Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

There is nothing like having a houseful of chores and blowing an hour on Bejewled dazzler or some such game on Facebook. I'm addicted, and it's a total waste of time. Not only that, but I'm getting blitzed by my opponents. You'd think I'd pack it in. You'd think. Our One year anniversary was last week, on the 27th. We have been full-time residents of Caroga lake for one full year. It's hard to believe that it went so quickly, and yet it also feels like a million years ago that we packed the car for the first trip north as residents of Blue Line Farm. We have made the trip back and forth to LI a number of times, and it always thrills me to be on the return trip and feeling like this is home. It didn't take long. If only our family was here full time, it would be perfect, but we will settle for the odd visit here and there. In the long run, I think it has worked out brilliantly for us all. I have learned a few things living here this past year, and I thought I'd share. 1. They do not work at the same pace as we're used to. This is why they are not having heart attacks. When the sun is out and the day is perfect, the contractor will pack up and go fishing. Without apology or remorse. It's a good fishing day (hunting day, hiking day, etc.) and they will be back tomorrow. 'Nuff said. They have the right idea. I had a problem with this in the beginning. I no longer care. I want to be fishing too. 2. Tyvek is an acceptable siding material. It can be temporary, or it can be up for five years. This does not matter either. You'll get to it when you'll get to it. It's hard to keep up with the Jones's here, because as I said, the Jones's are fishing. They don't care either. 3. I really do like the Amish. I never thought I would be on a first name basis with an Amish family, and I find it remarkably cool. They are just nice people with a tremendous work ethic when they are working. Their families are lovely people who have a like-minded curiosity about us and our family. It's kind of fun. A cultural exchange. Who knew? 4. If you are seeking culinary excellence, you would be advised to search elsewhere. Except in your own kitchen, the food here upstate is outstanding when you are searching for comfort food - the comfort food is unparalelled. However, if you are looking for healthy and simply prepared food, this is not the place. Chicken gravy and fried everything is the average menu choice. Mac and Cheese, french fries, potatoes and more gravy is the side. Very rarely a vegetable without some sort of sauce. It's a challenge, but fun. Adventures in dining. 5. The main difference between upstate and downstate is that mustard on your burger is nomal here, not normal on L.I. It's not my cup of tea, but who am I to judge? I just have to remember to request "no Mustard" on my burgers, because they do it automatically. Ugh. 6. The fashion here is not the same as LI. We do not choose shoes for their fashion sense. Some people in town are dressing for success, and I do see them on occasion. However, the weather really does dictate what you wear and most people dress for the weather, not for the fashion police (some more successfully than others). A good pair of wellies will get you anywhere. I have even seen them on some students at the High School. Not MY student, who is still in the L.I. mode of dress. But others who have been known to use comming sense are being seen regularly. I like this. It warms my heart. 7. Most people have a house in town, and a camp at the lake. Some camps need alot of work, others have been modernized and renovated so that they are four season vacation homes. Ours is in the early stages of needing modernization. We find that we are working on our main house more than we're working on the cottage at the lake. That is OK too. We're getting with the program here. It's a nice place to hang out and bar-b-que. If you need the facilities, the state park is right next door. Let them clean the bathroom. We're fishing. 8. The bugs here are huge. HUGE! The mosquitoes wear flight gear. Screw the environment. Deet my frind. Deet. 9. Good friends are good friends, no matter where you are. I have maintained contact with my good friends and managed to get visits in here and there. We're hoping they'll make the trip north whenever possible. Unlike real estate, friends and location don't matter. 10. I miss my family, no matter where we are. I never see them enough, and think of them every minute of every day. That will never change. Even if we're next door neighbors, it won't be enough. (Don't worry kids, that won't be happening soon, but you never know!) I have learned this past year that life has a way of moving forward, no matter what. We are always surprised by what tomorrow brings, and always glad to be able to experience it. We have alot to be grateful for. We know this. It's been an amazing year.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Karma,...It can be Bad or Good!

