Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rolling along. . .

Well, this is my first Saturday in a while that I am not at the Glove, nor should I be at the Glove. I'm kind of enjoying this respite, however brief. Clint and Joanne will be here today, after dropping the girls off at their respective facilities of higher learning. Good luck to all the school bound and re-bound. A year goes by quick doesn't it? Our dogs are pacing because it is a rainy day, and no one likes to get out among the wet grass. Our pasture was re-seeded this week, professionally I might add. Maybe this is the key to having it really take. We have not been happy with last year's seed job, and so were reluctant to even consider putting alpaca/goats on the pasture. Not that it was a huge issue as we still have no barn and no permit. These things will take time and focus. Now that September is almost here, I will again refocus to the permit and see if we can't get something accomplished this year in the livestock department. Our studio is close to being complete downstairs (close. . . ) and that will allow us a place to process fiber and make it into yarn. I am slowly returning to my old self. I am able to do multiple tasks while driving, that is saying something isn't it? To say that I feel 100% is a gross exageration of the truth, but I'm getting there. Jackie and Jesse are off for the great birthday trip to Las Vegas, doing what people do in Las Vegas. I know they are having a good time, and Blue is being dog-sat by a good friend who will spoil him as he is accustomed to. Speaking of spoiled, Jake and Jerry have returned from Pennsylvania. Their absence here made it very easy to spot the squeaky wheel - it's Jake. While they were away, Daphne and Bailey got along swimmingly. Everyone was cooperative and they actually hung together while outside, keeping an eye out for the other's well-being. Remarkable. Jake came back and all of a sudden there is barking going on for the slightest infraction of his schedule. Hmmmm. How did this happen? Jerry. He spoils Jake to the point of even Bailey rolling his eyes. So things are back to normal, somewhat. We watch the clock and wait for the Rowlands to get here. Another day at Blue Line Farm and Apiary. . .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lazy days of summer

Because I am a type A personality (no, really!) disguised as a laid back farmer, I have been running with the wind this past week. Today, because I have another meeting at 6 PM, I decided to spend a little time with Allison (who has gone back to bed) and so my quality time is being spent on Daphne and Bailey. Jake has gone to PA with Jerry to be with his Mom who is having some surgery. Jake went with Jerry because Jake does not acknowledge my presence when Jerry is away. He lives on his own time, by his own rules. Jake I mean, not Jerry. So I have the two dogs who are aware that they are dogs staying with me and we are all getting along fine. I am loving my job, by trying to find that balance between work and home. It's not easy. Yesterday we filmed our first "infomercial" about the Glove Theater, which is being shown on the local TV station. It was a bit of a kick getting it done, and it aired last night for the first time at 9:00 PM. Allie and I stayed up to watch the half hour program, and then crashed. It's a little too quiet here without Jerry, and our routine is a bit off. I spend too much time at the theater and have to remind myself to GET HOME! Allison has been at the theater with me much of the time, and we're just enjoying all the new experiences. It's been a cool week. Experience wise, not temperature wise. The garden looks so empty without the tomatoes. But the rest of the veggies are beautiful! I guess this is what they call the dog days of summer. I did notice yesterday that the school crossing lines were painted fresh. How sad. That's teh first sign of "Back to school!" My most unfavorite time of year. Which is why I'm letting Allison "sleep in". Not much time to do that. Swim practice started this week, but she is out today on a medical, so at least she gets a free day. Enjoy it honey. I feel your pain.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

GPAC Success!

Hi Folks! It's been a crazy week and today we are finally winding down. As you may know, I started my first day as Executive Director of the Glove Performing Arts Center (GPAC) last Monday, the 17th of August. I hit the ground running as Beatlemania Again was arriving at the Glove on Saturday. There were a number of crisis that we managed to avert and I spent the week at meetings, visiting with the show's sponsors and taking apart my office and going through old files one by one, trying to assess the Glove's status with regards to fund raising and grants. We're in OK shape but there is a core group of volunteers here who are passionate about the theater and dedicated to its success. I was thrilled to be a part of this team and dove right in. It all culminated in last night's brilliant success. The line for tickets was out the door and down the street. I walked outside with Mr. Samrov, the Glove's historian and most dedicated volunteer. The two of us were holding hands and jumping up and down with joy. Corny? Yes. But I gotta tell you, it was fun. We both feel the same way about the theater and it was nice to be there to see things turning around. The Glove has a long struggling history and our hope is that things are on the upswing. It would be great to see. That being said, I can admit to being more tired than I have been in a long time. I don't care what Manolo Blahnik says, high heels are the invention of the devil. I think I've sworn them off for life. One night of bling and I'm ready for physical therapy. My toes have been living the good life all summer, flip flops and water shoes. They were shoved into a pair of pumps and all the old ailments returned. Leg cramps and calouses. Ouch. This in addition to the week of stair climbing that went on as my office is on the second floor of the Theater. No stairmaster for me, I was doing the real thing! Up and down, up and down. I will be ready for Tappy Hour in no time! We're hoping to get a ladies class started in the fall, and we'll see where we go from there. Jerry was, as he always is, right there beside me pitching in and helping me wherever needed. He always makes me look good, no matter what task I undertake. It has been a busy and rewarding week, but I have not forgotten the pull of the peace and quiet that exists at Blue Line Farm. I am enjoying working "in town" and think it will be a nice change of pace this winter. I have no shoulder surgeries scheduled and have put two years behind me in the recuperation department. There is a different pace here in the north country, and it fits me like a Glove (pun intended.) I stand in my office and look out the big window over looking Main Street and I can see the shopkeepers opening their awnings in the morning. It is a little bit like working and living next door to George Bailey - it is A Wonderful Life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caroga Lake Update

