Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It has been quite awhile since I've sat at the desk and written a blog. What a summer it has been! Physically, I'm feeling alot better, or should I say was. The weather has taken a turn her, in usual form. The day after Labor Day it is fall in the truest sense. Damp, cold and miserable. The weather change has affected my arthritic hands, and again I am feeling a little bit undone. I will fight it again. In terms of milestones, it is the first day of school for my youngest child. It is the last time I will wake up with anticipation for a new school year and all the excitement and drama that it brings. I am reminded of her first day at Gribbin School in Glen Cove, and how small and innocent she was. In a sense, she hasn't changed all that much. Except now she doesn't need me to hold her hand and lead the way. Next year will bring a different change, when she is off to college sometime in August. That will be different I'm sure, and it certainly won't involve the school bus drama that goes with living in a rural community. Being a senior and getting on a school bus is not the visual presentation she was looking to achieve, and so the scramble last night didn't stop until she had scored a ride. I'm sure you're thinking "why can't Mom just drive her?", but with three separate activities going on in town today, another 12 mile loop into Johnstown wasn't happening. The gas is just too precious. And also, a sobbing Mother outside of the high school is not the visual presentation I was looking to achieve. It's just so damn hard to let go. Good luck Allison. Enjoy your senior year. I wish for you all that you wish for yourself, and then some.