Karma , It can be Bad or Good! If you try to "always" do the right thing, you will have "Good Karma"!....Enough Said. Well Gang it's been a while for me so it's time to Blog. Jen last week as you can see by her posts was down state helping out with a charity event , in Breezy Point, I on the other hand held down the Camp here in the ADK'S. The event was a two night show, Friday the 19th was the second night and I drove down to L.I. to drop off Ali to visit with her dad then off to Breezy Point to watch my Bride help make the show a success . Friday afternoon at 1:15 Pm I put the key into the truck ignition here in Caroga Lake, 8:45 PM I arrived in Breezy Point! The show was great , it appears that a lot of fun was had, and some money raised for the local church........(Good Karma). The after party at the BayHouse @ Breezy Point hosted a very nice Cast Party. Jen, Me and most of the cast spent the late night hours and some of the early morning hours on the BayHouse's rear deck which over looked Jamaica Bay ( Think that's it's name). The weather was great...I don't know what every ones been talking about, no rain there. Guess it's the good Karma. MaryEllen , the director of the show Allowed Jen and Me to use her Beach house . Just a very nice community and very much like what you might find at Fire Island. Most houses have no drive up parking( community gated parking area's) with just sidewalks infront of the houses.... the houses are very close together with it appearing that you could reach out and touch houses on the side of you. (See Jens posted pictures). We sorta planned on spending the next day at the beach but.......It rained that day. Not bad Karma.....It's good for the Garden!!!!! Even with the rain we had a fabulous time at the Beach House. Thanks again Jimmy & MaryEllen. Saturday Night we landed in Port Washington and spent some quality time with Jen's Brother Clint, later that day his friend Onnie arrive at the house for a Jam session , Onnie , Clint playing guitars and Jen singing. I took some Audio & Video with the camera, just gotta find it for a post. (And clear the audio & Video with Jen first before posting as some people like to make fun of her...You know who you are!!!!) Sunday was Fathers Day and we along with Brian and Nicole had a great brunch......Thanks Guys, Love Ya. Sunday night we pointed the two cars north and headed home, Me and Ali away just a few days, Jen away from the ADK's and our home......About 9 days. Jen told us that she had a great time and we believed her but I could tell that she was glad to get home. This week was quiet here , Garden doing good, all kinds of fresh produce making it's way out of the ground. 1st tomato was spotted this week, lettuce tasting great. Jen and I started working on her studio, painting and waterproofing the walls . We decided that the studio ceiling is going to be Rough Cut Pine boards , 3/4 inch by 12 inch wide. About 260 sqft needed, It will give her studio that Adirondack feeling that we are attempting to achieve. We decided that the best place to buy that planking for the ceiling would be from the Amish ,so off to the Amish Lumber Mill we drove . Dan (Amish Dan )has milled lumber for us in the past and was the same guy who cleared our pasture last fall. Dan has 14 children so before reaching the mill we stopped and picked up a few bags of candy for his children.....It makes them Happy and we feel good too......A Win - Win for us and them. I wish I could put up some pictures of his kids but we respect their wishes and don't take any identifiable pictures of them. Dan was out doing business so we placed our order with his oldest son and advised that he would past on our order to his father. It was later in the afternoon when we arrived at the farm / mill and his two older boys making ready the fishing poles ......it appears that they are allowed to do some fishing on Saturday. Heading down the road in Amish county we stopped at one of the local Amish selling breads , cakes and my new favorites , Cowboy cookies. Open only on Fridays these road side stands turn out some fabulous food.. We loaded up with a few items and headed back to the camp. As we headed home we came up on the place that we purchased the hickory front porch rockers and I asked Jen if she needed any thing there or wanted to look at was new in the Amish show room....She responded in the negative and as we drove by I spotted Eli and pointed him out (Gotta Be a Blog reader to know about Eli)..Jen seemed to want to stop but it was too Late..HEEE -HEEE ! Jen He is a Married man and I don't think you would like to dress in the Amish female clothing, You are just stuck with me. Well the camps starting to shape up, new front storm door which keeps the dogs from running out at will. It also is a full glass storm door, much light makes it into the kitchen as the front porch roof has limited sun from flowing in. Friday Night Jen & I made it down to the Glove Theater for a 6Pm showing of "Gone With The Wind" , 3 dollars to get in and see it on a large screen. Never seen it from start to end, 4 hr movie....it was great. Jen's been volunteering at the theater in an attempt to help it from closing it's doors. Next friday or the one after that Jen and I working the candy and pop corn counter on movie night to help out. Should be fun , it's a good cause and I get to see a free movie in between serving up counter goodies. Bailey seems to have lost the Balance of steroids in his system and much better. Daphne doing great but we noticed that she waddles very much like the porcupines we see from time to time. Jake same as ever, a little slower and has selective hearing when Jen speaks.....No wait, that's me. Just kidding I try and Listen...Need to keep that hearing aid in and batteries charged. Kind of tired so no pictures posted this time, way past my bed time. Keep the Good Karma coming, Always do the right thing, Help when you can, Get off that chair or couch, put the coffee cup down and get out there and put in some time, for a good cause. Til Next time Gang.......Jerry R.I.P., Charlies Angel & Michael

Friday, June 26, 2009


I just spent about two hours writing a brilliant blog. And then I deleted it by mistake. Delete-Gone. Over and out. I do not have the presence of mind to try and recreate this brilliant blog. I am pissed off like you can't believe. It's raining and I am getting ready to paint the basement studio with Jerry, whose bee job was cancelled due to - rain. I would much rather go back to bed. But I have been pushing this studio painting project all week, and now that it is time to do it, I am not feeling it. I will try to get over this and put on my overalls. Needs to be done. You shoulda seen the blog -it was brilliant.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life is Good

