Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is the term used in theatre before a performance to wish "Good Luck" to the cast and crew. It has its origins in that actors were sometimes thrown coins if they put on a good show. The idea was that bending to pick up the coins would result in "Broken Legs", and therefore, "Break a Leg" meant get lots of coins. I, however, took it one step further and may have possibly broken my leg, not because I was bending for coins, but because Alice in Wonderland had some set pieces which were very small, since Alice had grown a number of times. In the dark, and crossing the stage during a rehearsal, I smashed my shin into Alice's little table, and sure if the damn thing didn't smash my shinbone. I have not taken myself to the ER yet, because that would result in more hoopla than I am willing to get involved in (you're diabetic? We need to do more tests on you!) And so, I am suffering silently (not so much-ask Jerry) but I think it will be OK. The swelling is somewhat down and the bruising is getting yellow now. At any rate, Alice was a success and happily the show is now over. Worth every minute of the hard work and creative vision. I loved it! Next on our list is Amelia Earhart. This drama is going down June 25 - 27, and thankfully, I am not the Director. I will supervise from afar. Which means we're back on the farm at night, and enjoying each other's company. I love leaving the city and going home to the country, albeit eight miles. Which is interesting, because that is the mileage commute I had when I lived in Glen Cove and commuted to Port Washington. Eight miles. And yet, a very different commute for sure. Now it is laced with nature and fresh air. For me, the key to happiness. Just the drive to the theatre brings me joy. We go quickly here from winter to spring to summer. Just a passing couple of week. Summer means people are driving with kayaks on their roofs and walking around in camo because it is turkey season (or some kind of season). I am heading out this weekend to grab my fishing license at WalMart, and off I go. I believe Saturday is the day. Whatever your plans this Memorial Day weekend, remember our vets, and honor them with your freedom. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's all good

Just when you think it can't get any greener, it rains. And then all bets are off-the grass, the trees, the undergrowth. It all comes back and baby, it's green. What a kick. I am so inspired by it all, and so happy that I did not fall to the urge to plant early. Everyone I know who was out there when it was 70 degrees is blanketing their plants and trying to save it. 26 Degrees in the morning is a problem for the basil. Those (like me) who didn't plant anything, are happy being rewarded for our laziness (or foresight), however you want to view it. I prefer to say foresight. We're coming up on Prom Weekend, and the activity is growing by the hour. Tonight is a dinner at a local italian restaurant. Due the small size of the graduating class, Prom is open to all grades. Which makes it rather fun don't you think? I love it. Anyway, as a sophmore, Allison is experiencing her first "Prom" and her dress looks beautiful. I start to get all Pferklempt when I see her, so I will stay in the background. However, the photo ops will begin at 4 PM at the Johnson Hall State Park (beautiful grounds) and Yes, we will be there swarming like paparazzzi. She'll just have to deal with us. It's how you grow as a human being, suffering through your parents. Let the education begin. Sorry Al. The rest of them all survived, now its your turn. As I said, the greenness of the Adirondack Park is spectacular, and I am loving it. I am heading out next week with my friend and we will be hiking. THIS is the best part of living here-the opportunity to just walk out my door and be ready to go-no packing, no planning for vacation-it's just an opportunity every day. I intend to take it more often. I don't know where we're hiking, yet, but be assured that I will share. Happy Friday.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day - belatedly. I have been struck down by strep throat (sorry Jackie and Co.!) and Allison has a sinus infection - isn't spring lovely? I think all these ailments had some origin in the snowy days we've been having. That's right-snow. Thankfully, it is not sticking and usually melts away by 10 AM, when the sun is up and in full swing. But seeing snow this time of year is a bit disconcerting. Still, we plug along. Having two sick women in the house at one time has been a real pleasure. Jerry is rushing out to work in the morning. I wonder if we are his motivation? I am in full Alice in Wonderland rehearsal mode, and it is all finally coming together. I have had few thoughts on blog topics lately, the well is kind of dry. Alice Alice Alice. I guess that means I'm spending too much time at the theatre, and not enough time here at Blue Line Farm & Apiary. That is the missing balance, and as soon as Alice is done, I am back on track with Blue Line. I am looking forward again to being home and getting some spinning done. It is time for a bit of a break. Being sick with strep throat and laying around at home has reminded me of what is important, and being healthy is numero uno. I'm tired. So, a break is in order. We are training for the Tour de Cure which is coming up soon (June 7?) Something like that. To all my sponsors - I won't let you down! I promise! The frost is melting off the metal roof and dripping down like rain. The sun is up and the pasture looks beautiful! full green grass! It's another beautiful day in Caroga! Enjoy it wherever you are.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Never saw em. And yet, five days later I'm still scratching and applying Lanacaine like it was a drug. Oh wait. It is. Here in the Adirondacks No-See-Ums is the term used for Black Flies, and now I know why. Up until last week, I was always diligent about my use of bug spray. I posted spray bottles at the door and used it religiously if I went outside. Last Friday, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and I made the decision that I was going to lay out on the back deck. I know the flies were on the front porch, because I could see alot of insect activity. But the back deck is in direct sunlight and one full flight up from the ground. Not a great atmosphere for bugs. So I lay down on the lounge chair and relaxed in the sun. It was fabulous. Later on that day, I looked at my ankles because they were incredibly swollen. I could not believe what I was seeing. I looked as though I had elephantitus. And then, the itching began. It was brutal. And as the saying goes, I never saw em, never felt em, never will do THAT again. I have learned the hard lesson about black flies. I have read accounts of history where explorers were driven to insanity by the itching. I get it. Totally. I also now understand the benefits of Lanacaine. I was going nuts with the Benadryl, because it just was not cutting it, and I happened to see a commercial for Lanacaine. So I figured "why not?" WOW! It was great! Just like novocaine - only a lotion for the legs. My ankles were happy-I was happy. I now travel with bug spray and Lanacaine. A deadly combination! As the explorers say-don't go out without the bug spray! This is not my hand. This is a stock photo of no-see-ums. Educated is forewarned.