Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Call

Yesterday was a hugely disappointing day. We had some serious appointments Allison and I, and when the snow situation became clear that it was bigger than us, I had to make the unpopular call-we're not going. If you've ever dealt with an angry teenager, then you know that yesterday was very cold here in the northeast, and I don't mean out on the porch. Yeesh. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't drive yet that getting in the car on sheets of ice is not necessarily something you can control throughout a four hour trip. You may encounter situations that are completely dangerous and possibly life-threatening, not to mention expensive. So, the chill here goes on. We are still getting snow too, so it is basically a double-header. When we knew the trip south was off, Jerry saved the day and took me to dinner at the local dive, I mean restaurant. I don't mean dive actually in a bad way. It is the kind of dive that is comfortable. The food is good, the staff is friendly and laid back, and the clientele is just really, really relaxed. It was just what I needed after dealing with the wrath of Gidget. They have a salad bar, which is harder to find here than you would think. Mostly you will find comfort food, which was definitely on my list of things to eat. But salad was a nice pre-course. We relaxed, ran into a few local friends, and came home early enough to watch a little TV and relax. The ride to and from the restaurant (Vrooman's) was quite beautiful. The moon luminated all the new snow, and I could see that the poker run, which is scheduled for today in Caroga lake, is going to be a rousing success. It was postponed from the beginning of the month because of low snow levels. Well, that problem has been solved. There are snowmobiles everywhere. We have a goal for next year. Snowmobile. The truth is if you wanted to get to Canada, some 200 miles north, you could travel there on a trail all the way. I think that is an adventure I would love to try. But for right now, just getting to Vrooman's was enough of an adventure for me. The roads were bad, and that is here where road cleaning is second nature. We don't have bad roads when it snow. They are just "on it". Not so last night. It was quite bad, and still falling. I was relieved that I made the safe call, unfortunate as the consequences were. But coming down the road and seeing the house with the "white lights" on the porch (don't mention the word Christmas-they are NOT Christmas lights) was very heartening. Just a warm welcome on a snowy night. Way better than being wrapped around some tree on the side of the Thruway, which by the way, was closed in Harriman at around 4 PM. Good call. Good call.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

There are differing opinions here, of course, but the snowfall is somewhere between eight and ten inches and is quite possibly the prettiest snowfall I have ever seen. It is heavy, wet snow, and has attached itself to every tiny branch out there. It's as if each tree was wrapped in cotton. Just beautiful. Jerry is out moving it around as we speak. And the icing on this snow cake is that school was closed. CLOSED! This is big news, as they dont' often close. The difference being that this is only the first part of a three part anticipated storm. The second half is due this afternoon, and the third and strongest storm is expected to come through sometime during the night into Thursday morning. So for right now, the snow has stopped, but it's just a brief reprieve. But to see this, I could watch forever. It is beautiful. I was supposed to head into Albany today for Arts In New York Day, which is a designated day for meeting with your legislators to beg for funds for the arts. It required representation from our theatre, because money is the key to our success. The Glove Theatre seems to be the poor relation in the upstate money pits. For some reason, we do not get the kind of money that is being tossed around to other theaters. I was going to change that. But now, with ten inches on the ground and the news media reporting "multiple accidents" on the roads, I have made an executive decision. Not going. I will be on the phone trying to reschedule those meetings, and hopefully, they will allow that. But getting on the road in this kind of mess, with another mess right behind it, is way more than I need to get involved in. Dedication is one thing, stupidity is another. Bailey is outside loving this white stuff. Jake took one look at the door and came back in, and Daphne is still sleeping. Allison checked out the school situation at 6 AM and we haven't seen her since. This is my kind of day. I'm still working on the knitted socks, and I'm in the home stretch. I should be done today. Enjoy your weather, whatever it is.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Memorable Senior Moments