Uploading pictures takes a long time.
Here is the cast of the 2009 Blessed Trinity Parish Show. We were quite amazing, as always, and felt it appropriate to bring the party next door to the Bay House after the show and relive each number because it was, well, great. The after-party didn't include the children, and so we were free to stay until well after 2:00 A.M. I haven't done that in a long time. The only time I see 2 AM nowadays is that pre-dawn trip to the bathroom. Not so in Breezy Point. We were stars. It was so much fun.
The kids from OZ. Dorothy was amazing. Little Colleen Barnes stole the show.
Beautiful Mary Castellano could make anyone laugh. Her rendition of All Shook Up brought down the house.
The Bay House is right next to the Colony Theater, overlooking Jamaica Bay. The Friday Night fireworks at Coney Island are practically right above your head. It's a tough gig. Clearly we are all hanging out just because we felt we should. Actually, the Cougars were running the show at the bar. Rarely do we see young 20-somethings coming to the door and overlooking OUR party, wishing they were with us. That's what was happening. The older ladies were dancing with the youngsters and giving them a few moves that were tough to follow. As it should be. We're not dead yet, although you will notice there were no pictures of the after party after morning. Thank God I stuck to O'Dhouls. Can you imagine the damage with alcohol? The Friday night show is always a little better because we've all loosened up by then. Quite loose as a matter of fact. Maryanne O'Neil shared her talents and made the road trips with me. A great addition to the cast.
Actually, we gave new meaning to loose.
I took alot of pictures and realized only today that not everyone is comfortable appearing on the internet at an after-party. This is probably a wise call.
This last picture is two people whom I don't know and who had nothing to do with the show, but insisted that I take their picture and demanded that I include them in the blog, but never told me their names of who they were or anything. They should have stuck to O'Doul's as well.
Nevertheless, here they are. We'll call them drunk bar guys cause they'll never see this. If you know them, sorry. My bad.
And then of course, my biggest fan. He drove 9 hours to get back to Breezy Point after holding down the fort all week (side trips, belt parkway traffic, lots of complications). He showed up with a smile on his face and partied till the wee hours with the rest of us who think shows are the greatest thing in the world. He is my gem. I will say it one more time, because I want to. Thanks Jerry. You are an amazing guy.
Saturday morning, back to Port Washington, more singing with Clint and Onnie (sp?) and family time.
They're working up to an August reunion of the Deep River Band. Somewhere.
And then of course it was Father's Day. We had a wonderful brunch at laMotta's compliments of Nicole and Brian. It was nice to spend some time with them both, and Walter was able to join us for a chat as he was working.
Jerry and I both had a great time. Thanks kids. You are amazing.
The word of the day: Reservations.
At least we all know how to laugh.
And then the trip home. As always, gorgeous skies and quiet nights. Allie and I had a good time taking pictures of one view after another and discussing the differences between upstate and downstate. It was amazing. We're back to farming and spinning and bees and dogs and new projects and new friends. How lucky am I?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey Diddle-e-dee-, the Actor's Life for Me!

If you missed the blog last week, it is because I was "on the road", and Jerry didn't have alot to say. He CHOSE not to blog. (Contrary to popular belief, I didn't shut him down.) For me, it was the closest I have ever come to really traveling with the show. I went to Long Island to participate in the Breezy Point Blessed Trinity Parish Show, and it was for sure the time of my life. I like nothing better than throwing the costumes in the back of the car and taking off for places unknown. I can' remember the last time I was living out of the trunk of my car (I can't remember because it never was), but this was great. The closest thing I can describe is if you've ever traveled with babies, because you bring everything you own and simply use what you need. That's how last week was. I brought every outfit I had and just used what I needed. Not all of it was used, but pretty darn close. The first weekend we dropped Allie with her Dad and continued on to PA to visit Jerry's Mom. This was fun. We brought Daphne with us because Daphne likes to visit Jerry's Mom too. She is treated like the Princess she believes she is. No other dogs to get in the way of her spoil-a-thon. It was all about Daphne. As it should be. On the return trip Sunday, Jerry picked up Allison and continued North to reality. I stayed in Port Washington with Clint who was recuperating from surgery. We have not been brother and sister alone for a long time - It was fun for us both, and we got to hang out without interruption. I came back from rehearsal in Breezy on Monday night, and Clint had gone to bed forgetting that I was staying at his house. After climbing through bushes to the back yard, I was sure I would be arrested for prowling. Hoping that I would know the arresting officer, I continued banging on doors and windows. Finally, he came to the door and let me in. Wouldn't THAT have been a story? Alas, no drama there. By Wednesday, I was on my way to Breezy for the dress rehearsal and shows, and it made more sense to just stay there. Clint was adamnent that it made more sense to stay there. I think he was way ready for me to be on my way. Sisterhood is not synonymous with sainthood. Did you know that? He's a good sport my brother. Off I went to Breezy Point.
If you've never been there, Breezy Point is alot like Fire Island, except it's in Brooklyn (across the bay from Coney Island). You must park your car at a parking lot and walk (or bike)everywhere. There are paths that are up and down called walks. My friends Maryellen and Jimmy are on Fulton Walk (pictured here). What a beautiful spot. At the end of the walk is the ocean. This is where we biked one morning. A much more leisurely bike than the Tour de Cure. I did the 10 mile tour de cure in just under two hours. It took Maryellen and I six hours to get to the luncheonette one half mile from her house, because she is like the Mayor. She knows everyone, and we stopped and talked to everyone on the way there. We started heading out for breakfast and ended up arriving in time for lunch/supper. The thing about Breezy is you may as well throw out your watch because time is irrelevant. It's called the Irish Riviera, and that is the truth. Mary Maeve's Grocery store is the first place you hit when you pass through the gate, and that's where we spent a few hours visiting and running into people after lunch. There is a little square out in front of the stores with benches, and the whole village was there. We talked costumes, tickets and met everyone I had ever heard of. It was a great day. We had planned this slumber party for years, and it was just like we hoped. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be able to take a whole week and just immerse myself in a show. How fun is that? Just call me Liza with a J.
We headed back to the house to prepare for the show (after a nap of course). Eight o'clock curtain!
Tomorrow - Showtime!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Roadkill Etiquette