Well Gang nothing Blogged in a couple Days so I will Give You the updates Since Blight Hit us. I'm home and Jen's been working her tail off at what she is loving to do.....Working at the Glove Theatre. I stopped by the other day and visited her office above the theatre......"Oh My God!!!!! She Is in Hog Heaven. Jen has this super large office that is just fabulous with an outer office that a secretary would sit at if she had a secretary . Jen's office has all these hidden closets behind the walls....Pushing on the walls then opens the closets , three I think... She has her own bathroom off her office....Shower too....WOW. These Great windows that look over down town Glovesville. The office reminds me of the offices of the show "Mad Man". She is still working very hard getting it all together and going through files and working to get it organised and up and running. I know that she will get it done because she is "that" good. This great rehearsal studio on the floor above her that is to die for..... For those of you who saw what Tappy Hour dancers used in Greenvale to rehearse , this seems twice as large, Huge wall of mirrors and a balcony that over looks the dance floor. She seems very happy but it has a long way to go before it's up and running. They have the right person! Front of the Theatre Photobucket Great windows on one side of the Dance Rehearsal floor Photobucket The other side of the Rehearsal room....Great windows in the Mirrors Photobucket The stage area is under renovation but looks fabulous already... Just don't have a photo yet. Is this right up Jen's alley or what???? Til Next time Gang......Jerry

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomato Blight

Well Gang we Got " Tomato Blight" The discoloring on the Tomatoes from spores created by rain and cold and........... I don't know what but we got it! Dead Leaves and Fruit not looking so good! This is what the plants looked like.
Jen trying to figure a way to save them.
Just not going to happen and we ended up pulling them all out.
Jen Working on Rutabagas .....
Out with the old ...In with the New . Little seedlings we plant about a week ago, should be ready by late Oct.
And.....Some old Guy who wandered on to the property
to help out!!!!!
Who is that old Fart??????
Well we think the garden is now all healthy again, saved some tomatoes that don't look bad.
The tomatoes are still green and sitting on the window sill to turn red.
Funny seems everyone here has a garden and this Blight is the hot topic.. Everyone has a story about who really got hit bad and some seem to have dodged the bullet.......So Far.
Jen and I just kind of doing this for fun but a lot of people here growning them for an income and they are going to suffer due to the loss.... many acres of ruined tomatoes .
Been very hot here the last couple of the 90's and muggy.
We have the Central A.C. on and I love it cause anything above 68 kills me........Jen on the other hand hates the A.C. and it is killing her to have it on.. set at 74 here in the house and that is too cool for her.
Any Ideas guys on how to solve the problem??? We cant be the only couple that has this heat, cool thing going on!
Well that's about it for today..... Jen will have stuff to post I'm sure as today was her 1st day as Executive Director of the Glove Theater.......I wonder do they have A.C. in her office?????
Wish her Luck or is it in the theater game....?"Break A Leg!"
On another note today is the 4th anniversary of her Dad , Eugene Rowland's passing.
Keep her in your heart today as it is always tough for her on this day.
We Love You Jen!
Til Next time Gang.....Jerry

