Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Sale Day

The sun is out. Cripes, I hardly recognized it. Today is chock full. We are heading up to Caroga Lake because Allison has a plan that does not include us, and I couldn't be happier for her. After I drop her off, with appropriate sad faces and tears (from me, not her) I will be booking it down to Johnstown because today is 'GARAGE SALE DAY IN JOHNSTOWN". I know. When it dawned on me that we would actually be here this weekend due to a number of circumstances beyond my control, and that the Johnstown Garage Sale Days would be happening simultaneously, I was stunned. This is good karma like I've never seen before. I am somewhat confused because Jerry was out and about this morning, passing through Johnstown on his way to a bee job, and he never mentioned this fact to me. Could it be that he doesn't want me to go to these hundreds of yard sales? Nah. That would be impossible. I would be irrepairably damaged if I thought that Jerry did not support my quest for bargains and treasures. He and Dan are combining bee hives today, and he must have been just too busy. Anyone interested in property in the everglades? Off we go. The teenager is drumming her fingernails on the kitchen table. happy hunting.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Photos on a Rainy Day To LQQK At!

Well Gang I know I posted about Brian's Graduation but I figured I would get some of the photos out of the camera and post then on the Blog. It's been a rainy day here in Caroga Lake and a little chilly, the pellet stove is going and all is Toasty here in the cabin. The roofers came by and did some work in the rain but mostly under some overhang areas,they still ended up getting soaked. We did our best to make them comfortable , Hot Coffee ,towels to wipe off with and made the inside of the cabin available to warm up. They took the coffee and stayed outside under the porch during breaks. Jen & I headed into town to pick up a few items from the supermarket and checked on the cottage as I left a couple things unlocked after leaving his weekend. (Cabin= home...Cottage= Glorified tent by the lake) Just been a Dank day all around, Spoke to Brian on the island and he reports rain too. So here goes on some pictures So Proud of Brian!!!! He did not get the memo about dark pants under the robe.
Brian & Ashly
Jen, Brian & Me.....I forgot to shave that day.. How is it that I keep getting older looking and Jen seems to get younger and better looking?
Jen , Brian, Me ,Nicole and Ashly Photobucket
Brian Gettin ready to eat... We love the BIG Pin Brian!
The cottage after a little cleaning up before friends show up on Memorial day
Hail...Hail, Some of the Gangs all Here.
The small Assoc. marina , I helped put those docks in the day before
East Caroga Lake Assoc. Beach, Still early in the season but not too early for sun lovers!
More Marina docks on the left side of beach that we put in the other day
The East Caroga Lake Assoc. club house, Jen and I attended a New Years Eve party there last winter
So that's it Gang...Some Eye Candy to look at. On Memorial Day the beach was packed, Family ,friends , jet ski's, kayaks and teenagers that found the sand , sun, water and new summertime friends.
Til next time........Jerry

What a dog.