I was all full of myself this morning, getting ready to blog about the amazing week I had. I was off to Long Island for numerous activities, culminating in a two performances at the Colony Theater in Breezy Point, New York. It was a week of good times, singing, dancing, old friends, new friends, bicycle riding,visiting and much, much time on the Belt Parkway. I have become a real New York Driver, going back and forth from Port Washington to Breezy, sometimes twice a day. None of that driving experience saved me from this morning's tragedy, which was taking out a chipmunk as he was crossing the road. All my blog material went out of my head and now I am simply reliving the moment over and over. I have put in over 700 miles in the past week, and 1/2 mile from my house on North Bush Road I take out an innocent chipmunk. I'm devastated. Which brings to mind the question, what is the right thing to do when you hit an animal with your car? Now of course I realize that if I was to have hit a dog or cat (someone's pet) not only would I be inconsolable, but there is clear behavior code which demands that you find the owner at all cost and expense of time. There is no other option. Thank God that was not the case this morning. I hit a chipmunk, which I can only assume had no owner but was a creature of nature. And I didn't actually "hit" him. I "overed" him. I ran him over completely. He never saw me coming, and I feel terrible. I actually cringed and closed my eyes because he darted out so quickly and I was moving along at a nice clip. I had just dropped off Allison for her Spanish final and was heading home for that second cup of coffee. Out he darted and over I went. It was that fast. With my eyes closed, I didn't exactly see the impact, but the direction of Chip and the velocity of my car, it was an inevitable meeting in the middle of the road. Having hit animals before (racoons, two in one week, a long story for another time) I am familiar with the "blump" feel of the car when you run something over. It changes in relation to the size of the animal, but you do feel it. I felt it. I knew. A backwards look in my rear view mirror confirmed my fear. Flattened. Ouch. So, today I will mourn, tomorrow I will blog about my week. I need 24 hours to get myself together. Drive carefully. They're out there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Well Gang, the rain made it here to Caroga Lake, Now I know what everyone has been complaining about. Seems that the roof is not leaking and a good job was done replacing it. With the rain came Dankness and lower temperatures , 56 degrees so I turned on the pellet stove to take away the dampness, we went to bed with most of the windows open last night. Ali just left for school, one test today then back home at 2 or in this case she is off to her friends house down the road to hang out, Bus dropping her off. Brian and I have been going over his test questions , EMT-B test tonight in Albany...Good Luck. Watching Golf on T.V. and coverage at the Bethpage Black(L.I.) course and seems like in rain delay . Seems Brian getting a little home sick...Missing his girl friend, Ashly Poo. He is stuck inside of the house with me and the dogs. We used the time to do test questions but that gets old very fast. Seems like he has so much EMT stuff in his head and it's just falling out and hoping that he does not lose it before the test... The garden is enjoying the rain and plants are just bursting out of the ground. Nothing is ready to be consumed yet except some of the lettuce . After dropping Ali off for her test I stopped by the bee yard and seems they all are inside just keeping out of the rain , watching t.v. , playing cards and drinking Mead. Honey Bee Pictures, Images and Photos So that's it from the North Country.... Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogs been Slow,Life Busy

Well Gang.... This Blog has been slow since Jen is down on the Island helping out with a Charity Show. Ali and I are here holding down the fort with the dogs. We have also have Brian here since Sunday. Here til Thursday..Taking his E.M.T. test in Albany Thursday night. The roofers have finished.....Now we are waiting for some rain.....!!! I know that rain is a dirty word for many of our family and friends but I would like to know if the roof that we paid for works!!!! Ali has just about started her summer vacation....Just some tests here and there this week, no normal classes. P.J.'s are her wardrobe of the day now a days. Sleeping in too. For some unknown reason she was up this morning at 6 am....go figure. Seems that this place appears to be , "The Place To Be " this summer as dates are being booked left and right. If you are planning a summer vacation here...time to get on the stick and get Jen to write you into the calender . Any thoughts about "Fall" ???? Time to, Getter Done! Speaking of Fall I think I saw our Thanksgiving's Turkey walking across the pasture yesterday. Last weekend Jen and I drove down to the Island in two cars ( Anyone want to pay our gasoline bill?) as Jen was staying down on the Island longer then me to help out with that show . After we arrived on the Island, we dropped off Ali for her visit with her dad. That same day, in one car we drove to my mothers house in P.A. for the weekend to help out around her house with some chores and making house ready for summer. I also brought a trailer down so that I could bring back to the ADK'S her Lawn Tractor that she does not use any more. After helping out mom we headed back to Long Island with Trailer in tow on Sunday. Ali finished up her visit with her dad Sunday afternoon and now with Trailer in tow Ali and I headed north Back to Caroga Lake, Jen staying behind to help out with the show. 714 Miles this weekend I drove pulling that trailer. Brian , Dan & I did a bee removal on Tuesday..as soon as I get the pictures from Brian I'll post them. He did Good for his 1st one. That's about it for me, that I can recall.....I'm sure that I missed a lot as Blog heading states, Life been busy. Jen ,"Break a Leg" with the Show, Brian and Ali Good Luck with your tests. I'm sure Jen will have many pictures to post. Don't forget Fathers Day this Sunday, I heading Back to the Island, so that Ali can have Fathers Day with her Dad. I might get there in time on friday to make the show that Jen's in and snap off a few shots. Til Next time Gang........Jerry