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tomato Blight

As you may have read in the Leader Herald or Newsday, the east coast has been hit with tomato blight, the same scourge that wiped out the potato crops in 1847. Like my irish ancestors we spent the day pulling tomato plants from the garden and lamenting the beautiful plants that went from lush, full and healthy to dried out, spotted and ruined in just four days. It is the same story up and down North Bush Road where our neighbors have had to destroy even larger gardens then ours. Our 24 tomato plants were the cream of the crop in my eyes and we were planning on using those tomatoes throughout the winter months. To say that we're disappointed is an understatement. The amish have lost their tomato crops as well, and they are truly dependant upon their crops to survive. It is a sad story for all farmers. On a bright note, the rest of our vegetable garden is looking incredibly healthy and should not be affected by the blight, which only destroys tomatoes and potatoes. Our fingers are crossed. We're headed out tonight to see Alpaca's of Raindance Pond's newest baby cria (baby Alpaca). Richard and Ulla have refused to let me know what the sex of the cria is, enticing us to come for dinner and the solution to that question. We are happy to oblige. This upcoming weekend the Beatles are invading the Glove Theater (in spirit only) with the showing of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band on Friday night, and the live performance of Beatlemania Again! on Saturday evening. This is the biggest night of the Glove's summer season, and we are all hoping it is a success. With Woodstock's 40th anniversary being celebrated this weekend, I have been enjoying the music of my youth with unusual frequently on the radio and tv. Gotta say, I'm loving it! If anyone is interested, Presale tickets are $20 and $25 at the door, if available. Great price for a great show. As always, the moving is $3. Three bucks! Can't beat that! In reference to my reference that the Glove theater might be haunted, I have no apprehension whatsoever about going to work in an empty 100 year old building. They say that the Schine's, who were the theater's original owners, are still wandering the halls of the offices and the theater itself. I will certainly keep you posted if anything weird takes place, but I have been going to psychics and John Edward for years trying to make contact with the afterlife, with no luck. I don't imagine they'll contact me without some type of medium directing this. Jerry has had a few "interesting" experiences here in Johnstown at our church, but nothing that I have observed. I think he is afterworld connected. Nevertheless, I intend to limit my office hours to daylight until I am fully comfortable within the theater's offices. Then we'll see. I'm a "show me" kind of person. I always have been. I absolutely believe in the afterlife, I just don't know that I can communicate with them. I know some people have that talent and others just don't. Whatever the reason, my communication with the afterlife is pretty one sided. I do alot of talking. So, that's how our weekend came crashing down this Sunday afternoon. Tomorros feels like the first day of school. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Official

It's official. On Monday, August 17th I will report to the Glove Performing Arts Center (GPAC) as the Executive Director. The first order of business is to get the office up and running, as they have been without an ED since last September. I am incredibly thrilled by this opportunity, and hope that I can bring some value to the table. Because right now the table is empty. The volunteers who have been tirelessly operating the glove are an incredible asset (as volunteers always are). Without them the Glove would have closed the doors long ago. So, with this great team in place I will start a new job. The retirement party is over. Incidently, I just heard that the Glove Theater is haunted. I'll let you know.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Oh, I do think of that Jerry. Having the bees flying up my pant leg would be enough to send me into a freakazoid dance out there in the bee yard, and we will not see that happen anytime soon. I am still frightened enough of the bees to remain at a safe distance here in the house. I do understand all the "bee talk" and how they're not interested in me, only gathering nectar, yada yada. But the thought of a bee just even landing on me makes me crazy. You amaze me. Enjoy those bees. When Jerry got back we sat on the porch for awhile, Jerry in the shade and I in the sun , our usual spots. After a moment the dogs settled down and went to their spots. Angel had prematurely run into the house, thinking we were right behind her. Jake laid down on the rug in the sitting area, Bailey worked his way from a seat on the stairs to laying underneath the stairs by coming in from under the porch. He likes to "burrow" and be hidden in. Daphne just wandered around the area directly in front and to the sides of the porch steps. Sniffing grass, examining bugs, she keeps busy. I let Angel back out and she too laid down on the landing at the top of the steps. We talked about how his bee process worked out, and how the bees are handling all the thievery. They're not happy. I am so conscious now of any bee I see. Is it a honey bee? Should I let it live? Generally I do. Wasps and yellow yackets have no prayer. I feel I have to stomp on or whack even more of them just to make up for the population of honey bees that I do NOT destroy when given the opportunity. The bees live so we can sell their honey. Kind of brutal in its truth, but hey, that's life! I'm heading out to the back deck to read a great book. Enjoy the day!

