Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Nice

In the magnificent Johnstown High School Theater, (which the custodian vocally feels is way too expensive for these kids "cause they're just gonna junk it up anyway") we had the pleasure of seeing the JHS Drama Club's Production of "Making Nice".
Billed in the Leader Herald as a "Screwball Comedy" the tale revolves around a dictatorial director who is charged by a new government agency (along the lines of a theatrical OSHA) with jeopardizing the emotional safety of the cast and crew. Very cute. The cast did a bang up job, and I was, as always, really really proud. Although I am never sure what screwball actually MEANS (do you ever describe your day as "screwball?" What exactly is a screwball type of day? If things are happening that aren't in the script, I don't generally see that as too funny. If things are going wrong, I usually fail to see the humor in real life, when screwball on stage is desirable. It is a worthy change to aspire to. Instead of seeing a really bad day as "horrible, why not screwball? Do you describe a friend as a "Screwball type of gal?" Not so much anymore, although the closest I have ever come to matching that word with a friend is Maryellen. There is no malice in that - She would be the first to admit it. Actually, that is the perfect term for her. Whenever we're together, we DO have screwball type of days. Maybe Madcap would better describe it. hmmmm. I'm not sure. It is definitely a theater term, and always promises a good time. It did, and it was. I have uploaded lots of pictures because, well, she's our kid. We can do that. Enjoy. Bravo to the Johnstown High School Drama Club, and a special shoutout to Johnstown's newest thespian, Allison Carpenter, the Wind Woman. It was fun.
Thanks to the Princess' giggles, Sandi gets an upgrade.
Both ends of the horse are not getting along.
The Lobby was abuzz with congratulations and smiling faces. What a nice night.

We're on our way to LI for a scewball couple of days. Anytime the whole family gets together we probably qualify. Screwballs, all of us. We're off to celebrate Jerry's retirement and looking forward to seeing our former colleages at PWPD. Take a bow everyone. Bravo!

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