Monday, October 8, 2012

News of great importance

Well, at least for us. As you may know, we lost our beloved Jake in May, and unexpectedly had to have Daphne put down after she experienced either kidney failure or pancreatitis due to her diabetes. She was in alot of pain and there wasn't much choice. But up until two days before, she had been fine. It was a heartbreaking summer. We all grieve differently, but I knew pretty soon that I wanted to add another dog into our lives. Bailey was as lonely as I was, and I had been looking at chihuahuas for a long time. They are smaller, easier to bathe and lift (Jake was close to 130 pounds at his max). When we were helping him up and down the stairs at the end, it was backbreaking. Shortly after dropping Allison off at Amtrak for a ride back to school (about two weeks ago) I was compelled to stop into the local humane society just for a quick look. After seeing alot of large dogs, I was just kind of wandering around and one of the volunteers approached me. "What are you looking for?" she asked. I told her I wanted a smaller dog-like chihuahua size. She said "come with me". Back in the offices away from the kennel was a small brindle chihuahua named Chipotle. He had big brown eyes and I immediately fell in love.  I had to plead with Jerry on the ride home (via bluetooth) and hope that he would be ready to let a new dog join us. We brought Bailey back to the shelter to "meet" Chipotle (that's when I knew I had him!) and they were fine together. Actually a little disinterested once all the sniffing was over. Yes! He was ours! We had to wait a few days because he needed his shots and was being neutered the next day. So we picked him up on a Friday to come home with us! Here he is:


He is a small little guy who is friendly and curious. We've started calling him "Chip" for short and I am in love. Bailey is testing the waters and hasn't made a commitment yet, but he is definitely less lonely than he was two weeks ago.  We've already picked out a Halloween costume-but I don't think we'll be doing much trick or treating. He didn't seem happy about it-what do you think? We'll keep you posted (hopefully more regularly as things have settled down somewhat).  Enjoy the fall-it's going quickly here!