Coffee Talk

Well Gang ...Coffee Mug along side of my desk, really my 3rd cup of the morning. We as Jen told you in her Blog we have Dan & Jenny's dog ,Angel here with us for the week as they are in N.H at a show attempting to sell their long arm quilters. Angel takes a few days we have found in the past to acclimate to our house , with each passing day and each passing visit it takes less time for her and us. Bed time causes her the most trouble and the most amount of work by me. Angel always needs a drink of water at bed time and that's OK since we have no less then 2 bowels of water down in the kitchen. Here's the glitch .......After I get into bed, Jake on one side of the bed on the floor, Bailey on my side on the floor or under the bed, Daphne on top of the covers between Jen and Me . We are all sort of set for sleep and we figure Angel will find a spot for the night. I'm not sure where.........But she will find a spot. After we are set in bed Angel needs water before going to sleep and wants someone to follow her to the water in the near dark kitchen and stand with her while she drinks. That means I get out of bed and walk with her in the kitchen and stand by her as she drinks. That's OK, she is here and a guest, she has no Idea why, so we can make her comfortable. Angel then needs to go out after her drink! After a Very short run outside by Angel while I stand on the front porch she runs out and just as quick back and set for the night. Seems Dan and Jenny are earlier risers in the morning as Angel is awake at 7 am and ready for her next run outside.........Our Crew( Jake, Bailey & Daphne) not so much, Jake breaks from his snoring a short second as my feet hit the floor and then returns back to a deep sleep and a slight change in pitch in his snoring. Bailey may or may not move and Daphne will just give out a Yelling Bark or two showing her displeasure in any disruption of bedroom quiet. Angel makes her quick run outside and back again to find a spot on the living room couch. I did a Bee Removal yesterday in Ballston Spa with a fellow named John B. , a Bee Club Member who also does bees. The house was a house under construction or should I say renovation and going to be flipped soon. The siding Crew at the house had removed the 40 plus year old a couple months ago. This house had many years ago insulation blown into the walls from outside and under the old siding before it was installed. To do the insulation the insulation crew drills holes into the house, holes about 1 1/2 inch in size and are drilled every 16 inches or so as to get in between each and every stud in the wall. Well in this case it appears that the insulation crew many years ago missed the area between two studs on the second floor. The newly uncovered hole by the siding crew after siding was removed in preparation for new siding exposed this 1 1/2 drilled hole and a vacant space for the bees to find. I suspect that what we call a swarm of bees left a full bee hive somewhere and landed in the newly exposed 1 1/2 hole provided by the siding crew about a month ago. They (Bees) set up shop in the empty wall between the studs and lived there very happily until yesterday. Well it appears that none of the crews working on the house wanted to do anything near where the Bees set up house keeping, hundreds of bees coming and going in and out through this 1 1/2 hole on the side of the house. Not to mention the inside of the wall also needed to be repaired and with one slight hit of a hammer on that wall or the rip of a crow bar you might release hundreds of bees into the house.........In comes the "Eviction Crew " John B. and Jerry. John & I figure our plan of attack would be best from the inside which was the 2ND floor bathroom that had plaster and lath construction. We had a good idea where to set up and localised the bay or area that we intended to remove to expose the bees and hive. We have specialized bee vacuums and other bee tools, we also have the normal construction tools, pry bars, saws and hammers. John and I gear up......Protective clothing, veils and taped up pants at the base by our shoes so that one or more of the bees don't make it up the pant leg....Ouch!!!!!! Bet you never thought about that! Gear set up and protective clothing in place we open up the wall removing plaster and lath from the area we have figured house the hive. Dust flying, bees envelope the room and they are not happy campers..... That's OK as we are set up and work at using the special vacuum to suck up the bees without killing them, we are also keeping our eyes open for that Queen that will help us keep this hive safe and in place when we relocate the bees to a new hive in one of our bee yards. The Queen will will keep the others in place and producing honey so the hive can make it through the winter. If we see her we have a small Queen cage that we place her in while we work. She, the Queen does not always make an appearance that we see but sometimes does get sucked up in our vacuum which is OK as long as she does not get injured or killed. We wont know if we have her for a few days or more after placing these bees on to a hive....we will be looking for her or her eggs after they have settled into the new hive. If she is lost or killed you can buy a new Queen from Bee Keepers who raise Queens. Introduce the new Queen to the hive and it should take off.........Maybe. After opening the wall we found what we thought a smaller hive . A hive that was not to old between the studs and about floor to ceiling in the area that we exposed, Bees using that 1 1/2 hole in the siding as a front door. We never saw the Queen in the removal , did see evidence that she was around before we arrived ,so with any luck she got sucked up without injuries. After cleaning out the wall of wax , honey and bees we closed up the outside hole so that any bees still out in the field gathering and returning to the now removed hive will find the front door closed and locked.. Hopefully they will find a new location to move onto or an established hive and add to that hives health . The bees we removed placed into a new hive body that we brought with us and placed into John's Bee Yard. We will see how they make out. Til next time Gang.......I'm off to do some Robbing of Honey from My Bee Yard, Jerry

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bees, the Irish and Retail Therapy