As you can see from the sidebar, I have added a new topic to the blog. Memorable Senior Moments came about when Dan, who was sitting across the room from Jerry, asked "do you often wear different shoes?" Because of the destinct design on the bottom of Jerry's white sneakers (tread design and color blocks made it easy to see that they were different)Dan was able to see that clearly, the two sneakers Jerry had on, and had been wearing since the first part of the morning, some two hours before, were obviously, different shoes. The only similarity, and understandable from Jerry's vantage point, was that both sneakers were white and similarly broken in. They were definitely not the same style, and must have felt sort of different on each foot, but he had not noticed. I found this to be particularly humerous, and felt no shame in pointing a finger and saying "you've got to be kidding me, you didn't notice that?" In the interested of saving SOME of Jerry's dignity, I of course would not have posted this faux pax online, except that not two days later I suffered a similar indignity, albeit privately, but nonetheless a Senior Moment. I got dressed Friday morning and shoved my feet into my most favorite canadian shearly boots with suede fringe and gum soles. These boots are COMFORTABLE and WARM, both criteria necessary for me to even consider wearing them. As I've said before, my fashion slave days are long over. If I could wear these boots underneath formalwear, I would do so, and I am not done yet making that call. Beware-it may become an option further down the line, but again, I digress. So here I am, with my comfortable boots on, ready to go to work, and they just don't feel RIGHT. I was a little disturbed, thinking "damn, are they getting old and feeling worn down?" I wore them for another 20 minutes or so when I realized that I should use the facilities before I head down the mountain and go to work. As I was sitting in the bathroom, with a full vantage point of my feet for more than the cursory glance, it became glaring apparent that I had put the shoes on backwards. Not toe-to-back or back-to-front (that would have been REALLY scary) but side to side. Left shoe on right foot, right shoe on left foot. Now I realize that the only way this could possibly have gotten by me is that they were symetrically wrong. I am so in tune to symmetrical that I was unable to even watch the OJ trial on TV because the pictures hanging on the wall behind Judge Ito were hanging crooked. It was too much for me; but yet again, I digress. This symmetrical faux pax was frightening in its implications. How long could I have gone with this shoe problem before I realized it, and what could be next? Leaving the house in my pajamas? Wearing my SLIPPERS to work? Senior Moments are a frightening thing. You have to experience it more than once to realize the possibilities of humiliation and confusion. At that point I decided that we should post these moments,one: to share for posterity, and two: to keep some kind of a record for our own edification. If the column to the right gets to be longer than the blog itself, I guess it is time to seek medical attention, or some type of assistance. Clearly, we are in this together, as our moments occurred not three days apart. Are we losing it simultaneously? I sure hope so. As usual, my competitive nature has kicked in and now we are keeping a pretty scary score-who is losing it faster. In the meantime, you can enjoy our mutual humiliation. As Bette Davis said, "Getting Old is not for sissies". Boy ain't that the truth! I am proud to announce that today, I am fully dressed and wearing my shoes on the right feet. I think. If you find me wandering down on Main Street, just point me towards home, I'm sure it'll come back to me eventually.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am hearing that this weekend is supposed to be spectacularly beautiful, and that outdoor activities are highly recommended. I think it is time we pull out the showshoes and get on a trail. That is, after all, why we moved here. Fresh air and exercise. My exercise these days has been limited to running up and down the stairs at the theatre, and truthfully, that is not enough. I want to get out in the brisk and clear air and breath it in. We have nothing at the theatre this weekend-nothing! That hasn't happened in awhile, and so we should take advantage. I was at the Lions meeting yesterday and had a lovely time. As I said, I was invited to speak about my journey to the theatre and the area here, and I managed to get through it without freaking out. When I think back to my youth, I am hard pressed to remember that I used to be shy. That's right, shy. I used to blush horribly if someone asked me to speak to a group other than my known circle. I would be tongue tied and shaky. Not a great public speaker. And now, well, I'm not sure when it happened but I can safely say that shy is not a word used to describe me. That's a good thing. I am much happier being comfortable with people, and speaking what's on my mind. Shy is a waste of time. It is a beautiful and cold morning, and if you stand on the porch for awhile you can smell spring in the air. Even though it is a long ways off, there is a musky smell that is the foliage coming back to life. A moldy kind of smell that comes from the ground up through the trees. I love it. Jake and Bailey have been working their way over to the grove of trees across the street. They can smell it too. Daphne can only smell what's cooking for dinner. She is outside so little that she will only come out when the deck is clear and the sun is shining-maybe May or June. I'm almost done with the socks I have been knitting for Jackie since, well, way back. I decided that any time I sit to watch the olympics I must be knitting. My own personal olympic dream. and so, the socks are getting done. by the time I head south next weekend, I will have them with me for the ceremonial hand off. Possibly a medal ceremony? Some pageantry for the Mom who finished knitting the socks? Nah. I loved knitting them, and now I am on to the next project-my kimono sweater. There's still a week left to go in the olympics. I think I can finish the kimono sweater as well. Pictures to follow. Enjoy the weather-whatever it is.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lions Club

