Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow Day.... Here in Caroga Lake

We are gettin a little snow here and 4 miles down the road and down the mountain they are gettin rain!
Maybe an inch or two.
Nothing very new today, They installed the New heating unit yesterday afternoon and it is working great!!!!
Thought about painting Ali's room today but after some early morning errands and some snow shoveling I figured painting can wait another day.
Really it will wait until next week as we are off to the island to drop off Ali and then to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving with mom.
Sure glad the price of gas has come down , was $1.98 earlier.
Next week the new Generator switch is being installed that will power up the house in the event of a power outage. The switch allows you to disconnect from Nation Grids power lines and switch the the incoming power from the generator to the fuse box.
Since we are so close to the local ski mountain we can hear during the day and night the snow making machines working... I think they are up and open already..think they opened last weekend. This snow fall will help them keep their cost down!
I stopped over there couple of Weeks ago to see if they are looking for seasonal help, "Jim" ( Not Dan...LOL ) the owner was waiting to see if his past employees returned, then he would call.., we will see!
Talk to you Later!!!!

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