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr. Will

We've been to the vet a few times this week, and we'll be going again today as it turns out that Jake may have some thyroid problems. This might explain his "laid back" attitude. It's a common thing to come upon at his age. We took both him and Bailey to the vet on Tuesday, for shots to update their records, and left Daphne at home because she is already up to date. I thought she would be thrilled to have the place to herself. Wrong. So wrong. She had a huge chip on her shoulder when we got back. Now I realize that for all she knows, we went out for ice cream and dancing, but what was remarkable was her ability to make me feel GUILT for not bringing her. She spent the day basically ignoring us, and at bedtime, she slept on the couch. All night. When I came out in the morning, she looked at me, and then pointedly looked away. Ouch. Point taken. There isn't much I can do about it though. When we go to the vet, it is basically one dog per person, which is why their innoculation schedules are different. We can't handle three dogs at the vet. Anywhere else is fine. No problem. The vet is another story. Too much "activity" there. Bailey was anxious to get back in on Tuesday. He is operating on steroids, so everything is upped a notch. He likes people and new smells,and leading up to the door at the vets office, he was clearly looking to make some new friends. At breakneck speed. I almost fell because the "helpful" collar with the prongs isn't being used right now, due to his neck issue. So basically, I have no control. He is, at 66 pounds, stronger than I am. I guess he works out more. When we got inside, he didn't seem to remember his last traumatic visit. Just all "hi how are ya?" at the desk there. We got into the examination room with both of them, and he still was just smelling away. Having a lovely time. When Jen the assistant came in, the tail was wagging, he was a most happy fella. Then the door opened and Dr. Will came in. I was sure he would be a little skittish, but no, again he was just fine (Bailey I mean). Hello, hello, hello. Nice to see you. Wag Wag Wag. We all chatted a bit and he examined the "hot spot" on Bailey's neck. Healing nicely, but needed another shave to allow the ointment to be applied directly to the area. He reached in the drawer and pulled out the electric shearing tool. Screeeech, halt, everything stopped wagging and memory kicked in. Oh No! I could see it on Bailey's face. Not THIS guy! This was bad. Under the bench he went and laid very very still. I don't think we give dogs enough credit for using their brains. This was clearly a "lay low and he'll go away" moment. He wasn't making eye contact and was suddenly breathing very very quietly. Obviously in a ploy to make this whole day go away. Not so lucky. Jerry and Jen and Dr. Will got him shaved without much incident. I was holding onto Jake to keep his nose and opinion out of the mix. I was looking away because I'm not so good with medical procedures. I heard no whining or crying or screaming from Bailey. I was breathing a little heavy, because I was getting a little freaked again, but he was fine. Once that was over, they applied a little ointment and he dove under the bench to finish out the visit. Once he got his shots, he really was done, and just lay there watching Jake and making no attempt to visit with anyone. As I said, laying low was his goal. Mission accomplished. Jake was taken in the other room to have blood drawn, and when he came back he seemed no worse for it. Everyone is in essentially good shape, notwithstanding some arthritis issues and fatty calcium deposits. Good dogs. We knew that. Daphne thinks she missed a good ole time. She seems to have gotten over it though, because last night she was in her old spot at the bottom of the bed. Just as though nothing had occurred. She showed us didn't she? Wait until she finds out that Jake has to go back today. He needs more blood drawn to check his T4 levels (thyroid) and treat a urinary tract infection. He was up and down all night, I guess with the urge to go, and not having any success. He'll be better as soon as we get some meds in him. Poor guy. He WILL get ice cream when I take him back to the vet. Having blood drawn sucks. Just don't tell Daphne. Let her think we went out dancing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A post of No Substance!!!!!

Well Gang I guess that It's time to post again. Been checking and getting a lot of hits from Bayville and no new posts, so here goes. Who ever you are it looks like you like it and want more. Jen inspired me the other Day with her TOURdeCURe, so while out shopping at Walmart I picked up a bike. A Black Schwinn....21 speed mountain bike kinda thing. This is a photo from the Internet of the 1st bike I ever purchased in the late 60'...early 70's mine was Blue. A Schwinn Varsity Photobucket I saw one of these the other day at the TOURdeCURE but it was Orange. I wanted to speak to the owner but I could never locate him that day....His or Her Bike sure did bring back memories for me.. Before driving a car, that BIKE was my freedom, I rode it every where. To the Miracle Mile ( See that Billy Joel Song), To school and friends houses. To the Beach and fishing. I was gone in the morning and returned at night when the Street lights came on...Time for Dinner. I paid less then $100.00 back then. This is the" New Memory Maker" from Walmart ( I'm Retired...Can't afford a Bike from the Big Name Stores..LOL) Photobucket That helmet thing is going to take some time too!!! Took it for a short spin the other day and it was like I never got off my old Schwinn. This one is not a Varsity like my old one, this one is called the "Old Fat Bastard!!!" I do Make Myself laugh!!!! (Watch this guy laugh for 15 seconds and tell me that he doesn't make you laugh too) Photobucket I going back for the Gel seat cause after a very short ride I know that I need one! I'm getting ready to Ride with Jen next year, TOURdeCURE 2010...Who else is going to step up to the plate and ride with us? Maybe the 25 Mile route. Well seems I am running out of stuff to Blog about today, They are still working on the roof...Gotta be near a month that that's been happening. We visited the cottage yesterday and sold off some of the vintage kitchen gear and now it looks like the old rockers might be going in a couple days.. Waiting for the boys to make it up here and help level out the cottage before I can start on the inside...Hurry up here guys...Soon this old cottage will be helping you out while trying to afford a cheap summer vacation with the family. Til Next time Gang....Jerry

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm riding as fast as I can. . .