I have alot to say today, so get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and have a seat.
Yesterday, we had to take Bailey to the vet because he had what is called a "hot spot". An area of skin that he has just irritated by scratching and working at it until the skin is raw and matted. It could have started as a mosquito bite or something like that, but now is just a open sore area about the size of a CD, maybe a little smaller. He started scratching there last week, and by the weekend he was miserably sore. Jerry put a sock on his back foot to keep his toes from breaking the skin, because Bailey just kept working at it. Now, if you remember when Bailey first came to us, he was shy and skittish and neurotic. Our perfect dog. After a few weeks, and really even months, he has turned into a confident, fun and well behaved sweetheart. He is a gem. But in three short days, because this sore was driving him crazy, he became stifled all over again. We'd find him sleeping in the closet or under the bed. He was completely looking to be alone so he could scratch his back without being told "no". Also, because he punishes himself before we do. I always say Bailey is probably Irish like Jake, because they both take on everyone's guilt. Ha ha. We put hydrocortisone creme on him , because we had a vet appointment first thing Tuesday morning, but this didn't really help alot. He needed antibiotics and serious meds. By Tuesday morning he was ready. He jumped in the car and he looked like someone who had won the lottery. "We're going somewhere! Yippee!" We got to the vets office (which is a new location and building) and Bailey proceeded to "talk" to the staff there. Let me tell you about Bailey - he doesn't "talk". This is the dog who didn't bark for the first three or four months we had him. He just didn't bark. There were obviously two other dogs here who had that under control. If someone came to the door, he was up and at it with everyone else, but not barking. Just taking it all in. After about four months he barked at Jake when Jake was attempting to get a little friendly. I guess that was worth speaking up for, and he was finally comfortable enough here to say something. After that, he would occasionally speak up for one thing or another, but not a barky kind of guy. Just quiet. Well, he let loose a mouthful to the girl at the counter. He jumped up and put his paws upon the desk there, and started mouthing and whining and clearly trying to communicate "I am in pain here, get someone out here and help me out!" It went on for quite some time. he would begin a whole new diatribe every time someone new walked into the reception area. "Yo, whoa, did you hear me? Is someone coming out for us? Do you see this thing on my neck area? Can we get right on it?" It was very very cute, and very pitiful. He was breaking my heart. When it was finally our turn, he jumped up and practically ran into the examination room. "Yes! A Solution!" Jerry took the leash off once we were inside the exam room, and Jen the assistant came in to meet Bailey face to face for the first time. She too fell in love, and had quite a lengthy conversation with him. He had become very vocal in this visit to the new vet. We got all his records and vaccination information into the computer, all the while Bailey was polite and friendly and just a real good boy. Jen and another assistant came in to shave the affected area. Well. This dog has my heart forever. What he endured can only be described as brutal. They were able to get to the area on his back which was matted and infected and bleeding and oozing and had to be cleaned up so it could be treated. But there were a few spots that had crusted over (sorry, having breakfast? You might want to skip this next paragraph) and had to be got at with a little pressure. With Jerry holding him around his body, and the assistant holding his head steady, and me holding whatever I could get my hands on (because my eyes were closed) and massaging, all of us tried to help Bailey get through this painful necessary process. Once the matted hair was gone, they could clean the wound and apply ointment that would make him feel 100% (1000%?) better. But you can't verbalize this to a dog, and he looked and sounded terrified. I have never heard a dog "scream" like this, but that is what he did, all while everyone was holding him and the clipper was shaving his neck. He pushed and fought so hard that he pooped on the table. Right there. That just added to his upsetment and humiliation, and broke my heart. After that was all done, they cleaned up the area and him, and he just trembled underneath the bench. It took a few moments for the chaos to wear off, and he was clearly traumatized, as was I. The Doctor, the Assistant, Jerry and I all felt terrible. It was not a good day in the life of Bailey. After he had a shot of prednisone type medication (great-now a dog on steroids, this should be fun) he calmed down and clearly felt better. He was sweet and trying to apologize to everyone in the room "I lost it, just lost it, sorry." And we were all feeling his pain. As the vet was explaining the meds I asked if there was a script he could write for me because I was traumatized. I am not good with body fluids that don't belong to me, whether dog, child, or anyone else. Jerry asked me how I was able to have three children and change diapers and blow noses and my answer is this: If it is a natural body function I can get through it. But things that have gone "awry" are a problem for me. I have tremendous respect for Doctors and nurses and emergency technicians and anyone who handles those problems on a regular basis. You have my complete respect. Anything "gone awry" is not something I can handle. I was shot. Jerry was, as always, a total asset to the Doctor and his assistant. A pair of capable hands where needed. I fell apart. If I could have climbed under the bench with Bailey I would have been cowering there too. But he has my complete love and affection. What a dog. What a dog.
So that was our day. A traumatic and emotional end to a wonderful weekend. Bailey spent the rest of the day finally resting and getting some quality zzzz's on his bed. He will probably never know how much he has changed in my eyes. Seeing him under that type of trauma and pain, and and observing how he did not turn vicious or snap at us is a feat that I am in awe of. I got more vicious during childbirth, and I could fully understand what was happening. I am now convinced that our heart-to-heart communication is remarkably adequate when it comes to our pets. They know we're not hurting them, we're trying to help them. They do the best they can for us. And us for them. I knew all this in my head, but yesterday my heart was won. What a dog.
On a side note, I did not get the meds I was looking for. I just had to buck up. Poor Jerry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Monday, oh wait. Tuesday Tuesday