Well, I am coming clean. I did NOT make it to the Amish community yesterday with Dan for the peach pickup. I slept late enough to even forget that I was supposed to meet him at 7:30. I can remember the days not so long ago when I was dressed and out the door on my way to work, and if I haden't left by 7:30, I was late. Wow. How did I pull that off? I can't remember that much. It wasn't until about two in the afternoon when Dan stopped by to drop off their dog Angel and brought some peaches for us that I remember "oh yeah! Peaches!" Sorry Dan. Thanks though. The peaches are great! Angel is staying with us for a few days while Dan and Jennie travel to New Hampshire for a quilting show. Angel has become one of our own, just as our dogs are so comfortable with Dan and Jennie. It's a nice arrangement for us all, and I think Angel likes to be part of a pack for a few days. After a few days I do believe she sees the benefit of being an "only dog", and is so happy when her folks comes home. But right now she is snoozing on the couch after being walked and having had some breakfast. She seems OK to me. The other dogs are in their respective nap locations and resting quietly. I will say this about our dogs, they have embraced the daily nap in a big way. I too enjoy my nap, but generally it is more of an afternoon thing. The dogs have a morning AND afternoon nap. More like an infant. I have a few projects on the list today, and am still deciding in which order they should be tackled, or even if they deserve to be on the list at all. This deliberation could take some time. Jerry has left for Ballston Spa to go Bee Hunting (removing bees from a house under construction). I went with him yesterday to assess the job, and was charmed by this little house with so much character. In real estate terms, character means money. On the outgoing end, not the incoming end. This place was a project for sure, but was loaded with charm. They were covering the clapboard with vinyl siding and had replaced all the windows. In the process, the bees had revealed themselves to be living quite happily in the wall, and were not leaving without a fight. Jerry was called and we met another beekeeper from Malta at the house. This was a two man job, and the other man has a thick irish brogue. We met John Daly for the first time and he was gracious and pleasant (as are ALL the irish). So today, German Jerry and Irish John will be working together removing the bees. It should make for some interesting conversation. By the time Jerry comes home, he will have a brogue as well. It's just something you up pick up quickly. Speaking of Irish, Allison sent me a facebook note last night looking for some direction regarding a youth cultural summer trip to Ireland. I assume she meant next year because a trip of this magnitude would involve some major fundraising. With college just a few years away, I don't know that a summer trip to Ireland is in her cards. It's not in mine. My point that if she took a summer job as a waitress in the Catskills she would probably have the same cultural experience and MAKE money instead of spending it was not taken with the humor in which it was intended. I try. She has been gone about three weeks now, and we are missing her too much. Time's up. Come home. I'm running out of busy work. There are a few jobs here that need to be done, and I could probably take them on singly, but I have a little anxiety about getting in too deep with something and THEN who do I call? Dan and Jennie are out of town. Jerry is in Ballston Spa. Something like painting the front door should not be too dangerous. OR I could go shopping. That has always proven to be a safe activity. If I hurry, I can catch Peebles as they open the doors. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can't Beet This

I spent a good portion of the morning in the garden, rooting out what has gone beyond its worth, due to my ignorance, and also due to the ebb and flow of the plants. This week, the zucchini is still producing. I baked six loaves of zucchini bread yesterday and more will be frozen, I'm sure. After picking out some ripening veggies (beets, parsnips, radishes, peppers ((both hot AND sweet)) zucchini, summer squash and celery) I decided to make some vegetable soup for dinner. We are being overrun by vegetables and so far, I'm loving it. Talk to me again in a few weeks, but right now, I feel incredibly productive and independent. We are preparing and storing as much as we can for the winter months when fresh veggies are not local. In this day and age, you can get whatever you want, whenever you want-in terms of vegetables that is. But it is being grown and shipped from the far corners of the earth, and this isn't good for the environment. So, we try to maintain a healthy diet by using what is local and in season whenever we can. This isn't to say that I won't buy a clementine in December (what's a Christmas stocking without clementines in it?" But I am conscious about what I am eating and where it came from. Most of the time. The August corn is just coming into season and I prefer to blanche and freeze the corn than can it. It tastes fresher that way. Jerry will be harvesting honey this week (hopefully, if the weather cooperates) and not a moment too soon. I just threw in the last cupful of raw honey into the soup and I will miss not having honey in the house. I use it in tea and when I am cooking. I will not buy commercial honey just on GP's., so hurry up Jerry! Rob those bees! As I was cleaning out the garden this morning, I noticed that the broccoli which is well beyond its "ready" date and has gone to flower was loaded with bees - primarily honey bees. They are enjoying the flowers of the broccoli so I left them in the ground. Jerry has planted Rutabaga where the lettuce was, and we are watching the seeds come up all over again. Our pumpkins are flowering and now that the root vegetables have been pulled and tossed in the compost bin, it will leave more room for the vine vegetables to spread out. We took a look at the garden today and decided on the changes that we will make next year. I'm thinking larger and more spread out. The tomatoes are absolutely beautiful, but still green. I don't know that they are getting enough sun, but then again, there is a beautiful Goliath tomato that has just turned red (a few more days on the vine and it will be perfect) so I guess the time is an issue too. We'll see. When the tomatoes ripen, it is going to hit the fan for sure. Salsa for Christmas Presents everyone -watch out! What else can you do with 9000 tomatoes of every variety? We're going to find out. Our new pellet stove upgrade was installed today. I'll let Jerry give you the details of that process, suffice it to say that the thing is beautiful! Daphne parked her little fat butt right next to it while it was being tested. Although the AC was on, she was looking for that heat. I was just happy to see that it is up and running. Now we're safe in case the weather turns, although that is a bit premature I'm sure. It is hazy, hot and humid here this week for the first time all summer! I hate to admit it, but the AC is kind of nice. It does keep the humidity level at normal and we have been very comfortable sleeping. So there, I am admitting that I was not as right as I could have been. That's as far as I will go.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jen's Baking

