Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Island Rocks!

We were on Long Island from Sunday through Tuesday night, and it was a spectacular celebration of friends and family. Some pictures from the weekend will be posted later, as today is now filled up with Doctor nonsens for pre-surgery. But I must quickly say that there will be no living with him. After Jerry was reminded by his co-workers of how wonderful he was to work with, (which we knew!) and on top of that - he was told that his rogue posts on the blog page were enjoyed, and in fact, they were missed when he deleted them, I realized that he has been enpowered on a level that will be quite difficult to live with. I'm just hoping he will let me enjoy my opinion once in awhile. The blog games have begun! Truthfully, it was an amazing night and always so great to see everyone. It's hard to say goodbye, but we always are hopeful that we'll get a chance to see everyone again. The family was amazing, as always. We had a pajama party at Jackie's and a breakfast/brunch/dinner at Greenvale Diner, which I wouldn't recommend if you are in a hurry. We learned that Jackie and Nicole are a team when it comes to telling that manager what the deal is. Go Girls! Walter is full of bluff, but still a sweetie. Allison just takes it all in (which scares me to distraction), and Brian was missed at Breakfast. Katie and Kirk Kerr (not yet, but I just love sayin that!) joined us for ha ha's, and it was just the best weekend we've had in a long time. Of course, Jake is still distant and remote, because he is offended that we left him and Daphne at Liz's Bording School, but he is treated like gold there and gets over it after a couple of days. He and Daphne slept together last night, which shows you how they really feel about each other - when the chips are down, they are tight. More later we're off to Amsterdam! Thanks everyone! What a kick! Pics will follow!

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Walter said...

Mommy im not a Bluff did u see the size of that thing woman? whatever she was if touched your shoulder she would have scared u too!!