Today I have been invited to speak to the Lions Club about myself,the theatre and our hopes for the community. It seems kind of presumptuous to me to be speaking about our hopes for the community, because I am the community's newest member. But, I was asked, so I will speak. I guess my biggest hope for the community I work in is that they will wake up and see the gem that is the Glove Theatre, and start to really support it so that it can not only survive, but flourish. That's it in a nutshell. Get out and support the arts! We'll see. Next week is Arts Day in Albany. That's a day when administrators and community activists come to Albany to meet with their legislators and vie for the few dollars that are left in the budget. Hoping to get a few dollars thrown our way, I am going to Albany too. I figure if I throw myself in front of our local politicians, who have all been to the Glove at one time or another, they will see me, and see the needs of the Theatre. It's worth a shot. We've been pretty tied into the Olympics, and last night was no exception. The men's skating program was fabulous and heartbreaking. When you see someone who is clearly ready for the Olympics lose it on account of nerves, it is such a heart wrenching moment. And of course, there are those who nail it and get their moment = it is a thrill to watch. So that's today's plan. We're off and running on hump day, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of no show at the Glove. Just quiet. That's a switch.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

It's been awhile since I've blogged-sorry! We had a show last weekend that was well received by those who saw it-but not enough people saw it-it is a tough road here getting people out to the theatre, especially when the weather is saying "hunker down-stay home!" If I could have stayed home I would have. The temps were hovering around 3 or 4 degrees, and it was COLD standing backstage in our evening-wear. But we put on a great show-and that's our goal. This past weekend my cousin Mark and his honey Trish came for a visit-we had a ball, as always. We go way back. Some of my fondest childhood memories include Mark and his band of brothers. His only sister was so much younger than me (isn't everyone?) that I have pictures of her in my mind, but not so many memories. We had a great time and have vowed to make this happen more often. I am so blessed with a large family, and even more blessed that we make the effort to stay in touch. It's the key to my happiness! Thanks guys. The show fell all weekend, but all in all we only accumulated another three or four inches. Nothing to sneeze at-but we're about twenty inches below average this winter. Driving to Newburgh yesterday afternoon to pick up Allie, I saw that the Catskills are actually down to the grass. Wow. That's remarkable for February. We still have snow on the ground. The skiers are still going at it down the road, and I still have time to become some kind of Alpine participant. I have really been watching them closely this year, and quite sure I want to get on skiis. We'll see. Watching the Olympics I have been quite inspired. This is a reason to get to the gym! All that spandex is enough to get you off oreos for sure. It is for me anyway. The pump thing is working remarkably well. The alarms on it, for me, are the ticket to success. I am warned long before I get too low, or too high. I'm working on it. I think my endocrinologist will be quite pleased. I am. and proud of myself. I have been taking all the information from the nutritionist and applying it to me. It is working. That being said, the Fat Tuesday tradition is pancakes for dinner. So, for today, I will be having the maple syrup that was sap trapped down the road-thanks Dave. It's worth the extra insulin.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Only 115 days until Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure

that's right. 115 days. If you are interested in participating in the Diabetes Foundation's biggest fundraiser, consider becoming a member of Team Blue Line Farm. We will be at Saratoga high School with the hundreds of other cyclists (I wish I could say thousands, but that is a downstate number) and will welcome any participants here at the cabin for a weekend of laughs. It is a beautiful ride through Saratoga Springs and the state park. I have begun my training already (have you ever seen the stairs to the second floor at the theatre? I have legs like a bull.) I am also looking forward to this event, because in June, all the snow will be gone. We can only hope right? This Valentine's Day Jerry and I will celebrate our EIGHTH wedding anniversary. It is so hard to believe the events that have gone by in those eight years. I look at our pictures and am shocked at how young our kids were. And now they are all growing up into their own persons. I am amazed at the blessing we have, and the celebrations we have shared. Eight years goes by fast. A lifetime goes by fast-fill it with good experiences and happy memories. Thank you Jerry. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Isn't it a fun holiday? Even if you have no "sweetheart", everyone is someone's valentine. It's just a day to share your love-parents, siblings, co-workers (well, OK, I can draw that line too) but really, just a day to celebrate our hearts and all they hold. And no gifts are necessary, just a pretty little card and some sentiment. No cooking, no big deal. Just I love you ( or really, really like you) and have a nice day. Perfect. And right on the heels of that, President's Day. A day off. IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS DOES IT? Bear with me, I'm feeling a little blessed today. I choose to run with it. Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Caroga Updates !!!

Hey....Just found this picture of Tastee Freeze on the Internet..... This is the one from Shore Rd in Port Washington. WOW
I don't know if I posted these Sap Line Photos so here they are ( Again?)
I have Not been up to Dave's to work with Him running Lines, Fred has been seen in the area helping out. I see Fred's car there every time I pass Dave's house on my way down the mountain heading into town . We have had a Very Busy Week or two rehearsing at the Glove Theatre for this weekends show " Love Is!" Lets clear that up...Jen's Rehearsing....I'm just support..... I'm helping out with the sound, getting food and drink, cleaning and making sure that lights are out and that Jen is driven to & from so that she can listen to her Music. Jen is doing a great job , I don't know how she learns those songs and dances.
Tonight is Opening Night, Jen's resting as we have become Night Owls , coming home late from our time at the Glove..
Weather reports , south of us about to get SNOW......I hear up to 2 Feet in Washington DC... South of Albany , not so much or none. How is it that We move up here and You get the Snow down there?
That's about it for Now...... , Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry
( P.S. Jen & I are on FaceBook)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rambling on. . .

There is a new dusting of snow on the ground, and the moon behind the pine trees is absolutely stunning this morning. These are the moments I am so grateful to be living here. . . there is nothing like a crisp winter morning to satisfy the thirsty soul. The suet baskets in the front yard are actually crowded with finches. Where have they been feeding while we were not paying attention? I don't know, but they are lousy with good cheer these days-lots of thank you chirping going on, even at this early hour. Bailey has taken to sleeping in the recliner by the pellet stove. He likes his warmth. So that's where I find him in the morning when I wake up with Allison. He doesn't get UP until she is almost ready to leave, because he knows he's not going outside until 6:30; AFTER the bus is gone. We are humiliating Allison enough by still having our white lights on the porch. OK, call them what you want, white lights, Christmas lights. They're still up. So her humiliation is already in the upper ranges, we don't need to let Bailey out while the bus is here-he would insist on getting on the bus, then I would have to go out and get him in my pajamas-we just don't want to go there. So as soon as the bus goes down the street, he knows he's allowed out. He does the perimeter check, pees a little and then it's back on the porch to come in. It's too cold these days for exploring, and he likes to wait for Jake. I've been sorting through ice skates and getting the urge to get out there in the great outdoors before it all melts. I'm sure I have plenty of time, but the fact that Feb. 1 has arrived and I have not done nearly the things I was hoping to this winter is a little daunting. We must get moving. Today is my first nutrition class at the hospital. Four hours talking about food. I can't imagine a more boring topic. I hope I am proven wrong. We'll see. It's hell week at the theatre. Performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have a week of rehearsal, tech night and dress rehearsal, and we're hosting a founder's day program on Wednesday. I don't think I'll be skating THIS week, but my skates are at the ready. Get out there and see the moon. It's gorgeous!