Well Gang,
It's been a little rainy here, off and on, still can't near the bees to get the honey out.
The Garden is just starting to come into it's own, tomatoes getting red, peppers are about ready, we have been picking the zucchini , Jens already made bread out of it before.
Lettuce has been all used up and Rutabaga has replace it. Watermelon and spaghetti squash soon will be ready.
I was going to snap off a shot of her baking in our 1900's stove but she advised me that I should not do that. So the best ya get is the stove.....wood burning on the left side and gas on the right side. A little hard to use cause no temperature knob to set.... 325 is a location on the gas "off" ...gas "on" knob. Takes a little practice to not burn anything.
Ali has returned from Fla to Long Island and still Visiting with her dad until the end of August.
Sounds like based on the phone conversation she had a good time.
Jen and I did a little shopping yesterday at Target and seems "Back To School" shopping is in full swing......It wont be long now and we will be watching Ali competing with the High School swim team.
That's about it Gang....Jerry

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Raining Here.

Well Gang a little slow here in the North Country as it's Raining...... I was going to Rob the Bees of Honey today but that's not going to happen. The Bees are too angry in this type of weather and all are staying inside of the hives watching T.V. , playing cards. The best time to Rob the hives is while they are out gathering in the fields and I sneak in to Rob from them.......Not a good thing when they are home. We are drinking our coffee on this Sunday morning and figuring out whats the plan for the day. I do know that watering the Garden is not one of them...LOL A few pictures , Yesterday we visited the RailFest in Gloversville It's held along the old rail road tracks and at a location I think that had a Rail Station. It was early in the morning yesterday but it did get crowded later, we sat on the lawn and listened to a couple bands and picked up a few things from the vendors .
Jen speaking with one of the people who had a booth there from the "Glove Theater"
I picked up this little "Chippie" on the way in to RailFest....( It's my Bride!)
That's about it for today.......
Til Next time Gang...............................Jerry

To heat or not to heat

We spent a few hours up at East Caroga lake yesterday, hanging with some friends and enjoying an Ice Cream Social at the Clubhouse. The topic of conversation was, of course, the weather. Specifically, which hubby caved in and turned on the heat, and who was proudest of holding out and not giving in to the pressures of cold feet and hands. Some men see turning on the heat in August as an affront to their masculinity, as well as an insult to the checkbook. Most of the women we polled on the beach agreed that Saturday morning with temperatures hovering in the 40s qualified as a heatable morning. Cathy had her grandchildren with her, and a chorus of "turn on the heat cheapie!" was shouted out in the early morning hours. This guaranteed an immediate response with their gas powered fireplace. I now know where to go if the temperature drops again. There will be heat at Cathy and Dave's house. Fortunately for me, the temperature this morning is hovering around 65, so we are not having THAT argument. Jerry feels that heat before October is outrageous, and would push it towards November if I wasn't sobbing under the covers. I don't do cold. People often ask me why I moved up north if I don't like the cold, and my answer is this: You will find a roaring fire here in the north at any given time. In the summer there are campfires, in the winter there are fireplaces, wood stoves and down comforters, down coats and down booties. We are warm here if we choose to be (Jerry notwithstanding). If I were to move down south, where the weather is constantly warm, I would be sitting outside by myself all the time while everyone else huddles in their Air Conditioning. No one goes outside in the summer in the south. They feel it is unbearably hot. I am happy in that type of heat, but I would be alone all the time. Here, Jerry is happiest when it is cold outside, and I can roast my toes in front of some type of fire, somewhere. It strikes a good balance for us. It's changing every day though. Some days it is definitely summer, others you can tell that the autumn chill is in the air, and summer is waning. This is the best part of living in the northeast - the change of seasons. Peaches are in season, and I have a date with Dan on Tuesday morning to pick up the peaches from the Amish at 7:30 or some ungodly hour like that. I think it will be worth getting up that early, just for the photo ops. Jerry is taking bets as to whether I actually get up or not. I think it will totally depend on the weather, and wether or not I am cold. Dan, if you don't see me by 7:45, go on ahead. I'll be burrowed in under the down comforter. Jerry won't let me turn on the heat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chill In The Air!

