was just nice to stroll the sidewalks of Old Forge. Having been "retired" for a year, with no clear schedule, to being wrapped up in the theatre, has been a huge adjustment for us. Some of it is beneficial, because it is always good to have something to bring to the table in the way of conversation. Sometimes spending day in and day out together can certainly hamper the conversation topics because you both were there and experienced the same thing. We were lucky in that it never got that far, but it is nice to have different experiences to share with each other at the end of the day. There was somewhat of a frenzied tone to my first days at the Glove, because we had internet only here at home, and internet needs at the office, so I was going back and forth more than necessary. And then having paperwork in three different places (my car too) was kind of confusing. We survived, and the Glove now has internet thanks to a local Judge who is covering that cost. The theater has many, many needs and most of them will be quite expensive due to the age of the theatre. We're doing it one day at a time, but it does give my life a sense of "deadline" that has been missing in awhile. When I compare my life to what it was two years ago, even this sense of urgency that I feel is NOTHING compared to the stress level that existed for me (us) on the island. There is really no comparison. We talked about it in our car ride on Saturday, and I'm so glad we are both on the same page. Imagine if THAT hadn't worked out? A rotten case of green acres for sure. We are so lucky that sometimes it scares me. But it is a sorry person who keeps looking over their shoulder for the bad news, and so I look forward. In our little world here, folks are buttoning up for the winter. Their homes and their coats. Things are getting put away, yards are getting cleared of furniture and what-nots. Some yards AREN'T getting cleared, and that is the beauty of snow-it covers some yards that should be covered all year. The whole place takes on a beauty that is just incredible. That I am looking foward to, in its time. Right now, I am enjoying the beauty of autumn. We are having some construction work done this week, and I am honestly dreading that. but once it's over, we can tackle the "decorative" side of our room, which has been put off till last. That's the fun part, decorating the cake. We are going hog-wild mountain decor with this room - it's the reason we love it here, and we're not holding back. Log cabin look. I'll be glad when it's done. So, that's my news update. We're looking forward to family time soon, and missing everyone. That never changes. So come see us, we'll find you a spot.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old Forge & Kayaks

Old Forge & Kayaks, That was the Plan for the day yesterday. The weather was reported to be rainy and we have colds. Pam & Chuck did not come to see us because of the rain and us not feeling so hot. Well we ended up feeling a little better and the weather turned nicer then expected. That Being Said .....we got into the Pick up and headed north to Old Forge. An outfitter in Old Forge was selling off New and used Canoes and kayaks as he does every year at discounted prices. Ali still suffering with a cold decided to stay home on the couch. Jen & I Have been talking about getting a kayak for some time ....I almost had my hands on a couple a few years ago while not yet retired but that's a long story, You guys from work know it,I'll just leave it at that! Anyhow we are looking for Kayaks.
So this sale looks like the place to find one. We have been thinking of a 2 person one cause we are old and if one wants to take a break the other can paddle. Hey Jen, I thought the Guys
Gets to be in the back of the Kayak?
So we tried one out and it was a great ride, Jen & I loved it and took it for a little spin.
Just a Great place to Kayak. A lot of kids and family out and about testing Kayaks.
Jen Looks Happy and I got the back.
Is she Getting Younger?
Heading back in to shore and weighing What we are going to do...To buy or not to buy??????
We ended up holding off for this year as we have other priorities and this just did not fit in this years budget.
So off we drove deeper into Old Forge for a day of wandering in and out of stores.. we did have some minor rain off and on but in general it was a great day. Chain saw carved pumpkin and bear in the Snow Mobile.
Jen doing a little shopping in Old Forge.
This is an interesting place along the way into Old Forge...Plane thru the roof and it's called the WIG-WAM.
Go figure...a plane and the name of an Indian home
Taking a little break on the way home we stopped to look at this little lake.
That's why the brightly strung across barrels, a water falls.
Just great Eye Candy
Very Nice
Walk path along side of the closed bridge
Best View of all.....A smile on Jen's face!!!!! Well Gang, That's about it for today.
Til Next time Gang.....Jerry