We're waiting on the bus, and I'm already confused, Monday Tuesday, what day is it? I love that when it is caused by a day off and not old age. My confusion will go on this week until a weekend, because that's just the way I am. Once we give up a day to a non-routine activity, it's all off for me for the rest of the week. I never regain that confidence of Yes, Today is Wednesday, or whatever. It's a flaw, but a small one. I'll take it.
Our weekend was full of fun. We ended last night with a barbeque at the cottage, and the day was perfect. We never did get into the kayaks because the beach was windy and chilly, but at the house it was beautiful, so we stayed there on the patio. Across the way we can see the activity at the State Park, and by 11 am the place was cleared out. I forget that when you are a guest at these facilities you have a "check out time" and it is usually around 11. That makes me feel bad for those campers. The whole holiday is not included in their weekend. That's just wrong. Anyway, as a result of that, it was quiet. We did see a large group come in around 3 PM and start setting up some tents. It looked like a college group, they had nothing but tents and beer. No food, just tents and beer. Looks to be a nice week for them. Glad we were heading back home. Back to routine today - stay safe. Jerry's off to a bee removal today. He'll have stories when he gets back. His other swarm chose to move on, so we still have an empty hive or two. The winter bees ate tons of their honey this year, so the honey harvest is small. If the bears get there, they will be disappointed. Bees eating their honey means that winter was rough. Cold and snow and no way for them to get out and get the pollen. So they eat their honey store. So there is not alot left for us to harvest. Bummer. They're doing well now, if we can just keep the bears away. Solar electric is our answer. Zap. Ouch. It's a system I think is working. Our neighbors down the road have had their bird feeders taken down and mangled, and the scratch marks on the upper bark to show who is doing the taking down. No trouble here. Hopefully, it's that electric fence that's doing the trick. Our own private Gitmo. How nice. Last year I felt bad, this year it's every man for himself. Welcome to the north country. Choose your weapon.
Update: Bus missed. Allie not ready on time. So far this week, we're off to a great start!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We worked hard yesterday, up at the lake. The cottage is cleaned up enough to have a Memorial Day Festival, of which we are planning on Monday. Kayaks, good friends and potato salad. Not necessarily in that order. The weather is supposed to be fantastic. Upper 80's and lots of sun. We were both in the "purge" mode, which was helpful. There is alot there that needs to be purged. It's as if someone walked out in 1945 and shut the door, and never came back. That is the "up to dateness" of the facilities. 1945. Poor 1945. Maybe even depression era 1939. That's OK. The lake is up to date and the company is always good. The kids are all occupied in their respective three-day weekend activities. It's never a travel weekend for them, because the traffic is too daunting. To those of you who are traveling, Godspeed. Dave and Kathy's grandkids were swimming at the lake yesterday. Dipping their toes really, but getting wet all over. It's hard to believe that just over a month ago we still had bits of snow here and there. I don't swim in the lake until the water is 80 degrees or better. That's August 13 or 14. After that, the summer starts to wane and the water starts to take on fall temps. I'm no hero when it comes to swimming temps. The hot tub at the Y is my favorite temperature. 102. Jerry starts to wilt there. He likes refreshing. I like tubby water. So does Daphne. She just loves that hot tub out on the back deck. No refreshment for her. Warmth! It's kind of funny that here on North bush Road we're spewing EXTRA water out into the gully, and up at the cottage we're without running water. At all. That's right, OutHouse Baby. Toughen up. Thankfully, the state park is 100 feet from our door, and so are their facilities. Bathroom, hot showers and running ater. That's where you'll find Allison. We actually have a water pump at the kitchen sink, but that's all. Brings new meaning to "charming." The 151 campsites at the Caroga Lake State park are full for the weekend, according to the news report. Whatever your accomodations, have a great weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday was glorious. Plain and Simply, glorious. The weather hit 84 in the shade which meant I was completely in my element. Jerry not so much. We did stop short of turning on the AC, but he suffered in the afternoon. We cleaned up the porch and placed the Amish hickory furniture. We got some plantings in hung the baskets. The table area was cleared and swept and that's where we had lunch. The sky was so blue and clear, and with the campfire going, the bugs were kept at bay. Eric came to mow the grass (long story, no mower) and we look finally like spring is really here. Mowing the grass is a big job, and one that Jerry enjoys. Our tractor is on the fritz for the moment, and this was an immediate solution. Our new pasture seed arrived yesterday, and I am waiting to put it down until we're due a few days of rain. Right now the bare spots are very bare, and I'm not sharing with the birds. That will be next week sometime. Our Memorial Day weekend is turning out to have some nice plans, and we're looking forward to the three days off for Allison. Kayaks are calling! Enjoy your three days off, and remember the vets. Thanks Dad. (veteran of the Korean conflict). Another lousy day in Paradise. . .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long weekend

The highlight of my long and crazy weekend was seeing Brian graduate. It is a great feeling to see the kids when they achieve their goals, and this was a biggie. We are, as always, proud. It's a good thing, as Martha Stewart says. That's the only thing she says that I really pay any attention to. Her housekeeping tips - not so much. I was here and there this weekend. All of it fun. Keeping up with the girls from Breezy is a challenge, to be sure. We are all working towards the Parish show on June 18th and 19th (tickets available here, of course, just e-mail me) and the tap number will be spectacular. We always have such a great time there. It's a bit like Brigadoon. If you didn't know it was there, in the middle of Brooklyn, you'd never know. Marianne and I made our annual trek there to start off the rehearsals, only this year, due to my employment status, we were able to make it a day trip, instead of a crazy rush after leaving work. I started off at Clint and Joanne's (as always, the host's with the most's) worked my way past Maryanne Jacobi's for a quick three cups of coffee and some gos. Then on to Manhasset for some retail therapy and meeting up with Marianne there. We did a little damage and worked our way into Bayside to pick up the third Muskateer, Maryellen. After deciding to take my car because at this point I was living out of it and afraid to leave anything behind. We moved onto Breezy Point, Long Island. It's always great to see the dance group and it is a reminder that summer is on our heels. Literally. I was wearing flip flops and MY FEET WERE NOT COLD. The changes in weather from upstate to downstate never cease to amaze me. You are having summer there. Wow. We're just getting growth on the trees here, and you're having a tropical heat wave. I never realized what 240 miles could do to the weather. Anyway. . . After dancing all night at the Colony Theater (and having a rather dramatic but non-emergency insulin reaction) we headed back to Bayside, singing all the way. It was good to be back with the girls. The slumber party in Bayside ended at 7;30 AM with Maryellen headed to Canyon Ranch spa in Florida, and me headed back upstate. The traffic at 7;30 AM was not bad at all, and I was home by lunch time. All in all, a successful trip. Except for the French Vanilla. I tried three separate 7-11's on the island, all with the intent of treating myself to the French Vanilla machine, which is a whopping 9 units of insulin in order for me to have that. I used to have one each morning on my way to work, and it is the one thing, besides family and friends, that I would like to take from Long Island to upstate. Three separate 7-11, three separate machines, three separate "out of order" signs. What a huge disappointment. The fourth 7-11 which I didn't even count was along Bell Boulevard in Bayside, and I was unable to find a parking spot to even get in there. They probably were "in order". My luck and my insulin were on the same page. No French Vanilla for me. This time. I guess I just have to go back. As we speak Jerry is over at the bee yard removing the swarm he picked up last night. They spent the night in the car and will be transferred this morning to an empty beehive. He's crazy. next trip to Long island, we take MY car. I'm not sharing the front seat with any bees.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Brian's Graduation