Well Gang It's a Little Chilly here this morning.....48 degrees, Woooo Hooooo! If you are Planing a trip here bring your winter P.J's Still a lot of summer left here and I hear next week it's going to be HOT . We have our 1st Garden tomato that has started to turn red, it's about 1/3 done. I suspect that soon all the tomatoes will start ripening, Jen get those canning tools ready! We sort of had a down day yesterday with each of us enjoying the day. Jen got some painting in on the back deck in the sun......I on the other hand assembled some bee hive frames on the front porch in the shade. Baily giving Jen a ""Hint"" that he wants to be in the painting. New Bee Hive Fames
Daphne and Me watching the Yankee Game
Looks Like she would like a chip,
not sure but she might be a Red socks Fan. (Hey Guy, get a Little Sun on those legs.)
Sunday Looks like I will be Robbing the Bee, Anyone looking for Honey? Give us a call.
Gang Still a lot of great summer time stuff to do here, Lake is warm, Camp Fires to make Smores and stories to be told. Many Memories to be made so come on up and help us finish this part of the summer before we start the next season here......Apple Picking , Pumpkin Hunts, Hot Apple Cider and Leaf Peeping. A few days after Labor Day it gets cold here and the fire place / Pellet Stove comes on for the season at least part of the day.
Today I'm hoping to make it down to the lake with Jen, Later today they are having an Ice Cream social on the lake, Seems they make the BEST Ice Cream here in the ADK's.
Nicole ,Mike & Payton.....Jackie & Jessie, Brian & Ashly and Walter & ??? We Miss You, Come Back soon.
Thats it for now Gang, Til Next time........ Jerry

Friday, August 7, 2009

Much ado about nothing.

There is a definite chill in the air. Waking up this morning, I found myself huddled under the down comforter and also wearing flannel pj's with woolen booties, and I was still cold! Once the sun comes up, it burns off the chill and becomes an absolutely gorgeous day, but those first hours in the morning are a bit brisk. I have come to learn that this is August. It is the time of campfires and cold nights. Our garden is still producing (will there ever be enough recipes for zucchini?) and the tomatoes have not yet begun to redden. They are huge and green. One day we will wake up and all the tomatoes will be red. That is when the canner will come out and hopefully we can can enough to get us through the winter. Making our own sauce and using tomatoes as the base for lots of soups will make this a huge savings in our grocery plan, because during the winter those are our primary meals-pasta and soups. It is with mixed emotions that I observe the winding down of summer time, mainly because it doesn't feel as though we had a real summer this year. Turning on the AC one time (premature at that) does not a summer make. I'm not a fan of AC anyway, but honestly, there are some days when it is truly appreciated. I never say "necessary" when it comes to AC because we survived for years without it. We just learned to slow down, make a bigger iced tea and ride it out. I kind of miss those days. Now we just become frozen indoor people. How sad. My point was, even that didn't happen this summer. I have to check the almanac again and see if that prediction was right. I've pulled out my paints again and am working on a study of birch trees right now. Not bad for me. I'm no Picasso, but then, who cares? There is nothing like taking a blank canvas and making it look like something you wanted to capture. It's kinda of cool. And because there isn't alot of other things to do, that is how I am spending my day. As I mentioned last week, we have decided to just put a brake on home improvements for the moment, because we deserve a break. However, the further away we get from home improvements, the closer I get to thinking that "this is fine". I'm tired of home improving. I may need a bigger break than I realized. There are certain things that need to be done before the snow begins to fall. And that is always sooner than we're ready for. Last year it was a novelty, snow in October. This year the novelty will be worn off and the inconvenience will be immediate. Once it's covered in snow, it's gone till spring. We still have one month of summer left, although not the heat and humidity that we're used to. We've talked about putting an umbrella or a awning on the back deck, because the sun is so hot back there, but that is where I go when I need to thaw out, either from AC or from seasonal chills. So the awning is out. Sometimes you'll find us sitting on separate decks-Jerry on the covered front porch and me on the lounge chair on the back deck. How nice to have options. Other than that, we are just watching the tomatoes ripen. Stay cool, or not. Whatever your pleasure.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Eye Candy

Well Gang it's been a little slow the last couple days....Doing just the normal chores around the camp. Did manage to get in some fishing on Tuesday, Saratoga Lake with Dan & Tim. We fished half the day in Tim's boat and did well with the Small Mouth Bass. No pictures cause I forgot the camera....The 4:15 wake up that day was way too early to remember everything. Anyhow back to some eye candy from last week and weekend. Sun set on west Caroga Lake, we had a Dinner with friends who own a house on the lake.
Taking a walk after dinner to the lake at sunset. Our friends who hosted dinner for us.
Jen pondering the wonder of this life in the Adirondacks!
Jen doing a little water skiing ( I think this is the run that she lost her top on) I stayed dry in the boat.... That's another story that needs to be told at a later date.
And you thought that she can only sing!!!!!!!
And the Sun once again sets in Caroga.
A group shot from last weekend at the East Caroga Beach
That's me in the middle behind the white tee shirt... I Look like Kilroy.
Even Blue made it down to the beach
Weather has been warm here, turned on the air conditioning the other day for the 1st time all year and now this morning as I type A.C. off and is cool inside the house, Jen covered up in a terry bath robe , P.J.'s and wool slippers and sipping coffee.
Wont be long now and the heat will be on .
Garden doing well and any day now we expect to be getting tomatoes, Peppers have already been picked a little. I planted rutabaga seeds yesterday and expect that they will be up for the fall harvest. Cukes are coming in , spaghetti squash is starting, water melon is slow.
Well Gang I think that's about it for me......Til Next time.........Jerry P.S. That was not Jen on the Ski's.....Just a passing boat and she did not lose her top, Was Just Kidding.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog lessons