My legs hurt, my arms hurt, my hands hurt, but my heart feels really really good. It was a great day. Having Allison and Jerry with me made all the difference. Just knowing they were there at the finish line kept me pedaling. I did fine to the half way mark, a rider's rest in the middle of Saratoga Springs State Park. What a spot! I am definitely going back when I have more time. We were in a shaded glade with muffins, bananas, water, juice and graham crackers (my personal favorite). It was interesting to see all the "testers" doing their thing before they snacked. At that point, my blood sugar was 110. It was 84 when we started, but I had eaten some danish before we left off so that had kicked in, thankfully. In case you don't know, 100 is a perfect score for a diabetic (give or take 20 points). I was hovering around that all morning so I was happy. I had a half a banana and a bottle of water. I didn't say too long and I certainly didn't sit down, because if I did I was finished. My legs were beginning to feel like rubber around the half way point, and I didn't want to push it. The route to the park was magnificent. We started out at Saratoga Springs High School which was a beautiful campus with great facilities. The few nearby blocks we rode through were filled with the kind of houses that Saratoga is known for. Well cared for, artfully painted with landscaping that would take your breath away. Most everyone who lives in Saratoga is showcasing their home, because it is such a tourist mecca. Rightfully so. This place is gorgeous. The rail trail passes behind such homes and it was my most favorite part of the ride. Just seeing what people do with their back yards is inspiring, and the fact that these back yards are backed up to this beautiful bike path is such a kick. For the riders and the homeowners both. We finished up that portion and turned onto some smaller roads again. The autos were sharing the lane with the bikes and everyone was careful and courteous. There was plenty of signage at this point, and so anytime I found myself alone I was certain of where we were going. All the "racers" were passing me by, which at first caused my competitive nature to get a little crossed with my calmer side. The calmer side won. "Go for it", was all I could think. I was riding as fast as Icould and competitive or not, this was the fact. We turned on to 9W, which is a two lane southbound thruway under normal circumstances. Today, it was down to one lane for the bikes, one lane for the autos, restricted speed limit. This in itself is remarkable because 9W is major, they don't shut down for everything. We rode alongside the Saratoga Springs Baths, the Dance Museum (who knew? We're going back!) and headed towards the entrance to Saratoga State Park. This is the first place I got OFF the bike and walked for a bit. It was a small incline that my bike could just not handle (not to mention the driver). It gave me a chance to catch my breath and let more riders pass me by (rider on your left!, rider on your left!). There are essential courtesies on the ride that are necessary for safety. Calling out your position as you pass a rider is one of them. I started answering back "loser on your right!, loser on your right!" and we all had a few laughs. I was having fun. What I noticed most as I was walking were the smells. The scents on this ride were overpowering, and fantastic. I think June in the Adirondacks has to be the most beautiful month. Everything is in bloom, after waiting all winter to finally burst. It is an amazing smell, and I realized that riding along side the cars in their lane on 9W that I should probably be smelling auto exhaust, but I wasn't. The smell of the flowers and the grass and the pines was so overpowering that I never even noticed the cars and the motorcycles. At the top of the incline I got back on my bicycle. As I then turned into Saratoga State Park, the route got so quiet and peaceful that I was struck by the beauty that is around us. I guess riding this long alone gives you time for introspection that we just don't allow ourselves on a normal day. Too bad for us eh? It was beautiful, trust me. Almost at the five mile mark, I got a little lost. There was a turnoff for the riders that I missed, and had to go back. I was riding for maybe a quarter mile where I realized I wasn't seeing any riders in either direction. I turned around and went back a bit and there it was, the huge red arrow in the road. I was so busy looking looking UP that I missed it. And I thought to myself that sometimes you have to look down to find the right direction. Quite a deep thought don't you think? That has been true for me. And I'm sure I'm heading in the right direction now. Back to the ride. The halfway point was great. As I said, food, drinks and lots of chatter. I noticed a few riders like me, who were going it alone. I thought about approaching someone and seeing if they wanted to join forces, but decided against it. I was kind of enjoying this time alone, and I was able to go at my own pace without holding someone back. It had worked up until now. I called Jerry on my cell phone and touched base. I knew they were working the finish line, and also worrying about me. Just a quick check in and off I went on the last leg of the trip. Heading back I was able to recognize the upcoming turns before they happened. There were alot of thumbs up along 9W because now I was FACING the southbound lane. There were tons of motorcycles because Lake George had hosted their Americade weekend (which is a meetup for motorcycles) and everyone was heading home, south on 9W. I had never before felt such affinity with bikers, until now. They were quite supportive and rooting us all on. It was fun. Back onto the rail trail, I decided to switch lanes (there were two paths) so that I could check out the back yards on the other side. Just as pretty. The last three blocks before the High School were brutal, I will admit. I was tired and my legs felt like rubber. I had never done 10 miles before, except when I was a kid. Our bikes then were our wheels, and we used them for everything. We didn't get rides back then, we used our bikes. Now I drive. At that moment, I was tired and sweaty and a little shaky. I can remember being able to push a few feet with one foot on a pedal, and swing my other leg over the back of the seat and climb on the bike while it was moving. That was a memory. That is not how I get on my bike now. Every time I stopped for a breath or a drink of water, I had to stop and think "how do I get back on?" It was a challenge for me and my arthritic knees, but I did it. Never as gracefully as when I was 12, but what the heck? Is ANYTHING what it was when I was 12? Move on. Coming down the stretch to the finish line, I could hear people cheering and clapping and cow bells ringing and I felt GREAT! GREAT! I had done it. We had done it. What a day. I finally found Jerry and Allie, and we all met up for lunch, compliments of American Diabetes Association. It was perfect. With a 66 blood sugar, I was looking for food. The courtyard was filled with all kinds of Perks for the riders and volunteers. I had a massage to die for. I have had massages before, but never immediately after working out and NEEDING it. I now understand the football massage. It works. A beautiful thing. I found out there is a school for massage here in Albany, and that is where the volunteers were working from. Amazing. We had ice cream and walked and talked for awhile. A Radio station was playing their lineup from there, so the music was great. All in all a fantastic day. We had started out about 3/4 of a mile from the school, because parking was so limited. I was not looking forward to walking back to the car. We decided I should ride back to the car and drive back to pick up Jerry and Allison. Just as we were preparing to make that split, there was the car. He had moved it earlier and was just joking. I must say I was thrilled. I didn't know if my legs had the strength to push the gas pedal, or worse yet, the brake. Good call Jerry. Thank you. We are all riding next year, and as Jerry has said, we need a team. Team Blue Line Farm. It's worth it. As for the kid in the yellow shirt with the training wheels who blew past me on 9W? Next year Pal, next year. I'm bringing my team.
To all those who donated to help me reach my fundraising goal, I can't thank you enough. You are amazing to me. I am so blessed with a great and courageous family, and wonderful friends. Thank you all. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed. . .