Brian's Graduation was Sunday past , 5/17 at SUNY Farmingdale, L.I. Brian graduated with a Bachelor's Degree, with Honors...Way to go Brian!!! The key note speaker was Senator Chuck Schumer , very inspirational he was. Brian's class was I think about 500 students and it took about 2 1/2 hours. We are very proud of you Brian. Brian is booked in for next fall for his Masters I would put up some pictures but the camera is still with Jen down on Long Island as she is doing that Breezy point thing I mentioned in my last post. So if you read between the lines. we drove down on different days and in different cars, Jen coming home on Tuesday night. A lot of miles for us and ..."Whats up with the price of gas the last week or so?" Was good to see everyone on Sunday, I got there late Saturday evening , Stayed at Clint & Joannes...Thanks Joanne. Roofers did good over the weekend and some more metal up on the roof. Nobody here today but contractor says that they will be back on Tuesday . Dan and Jenny stayed here with the dogs while I was down on the Island. Sunday the dogs all appeared to having a problem with diarrhea which as luck would have it,,,, On the Carpet and not on the hard wood floors...When I got home Dan was using his rug cleaning machine on the carpets. Seems best I can figure it was a change in dog food that we made from Walmart...."Dad's Brand" {Not our Normal Brand} Seems that we have turned the corner on the diarrhea and everyone is getting better...! Thank god, remember we have 3 dogs here in the house and all sick. Carpet was and is getting replaced at some point.....But not just yet. This may speed it up. Ali & I here Holding down the Fort with the dogs, Jen reports that she is having a great time doing what she is doing for the Breezy Point Show, after the reports of the goings on here she may extend her plans for a few more days. Come home Jen.....We Miss You! I hear that after the photo that I posted of her gardening and the ribbing that she got she may stay a little longer and get those, Proper Gardening Clothes that they have at Macy's. thanks guys.. Notice...Anybody that made comments about what she was wearing in those photos, Busted her shoes.....Needs to send $$$$$$ to help retired Jerry pay for them. You Know Who You Are! I was very satisfied with what she was wearing! Any how She sounds happy over the phone and trying to reinvent herself into a Rockette at Breezy Point or at least a Sing Rockette.... Next stop Radio City...Go Jen! Thats all to report here Gang....Jerry Go Yankees!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Alone with the Dogs!

Well gang it's been a few days since I last posted so here it is. Jen & Ali Just left a few hours ago for Long Island, Ali to visit with her Dad, Jen visiting with family and helping her friends in Breezy Point write a show, Think that's Brooklyn NY. A lovely area down by JFK Airport, on the beach. Her friend Maryellen lives there over the summer months and has been doing the show for many years. If you know "Red Stocking Revue" it's sort of a mini RSR, from what I have seen over the years, just as much fun. Jen has been writing songs and dance numbers for weeks and the house and car has been filled with music....Show tune music. Good luck Girls and Guys....With Jen helping, Maryellen's direction and the talented crew at Breezy, you cant miss . Not sure if Jen will be dancing but I hope she sings a song or two . Brian will be Graduating this Sunday from SUNY Farmingdale and we are so proud of him,...Good Job! On to your Masters. We are sure that what ever you do in life , you will be successful. I will be taking the trip down and up for the event all in the same day, friends will be staying at our house to watch with the dogs, Dan & Jenny. Pictures to follow. As Jen has been posting the new roof is going on and we are glad to see work being done. Other then some rain here and there, weather has been great and we are looking forward to seeing family and friends up here in the North Country. The hour is getting late for me and the to watch the Yankees beat the Twins Til next Time Gang.....Jerry