Now that I'm absolutely clear about NOT justifying the margins, I feel safer writing the blog. I figured out a way to have it justify AS I write, not afterwards. Duh. Sometimes being away from a computer for so long (we're only on for a few instances each day, not hours of computer time like before we retired) we sometimes forget the little things that make a computer so efficient. My last blog included all the activities that we enjoyed during the weekend while Jackie and Jesse were here, with their friends Loopy and Francesca. We all just had a blast. But the real news of the weekend was that each of the big dogs, in his own time, had the piss kicked out of him by Blue. It was always an escalating food issue, and would never have occurred without some type of tasty morsal causing the confrontation, but both Jake and Bailey were tested by Blue, who was only doing what "only dogs" will do, and that is protect his food, his master, and his territory. The only dog who was not at issue was Daphne, because truthfully she and Blue have a little flirt thing going on, and he would never jeopardize that. Also, she is a bitch and he knows better than to push THAT button. So they were both getting along beautifully over the weekend, while Jake and Bailey kept a pretty low profile. The food fights were fast and furious, and someone always came away thinking they had won. Usually it was Blue. He is four pounds of fearless macho. Bailey spent alot of time under the bed, and Jake just continued on his lumbering way, not really registering Blue's attack, just enduring it until we all pulled Blue off his collar. There is something comical about a four pound chihuahua swinging from the collar of a 110 pound black lab/dane. And Jake just stood still so we could get a hold of Blue and rip him off. Although Blue's testicles have been removed (as all good dog owners will do) it would take a lobotomy for him to feel like he had anything but a massive set. Sounds like some guys I used to know. Anyway, the kicker is that after they all left and we were settling into our usual quiet and peaceful Sunday afternoon routine, Jerry sat down on his recliner and with his sandwich and was gearing up for a nice ball game or something like that. Daphne was on his lap, because that is where she sits. Bailey was at his feet, waiting for some small morsal of a sandwich to come his way when all of a sudden he just snapped. After two days of being out of bounds from Blue because of his romantic loyalty, she had the piss beat out of her by her brother Bailey. As hard as that is to watch, and as much as I felt so bad for her, quite frankly, it was long overdue. She has been yelling at Jake and Bailey since she arrived, and both of them have given her a wide berth without getting into any rumbles. This was a rumble of huge proportions. Daphne was wounded emotionally as well as surface wounds. She hobbled into our bedroom and simply went to bed (after being lifted up by Jerry). She is now giving Bailey a wide berth, and we are making sure that food is presented EQUALLY to each dog, with no room for posturing or bullying. It is a big moment in a dog owner's life when they see their little canine companion suffer the consequences of bad behavior, and Daphne's moment has been a long time coming. I love her to pieces, but she is a tough cookie. Jake has taken her bullying for years, and Bailey had taken it right up until Sunday afternoon. I think he might have just been overwhelmed by the little dogs getting all the treats and finally said "enough." I can't really blame him, but it is tough to watch. These are the things we focus on after the kids leave, because we miss them so much. It was hard to watch them drive away and every time one of them is here it makes us miss them that much more. So we give attention to the dogs, who are always here and looking for attention. It's kind of a trade off. Inadequate at best, but it also offers alot of life lessons for us to observe. Bad behavior eventually has consequences. Who knows how long Daphne will hold this lesson in her heart, but she is walking wide and slow when she passes Bailey in the hall. For today, he has her respect. We still miss the kids, but we have something to chuckle about.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I just spent a good hour posting about our wonderful weekend with Jackie and Jesse and Blue, and was eloquent in my description of our full and busy weekend. This included meeting Loopy (sp?) and Francesca and visits by Dan and Jennie. I was poetic. In an effort to properly edit and justify the margins of this long and descriptive blog, I deleted it. I am now signing off and will be making myself a large pina colada (it's 12:00 somewhere right Jack?) I will try again tomorrow. Today is already shot. Jerry is on LI at the dentist, and I am here wallowing in my erroneously deleted blog sorrow. How sad. How appropriately sad. No good deed goes unpunished. This must be directly related to trying to edit and improve a blog entry. Next time, uneven margins and sloppy writing. Sorry, it must be. This has happened too many times.