Well Gang here we are Sunday Morning In Saratoga Springs getting ready for the TOURdeCURE 2009. The event brought in riders from all over the area and some other states. This tour started at different times depending on what you signed up for, The 100 mile tour started at 7Am !!! Other Tours , 60 miles, 25 miles and our ( I mean Jen's) 10 miles which started at 10 am. Photobucket After checking in Jen and Ali going over some pre tour paperwork Photobucket Ali ready with her smile to cheer on her Mom!!! Photobucket Jen at the starting line waiting for her fellow riders Photobucket At the starting line the group of riders are getting pumped and more riders finding their way. Photobucket With much hope the group was off for a fun 10 miles... Go Jen!!!!!! After a little over an hour with a midway rest stop Jen returns with a smile on her face! Photobucket Hey for those of us who remember....Does this look like a scene from "M.A.S.H."? Photobucket A local company donated rub downs for riders who needed to be Kneaded!!!! Photobucket Lunch was also provided for the riders and volunteers like Ali and Me who waited at the finish lines cheering on the riders as they returned. Jen's Cheering Crew and support team....To all that pledged and sponsored Jen in her ride......THANK YOU. Photobucket We are planning to ride next year as a team and we are looking for other riders to come and spend the weekend here and ride on the day ...., TOURdeCURE 2010. Maybe even a 25 mile ride..Thinking of getting a team"Blue Line Farm" Jen You are our Hero!!! Way to get out there and show your support for the cure! Hey Gang...Come up next year and lets do it...!!!!!! Til Next time Gang.......Jerry

Friday, June 5, 2009

Been Away For A While....Time To Post, Some Eye Candy Again

Well Gang I have not posted for a while so here goes... I was over the other day at the BeeYard with Jen and took some pictures, I have No idea what I was pointing at......Maybe asking God to give me a good crop of Honey...Who knows ....Just a snap shot in time. No really can you see the Bee on the tip of my finger? And Yes that is a white Beard on my face......Like I need a larger Head. Us Northern Europeans are know for larger then normal body parts...Enough said! Photobucket That's our electric fence around the Bee Yard. Like I said in the past, I wintered over 5 hives and lost 3 to the winter.. that left 2 hives , I split them up so now I again have 5 hives going again. Photobucket Jen did some planting in the garden as the weather has taken a turn and it's been nice and warm..Rain has stayed away from us....we see that rain has been a constant visitor to Long Island...Sorry guys...Just another reason to live here in the Great Adirondacks. Photobucket Daphne out for a little walk.. Hey Blue.....!!! Wanta play Hide And Seek in the Grass? Photobucket The sun hurts her eyes...Do they make doggie sunglasses? Photobucket Ok....back to bed! This House has tooo much noise and too sunny...dont mind me, i'll just stick my head under the covers for a while Photobucket Photobucket Life is Good!!! Gang we are waiting for you, come see us and let us show you what Heaven is all about. Jackie, Jessie, Mike ,Nicole, Payton, Walter, Brian, Ashly, Family and all our close friends( You know who you are) Come and see us.....We are having the times of Our lives! Photobucket The Garden so Far! Until Next time Gang......Jerry

Oh no.

http://tour.diabetes.org/video/TDC_PSA_30S.WMV Clearly, I must have bicycle shorts. Now I'm intimidated. Have you ever seen someone wearing bicycle shorts? This is not a look I ever dreamed of emulating. And now, I feel somewhat committed to "walking the walk". If I'm going to do this thing, I must have the right "costume" so to speak. Unfortunately, this is not a costume I'm looking forward to. Unless they come with padded butts, I was planning on wearing a little more protection in the rear department. The only thing more sore than the legs after a long bike ride is the butt. Wal Mart carries gel seats and I'm seriously considering making this investment. But Bicycle shorts? I wear them all the time underneathi stuff, because nothing holds the insulin pump more secure than a pair of bicycle shorts. TMI? Sorry. My point is, I never intended to wear them ALONE. This is an 80's look that died a logical and necessary death. It wasn't a good look on anyone. OK, there may be three or four people in the world who carried this look well. I was not one of them. I'm less so now, in my fabulous 50s. Fabulous never meant wearing bicycle shorts. It is more of a personality attitude thing. My alternative would be sweat pants. That's not a good look either. But may be better. This is a conundrum of immense proportions. What do I wear? As any women (and some men I know) will tell you, It's all about the outfit. Not necessarily when you're hanging at home (reference the gardening pics), but when you're heading out for a day among people, generally you put a little thought into the garments. Generally. It doesn't have to be a big deal, but bicycle shorts raises this humiliation thing to a new level. I can tell you this, whatever I am wearing beneath my Red Rider T-Shirt, there will be some filtering going on in the photography department. Heads up Jerry - FROM THE WAIST UP ONLY! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jennifer's Excellent Adventure