Slow day in the mountains

We have a new crew out there. Working like dogs. I guess that is what a few frantic phone calls to the owner will do for you. We are top job on the list of things to do. I love it! I'm happy. The skylights are coming out, the roof work is continuing, and the sun is shining. I understand they will be working straight through the weekend. Soon we will be adding the metal sheets and you will see Green! This progress is great. We're so over the old roof. It's color and it's shortcomings. We are still in a siding flux, but that will have to wait until next week. Congratulations to Brian, who is graduating Farmingdale college this weekend. High five big guy. You rock!
The foliage here filled in overnight. We now look like downstate in that spring has truly sprung! Finally! The temps are not what they could be but hey, who is? We're watching the ambush makeovers on the Today show, and I'm validated over and over again. Hair and makeup matters. As we know from previous photos, just go out once on a bad hair day and it will haunt you forever. Forever. I have been making sure every day that I have some type of order going on from the neck up. I went to the gym yesterday and actually put makeup on. God forbid someone catch me looking like, well, like me. Can't have that can we? All kidding aside, it's a girl thing for sure, but the older I get, the less I am willing to skimp on "beauty supplies". I may cut a corner here or there, but I'm not going off course ever again. Ever. Again. Can they do ambush makeovers from 240 miles away? Oh well, I'll have to clean up my act on my own.
Bailey is freaking out over the roofers. He is not the supreme watch dog. He is a coward. Plain and simple. When a loud noise occurs his eyes glaze over and he heads for the corner behind the recliner. Not that it's safe there, because Daphne does follow him. She gives him a hard time just because. Every so often he snaps at her because she can be a bit annoying. But then the look on his face is sheer terror, like "oh my God, what was I thinking?". He then moves to the corner position again and waits for her to kill him. That's what he's expecting. I don't know his history or where he came from, but someone put the fear of God into him. Now we're just trying to make him feel secure. There's alot of cookies involved in that process. For both of us. They are different cookies, to be sure. But cookies nonetheless. Don't you just love comfort food?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The roofers are not here, The roofers are not here

From my vantage point at the side of the house, I was able to watch the progress of the roof. It was sweatshirt weather right up until noon time, but after that the temperature improved greatly and I moved to the back deck. We were feeling really good about yesterday's progress. Were is the key word here. Because we all know that when you are feeling really good about something and confident that things are going well, you should find yourself a fallout shelter and get there quick.
This last picture is the one I went inside with. I was thrilled with the day's results and looking forward to tomorrow. Isn't the porch beautiful? I can just see us out there bbq'ing, playing cards, enjoying our new space. This was a hard working, efficient and capable team of roofers we had here. The karma was so good. We went about our afternoon business and came back just before dinner to a note in the screen door that went something like this:
Jen and Jerry, sorry we had to quit, but had a disagreement with the "boss" back at the shop. He hired someone else we don't get along with and so, we quit. If you'd like us to do your siding, here's our number. . .
?????? Siding? What about the roof? We're not done here kids. It's still the OLD roof on the back of the house, and there is tons of material in the side yard waiting to be applied to the new roof sheathing. WTF? WE'RE NOT DONE HERE! Jerry called the roofing company, and asked if we were smart to have hired them and would anyone be back to finish our roof? He assured us yes, and we will have to take him at his word. So, here we are today, wondering if the roof will be finished and whether or not we are comfortable hiring the same guys to do the siding, although they are now on their own. But if you walk away from one job, what's to stop you from walking on another? This is a dilemma that we now have LOTS of time to ponder. Because the roofers are not here, the roofers are not here. Oh, and today's weather forecast? Rain. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bat Guano

It's here. The bat hiding places have been exposed, and I'm a little freaked. Actually, alot freaked. The points of entry are nearer to me than I would have guessed. The good news is that these points are being closed up fast and furious, but they were there. They leave behind their calling card, Guano, which in english means "poop". Bat Poop. It's gross. But now it's gone. As it should be. Replacing the entire roof is a rather drastic means of eradicating the bat, but if this is what works, this is what we'll do. I have purchased a new pizza peel, just so the old peel can remain a weapon. Laws be damned! It's me or the bat, and I'm ready for them! The roofers are working their way to the south side of the house, and have picked a perfect day for that. Tanning and working at the same time. I do see the beauty of that job. The roof is coming along swimmingly, and Jerry will be posting pics today, I'm sure of it. The old skylights have been removed, and we will be recycling those as a roof for a covered herb garden, which will be a beautiful thing next March when we're still having snow and I'm dying to get my garden started. The whole house looks different, which is a thrill. We're still waiting on siding samples, which is making me a little anxious. Doing the roof first without knowing your siding color is kind of like buying shoes before you have your dress. Next thing you know, your outfit (house) will have the same panache as the gardening outfit I wore last week. A bit scary. And Permanent. So I'm a little anxious to see the siding samples and get something picked out, just so I can visualize in my mind.
We've actually left the front door open so the screen is allowing in warm air. WARM AIR! It is a slow process, but spring is making its way to us, little by little. We are happy about that. I went into Johnstown yesterday for a little retail therapy, and sure enough, it's spring down there! Only eight miles away, but a million miles of weather differences. They're having a tulip festival in Albany, and we're still watching the trees bud. It's amazing to me. As you can see, I'm rambling somewhat. We could even call it babbling. But after seeing all the bat evidence, I'm just a bit rattled. I'm questioning what else I have been missing? Well, I had missed Allison's room, and was treated to that sight this morning, as the skylights were being removed. We had to go up there and cover the opening. Wow, what a mess!
Dear Allison, As the first thing you do when you get home from school is sign onto the computer, as soon as you read this, please sign off and go upstairs and do something about your room, before Jerry pops a cork. It's bad, even for me who is pretty darn understanding about teenagers rooms. And by the way, there was alot of Bat Guano in the attic by your room. I'm thinking that your room was so filthy they were feeling quite at home. Clean it please? Now? Thanks ever so much. Love Mom
What are the odds that message will be acted upon? Feel free to place your bets at 1-800-CrazyMom.
So, another day in Paradise. I just went outside to confer with the roofers regarding soffit material (aren't I just a wealth of info?), and I went, without shame, in my robe and PJ's. I scare myself sometimes. Maybe today I'll do some gardening. I'll think on that for awhile. Enjoy the day!
Update: LOS ANGELES — A burglar alarm led police to Lindsay Lohan's house on Tuesday, where officers found evidence of a potential break-in and ransacking. Turns out, the mess belonged to Lohan, not the burglars, police said.
I don't often feel for Dinah, but this time, I get it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Driver's Education-Amish Style

