Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cooler Here In Caroga!

Well Gang looks like it's time to pull out the winter coats, 28 degrees here this morning and looks like might not get much warmer. We got a light dusting of snow over night, the sun is shining here this morning. Today was to be the day that Jen was to have her shoulder surgery but that had to be canceled. Jen spent a couple of days in the hospital, Sunday and Monday and now home resting and doing well........I'll leave it up to her to explain what happened, she if fine now but tired and resting. Hospital Bed Pictures, Images and Photos Of course she is much more a cutie then the guy in the bed above! Lots to do here still as most of you know.......I have 6 Gals of paint waiting for me to spread it around. Over the summer we insulated the crawl space with spray foam and the basement area under the living room ( soon to be Jen's studio) and it seems to be working out well. Keeping an eye on crawl space temp as that area has most of the plumbing and best area to freeze. Have a remote temp sensor in the crawl space which is not heated , temp is 50.5 while its 28 outside.... Here is a Link to a live web cam here in Caroga Lake..its on a store looking out over Canada Lake. You can move the camera left, right,up and down by cliking on the picture!!! Gives you an idea what it looks like here!http://canadalake.viewnetcam.com/ImageViewer?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Clarity&Size=STD&PresetOperation=Move&Data=0&Frame2=PanTilt&Type=&Language=0&RPeriod=0

Let Me know what you think by posting a coment...I have many other Web Cams to post.

Lets me know whats going on around us here.

Talk to you Soon!!!!

Having the times of our lives!!!!


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