I am off to the Y today. There are only three days left until I ride for the Diabetes Association Tour de Cure in Saratoga Springs. Ten Miles! Thankfully, it is a bicycle ride so coasting is a big part of my training. Some of my other training has included Bejeweled Blitz on facebook (watch your back Michael!) When I should be out walking I find myself glued to the computer and playing this game which is taking up way to much time and alot of emotional energy. This is the big fear for our children, that video games will shrink their minds and their ability to function. Yes, its true. I should be ready for this bike ride, but I am woefully undertrained. The only thing going for me is that bike riding has been a big part of my life. As they say, once you learn you never forget. I am holding onto that credo and showing up Sunday at Saratoga Springs High School, which is adjacent to the state park. All in all, the ride should be a screaming success. Both because of the wonderful sponsors that I have (thank you thank you thank you!) and the wonderful program that has been set up by American Diabetes Association. I am going to finish this "tour" because at the end all riders are entitled to a free massage, donated by local chiropractors and masseuse(s) (what exactly is the plural for masseuse?) Did someone say FREE MASSAGE? Of course the irony that I would not so desperately need a massage if I hadn't just ridden 10 miles is not lost on me. I do get that. But a massage under any guise is totally worth it. Don't you agree? There are also other incentives like free T-Shirts, and everyone knows that another T-shirt with another worthy cause is something we all need. I love my T-Shirts. Another perk is that I get a special Red Shirt. I'm called a Red Rider because I have Type 1 Diabetes. Never has this diagnosis been more rewarding than right now, because these Red shirts are not just your average fund raising T-Shirt. No Sir. This is an authentic bicycle shirt, nylon, with all kinds of patches and endorsement graffiti all over it. This shirt screams "special". I want this shirt. Big Time. And the best incentive of all? I get to ride my bike for ten dedicated miles while being monitored and observed and checked on and cheered on and fed (free again!) and watered and hanging out with other like-minded individuals. People who are living every day with adversity, and doing something about it. There is always someone next to you who has a tougher road to ride and a bigger pill to swallow. It kind of gives you a reality kick in the pants, which we all need now and again. I know I do. There will be riders and friends and volunteers and family and we're all out there because it matters. Maybe just a little bit, but it matters. To those who helped me meet my fund raising goal, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made a difference. I ride because I can. In my case diabetes is a inherited family trait like red hair or blue eyes. We have alot of diabetics, and alot of people who care about us and for us. We are a family who gives their love, their money, their time and in one case, their body parts. You'd be amazed. I am, every day. And so I will ride. Compared to many that I know personally, this is truly a "walk in the park". And then I get a massage. I mean really, how hard can this be? I don't think Lance Armstrong subscribes to the Bejeweled Blitz Training program, but then, he doesn't have the support team that I have. Pictures in my red shirt will follow (much better than the alleged gardening outfit) Pray for sun. Pray for backwind. Pray for me.
If you haven't already donated to the cause, there is still time! Go to diabetes.org and click on the Tour de Cure Link. I am riding in Saratoga Springs, NY. Thank you all! Bon Voyage!
Sponsoring a Rider is Easy! Step 1: Select the state for the Tour event in which the rider is registered. Step 2: Click the Sponsor link next to the Tour event in which the rider is registered. Step 3: Search for the rider you would like to support and click on his/her name. Step 4: When ready to donate, click the "Sponsor Me" button on the rider's personal Web page.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brrrrrrrrr, still

We are ready to farm. Vegetables that is. We spent yesterday picking up the necessary supplies in order to plant a substantial vegetable garden. Plants, seeds, tomato cages, etc. It's nice to feel so wise, because we did choose to heed the warnings of the local people and not put any fragile plants in the ground until this late. On the evening of May 31, there was a frost. That's right, May 31. We got up on the morning of June 1 and the temperature read 34 degrees. Pellet stove, flannel PJ's and wool socks. Not exactly planting weather, but getting there. The wind storm on Sunday was so bad that friends of ours who live lakeside lost their docks. Just blew them away. So far, we are experiencing a really rugged spring. Just as we were told this past winter was the most severe that had occurred in a long time, this spring is turning out to be much the same. Hopefully, that will change soon. I want to get that pasture reseeded and I'm waiting for less wind and cold. Crazy days. School is winding down, as is Allison's ability to get up in the morning. Always by June, it is universal - School has lost it's charm. Wether you're a teacher or a student, no difference. Time for school to end. Our summer is getting booked with family and friends, which is a good thing. If you're not on that schedule, call us. We'd love to see you. And the plan is that by July we'll have some summer weather. Just in case, bring your wool socks.