6:00 AM. These guys (and girl) are too much! The roofers are back and doing a bang-up job (literally). Allison was up early, Daphne was up early, all because the roofers are banging on. . . the roof. Who knew the solution was so simple? We just needed staff to start banging on the roof and everyone gets up on time! I love this! Yesterday, we went to the boarder in Paletine Bridge to pick up our three dogs, and what a welcome it was! It is always so rewarding to be greeted by your dogs, because their emotions are so transparent. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU! WE MISSED YOU! LET ME KISS YOU ON THE LIPS! Well, not so much, but you get the idea. They were glad to see us! But clearly they are happy there too, and that makes us very glad. It's hard enough to leave your best friend behind, but knowing they are having a good time takes the curse off that. Driving along route 10 through Amish country, I was reminded of our trip there on Friday morning, dropping off the dogs. We were coming along one of the side roads and around the corner, on one wheel, came a Amish buggy that was clearly not in control. I wouldn't say it was "out of control", but "not in full control" is what comes to mind. It was literally taking this corner on one wheel. There were two people inside the buggy. One was an older gentleman, which I know because of the white beard. He was holding onto the side of the buggy, and the front bar that holds the reins. He wasn't holding the reins, but just hanging on for dear life. The other was driving the buggy. I couldn't tell the age, although it was clearly a much younger man (or teenager?). They righted the buggy on the straightaway, but were flying along on the wrong side of the road, which neccessitated Jerry moving to HIS wrong side of the road, so that we could pass each other without crashing. It all happened so fast that we were kind of stunned for a moment. The two horses were literally galloping in front of the buggy. It was not safe. The first thing that came to my mind was "driver's ed". Clearly this was a similar situation to that of Allison and I learning/teaching her to maneuver the car in the driveway. We took this on a few weeks ago, because I believe that learning to drive takes more time than the alloted one year that they allow between permit and license. So, we're starting now. That being said, I was surprised, as I always am, when a teenager gets in the car and is not clear where the gas/breaks/ lights/wipers/ directionals/ anything but the radio is. I just always assume that after spending literally 14 years looking over my shoulder as we cavort around the world that something would have been retained. Nope. When I was young (way back when) the middle seat in the back was the place for me, because then I could watch everything going on up front. I knew where we were going, and how we got there. I was a professional observer. Not so my children. The boys were a little more comfortable in the car when starting to drive, because their first time in the car driving with me was probably not their first time as drivers, but that is another story for another day. But the girls were a little less comfortable. Which is why I am starting in the driveway now. This will take time. And I have no intention of taking any corners on two wheels. Ever. I have to say that the Amish Elder was taking it all in stride. I guess this was not his first "lesson". I could probably learn a few things from him. Allison was much more in control than that Amish teenager, so thankfully for me I didn't have to hold on for dear life. I think starting in the driveway is a wise choice though, don't you?

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Roofers are Here! The Roofers are Here!

7:40 AM and the roofers arrived. THIS is customer service! We are now examining siding samples (none of which are moving me) because as each piece of the house gets finished, a decision needs to be made about the next step. And the next step is siding. A permanent decision which is causing me no angst whatsoever, because we are pretty clear on what we want. Lincoln Logs. Remember Lincoln Logs? The first thing I remember about Lincoln Logs was being horrified when I became a parent and went to buy them for Jackie. Expensive! I am hoping that the siding does not follow suit. We have the green roof being built, now I just want plain old dark brown siding. Jerry and I both like the classic cabin look, and that's what we're hoping to find. Today's samples were not there. Now that the contractor is a little clearer about what we're looking for, hopefully, he'll bring it tomorrow. The dogs are at the boarder still, which is good news for the roofer, because they won't have to listen to the barking all day every time they hammer a nail. Good plan. Totally not planned, but a good plan. If we had planned to pick up the dogs last night, we would have been saying "bad plan". But this worked out in the good plan kind of way. I love when any plan works, especially one that wasn't my plan. I wasn't even clear that the roofers were planning on being here at 7:30 a.m. Their plan, not mine. Am I making myself clear?
A happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's, Grandmothers, Godmothers, step-Mothers, new Mothers and Heart-Mother's. You rock!

We rocked it at laMotta's Brunch on beautiful Manhasset Bay, so that Walter could slide into our table while working. It was a beautiful and sunny day and I am still walking around with a silly smile on my face, because when we're all together, it is a laugh and a half. I think it is the first time that we have all been together for Mother's Day, and although we were missing Jesse and Mike (sorry guys!) we had a blast. And sitting next to us?

The famous O'Neils and our fabulous friend Sue with her date Stevie! It was the place to be for the happiest of Moms. I was. I am. Thank you all.

So far, May is turning out to be my favorite month this year. The buds here are finally blooming, and I received a new seed spreader from Allison, which I am anxious to try out on the pasture this week. Maybe with the fancy spreader the seed will take this time. I'm thinking we were robbed by the birds, who are now being fed in the front of the house in feeders. Maybe NOW they'll leave the pasture seed alone. Ya think? Enjoy the day - whatever your plan!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Last night I crashed a little early. I'm better for it today. The dogs go to the boarder today, which is tough, but they enjoy themselves there too. We have to pass through Paletine Bridge to get there (Amish Country) and so may find ourselves with more to see and write about. We can only hope right? It's hard to believe that spring is finding us with less to do than winter was, but everyone is on hold right now with the weather (rain). At least in the winter time Jerry was moving the snow around. This time of year we are simply watching the grass grow. The next few weeks are busy ones, with benefits and graduations (Go Brian!). 2009 has developed into the year of the road trip. I've been choreographing for a show in Breezy and keeping my mind busy, but I'm ready to break out of this mold and do something wild! I might take on the Tour for the Cure (Diabetes) which is a bicycle race in Saratoga. I have to get further details, but it is June 6 and if I can get enough sponsors I may participate. It's a good cause and will get us out biking. Again. I will have to train somewhat, so off to the Y! Then again, I may just write that check for donation and leave it at that. It totally depends on the weather. I try to be an asset to these programs, not a liability (Biker down! We need an ambulance here!) I can sometimes be a little high maintenance. I do see the sun peeking out this morning, which is unusual. This is the time of year we used to get here after a two or three month hiatus. Little did we know then what type of winter and spring we had missed. It looks so benign out there. Ha. The black flies seem to have moved on. No new bites this week. They don't call them "no see ums" for nothing. Little tiny dots that fly. Ouch. Who knew? I have a few welts that are remarkable in size and ferocity for such a little thing. I'm still waiting to see my first bee of the year. They are not hovering near the house at all, so I have missed them, but there are some flowering bushes behind the house in the gulley and that is probably where they are finding their sweets. My new sweet is a Root Beer Float. I go through stages and concentrate on one thing for awhile and then move on. A root beer float is perfect, and the ice cream here is incredibly good. Washburns Ice Cream is manufactured right here in Gloversville and I think their stock has done remarkably well since we moved here. Well, gotta go watch the grass grow! Time's a wastin!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy!!! & Peppy!!!!, and Bursting with Love!!!

Happy!!! & Peppy!!!!, and Bursting with Love!!!.........Not Dull and Boring. We are having the" Times of Our Lives!"'s just raining a lot . They say that APRIL SHOWERS bring May Flowers....................! What do May Flowers Bring???????????????????????? gif sample Pictures, Images and Photos Pilgrims !!!!! That was Bad!!!!! And it's May not April....... Anyhow as Jen said, more front porch material arrived yesterday. Now we just need a weather report of no rain for a few days so that they can open the old roof ( RUFF) and work on the new. Reports are that it's going to get better next week. Photobucket So that's it for today...we are off to pick up my suit today from Albany.....Maybe we will get into LL Bean too to look a little further...I love their stuff. Til Next time Gang ........Jerry

Dull and Boring

It's raining here too, but we have a very important garden growing here, so it's a good thing. We had a friend for dinner last night (Happy Birthday again Jennie). Not FOR dinner, but here to share dinner. We had alot of fun and the dogs enjoyed a play date with Angel. Bailey is still a little reticent with everyone, but because Jerry had taken them all for a lengthy walk in the afternoon, he sacked out rather early. He's a good boy. I will be spending Mother's Day with my human children on the island, and I'm rather looking forward to it, but I do miss the dogs when we're away. We've had offers of "come visit, we don't mind the dogs", but that would be the ultimate "what was I thinking?" I would never do that, so those who have offered, don't sweat it, I know you were being nice, not real. Well, we do try to blog every day, and sometimes that is incredibly difficult, but I do read other blogs and they get away with nonsense sometimes too, so here is our nonsense: The roofers were here yesterday, after the material got dropped off they came to inspect the material and to assess the roof situation. We're now waiting on a two or three day run of good weather because part of the old roof has to come off and that doesn't work when it is raining. Which means it will rain until September when the snow falls. In the process of replacing this roof any bat areas will be erradicated from the attic. That should mean the bats are gone forever. SHOULD mean. We'll see. I have high hopes though. I spoke to someone on the cell phone the other day and told her I had cell service because I had "gone into town". She interpreted that as me being in Manhattan. Silly girl. We do Manhattan at Christmas, period. So that's my news today. Maybe Jerry is more exciting than me today. I hope so. This is bad.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We have been busy with inconsequential things. We were at the mall in Albany on Sunday afternoon. Allison needed a few things, and brought her Christmas gift cards with her. We shopped a bit, tried on some things, discussed, admired, returned and rejected. It takes time and as always, Jerry was a hero. He sat in the beautiful and comfortable occasional chairs in those mini-living rooms set up courtesy of Raymour and Flannigan. Mostly men are sitting in these areas. Bored men. Tired men. Men who are sick of this shopping thing. With that in mind, we kept it as short and sweet as we could, and then moved onto L.L. Bean. This is the store that Jerry and I like to shop together. We both are happy here. If they had comfortable occasional chairs outside that store, Allison would have been sitting there. L.L. Bean has no chairs, they want you to MOVE! Kayak, swim, row, camp or hike, but get out there and MOVE! She was not happy. We were in hog heaven. Jerry purchased a small LED key light, and we moved across the street to the Real Purpose of our trip to Albany, purchasing a new suit. Jerry had decided he needed a new suit, and this was why we drove the 45 minutes to Albany. Now men don't buy suits very often. They shop very differently than women, and this was apparent from the moment we walked in the door. Allison opted for a quick snooze in the car, so we were alone. The first thing you notice is that the WOMEN are sitting here. There are a few chairs here and there next to the mirrors and the tailor stands. This is where we sit while the men are being measured. There was a bridal party in the back of the store being measured for tuxes for a wedding sometime in August. They were fun to watch. Mostly unsure of themselves and embarassed by the whole affair. The real men were completely at ease and put themselves in the hands of the experts - the salesmen. These guys know their stuff. They know how to measure, which impresses me to no end. It is hard to find a man who can wield a tape measure with such confidence. They are right down to business, no time wasted here. They take the measurements and tell the customer what size they need. We then move to that section and start to look at the colors, because that is how suits are arranged. What impressed me so much is that there was no teeth-gnashing over the size. This was the fact, that is where you went. If I went into a woman's store, got measured and was told a size I was not happy with, or even that I slightly disagreed with, there is no way I would have just walked over to the larger size and started shopping. I would have had to try on the smaller size just to be sure. And if it was just a tad snug, I would have sucked it in and told myself to stop eating for a few days and get the smaller size. Women do this, regularly. Men? They let themselves be measured, try it on until it fits properly, stand still for the alterations, and go home. Easy. Painless. Respected. I was in awe. I have newfound respect for men. This system works on so many levels. When we go to the affair for which we needed this new suit, Jerry will look good (as always) and more important, he will feel good. His suit will fit properly and not pinch anywhere. Nor will he have to restrict his movements to protect seams or embellishments. I have worn pants that were so "snug" if the button were to pop off it would take someone's eye out. This is not comfortable. And shoes? Let's not even go there. I have had to have surgery to correct the damage done to my poor feet over the years of "power dressing". No more. After this trip to Mens Wearhouse, I have vowed to shop differently. I think L.L. Bean is the closest thing to Men's Wearhouse for women. Sturdy and functional clothes. Except now the problem is, what dress do I wear to this affair? L.L Bean does not sell evening wear. I have until Friday to work this out. If I just skip lunch. . .

Busy Work

Well Gang we are still here, "Nothing Much of Substance", has been going on here, not even for a chicken pecking on........... Photobucket ...a keyboard. The four yards of compost was delivered Saturday by dump truck , next to the garden fence. The Key work here is " Next" to the garden fence. I used a snow shovel over a few hours to move it into the garden and into a raised 4 x 10 ft above ground box that we will be using as an herb garden. This is very rich compost, just littered with worms, black gold. We have not planted anything further in the garden other then those we told you about last week. We are waiting until end of May to plant those more fragile plants, tomatoes, cukes , etc. Photobucket That being said we are just waiting around ( I like that chicken, so I stuck him / her in here) The metal roof , front porch roof guys have been delayed , our hope is that they arrive today. So nothing to report or pictures of the progress. Speaking of that , the Upstate proper way to say Roof here is more like, "Ruff". Just a little Upstate NY info. Photobucket And again. Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry (Don't Forget, Mothers Day is this Sunday) .

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy & Dank In Caroga Lake

Rain / gif / regn Pictures, Images and Photos It's a slow day here in Caroga...Rained very hard last night and off again on again rain here today. Warmer then it looks, 60 at 8 :30 but it's what we call "DANK" out there. Seems the little we put in in the garden lived thru the lower temp's of the last few nights. The grass has started to fill in a little more and seems that blueberries that I planted last week are taking. We are expecting 4 yards of compost to be delivered this weekend by Dave, think I'll also order in some pain killers too. As you may know we are putting on a new roof and front porch, the porch we started last winter but stopped construction when the heavy snow came. Reports are that the are going to start up again this Monday or Tuesday. The new roof is going to be metal and green in color. Soon this camp is going to look like a Lincoln Log Cabin with the green roof and brown siding of some sort, not sure what type siding material yet. Til Next time gang........Jerry