Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Eye Candy

Well Gang, it getting late for us here at the Camp, almost 8:30 in the evening as I start typing this... Got the Yankees on in the back ground and they are losing , Bottom of the 4Th. Jen's still a little under the weather so she has called it a night. She did work today but finished early at the Glove. I, other hand stayed home and Cleaned up the Camp. Changed the sheets, cleaned the Down comforter and it's cover. (Is there a a different spelling for Goose Down???? Having a Brain Fart , You Know what I mean if it's spell different!) We picked up a New 32 inch flat screen H.D. Television for the Bed room, so Jen's in heaven , old T.V. was a 12 inch Job... You would think that 12 inches in the bed room would be enough !!!! Any how she wanted more so we got a larger one..... ,As time goes on it's harder to see the channels on that small job....The 12 incher. I think the new one was made in Europe..... Enough Said or I will get myself in trouble. Here are some Fall Leaf Photo's as every day the Adirondacks change out my back window. This is out the front window of my Pickup, wont be long before we hit peak. This is the ride We have home everyday up the mountain to our Camp.
An old Barn down the road that is Just Waiting for someone to put paint to canvas.
This we pass every day too.
Last year a Big Buck was standing along side of that barn between the brown roof and telephone pole
Another Barn along the way.
Owner's daughter had her wedding in the field to the left. They put up a few very large rented tents and the caterers I hear did a great job.
As I said in the Past...Rumor has it that someone in our family thinking about having a wedding in our pasture which would thrill us to no end!!!! Well that's a few shots of the Leaves on the road home.
Nothing further for today... Pam & Chuck I hear making a trip up to us this weekend.
Til next time Gang.......Jerry

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jen & I Picked Out Our Thanksgiving Turkey

Jen & I Picked Out Our Thanksgiving Turkey The other day at a Near by Farm.
That's me heading out into the field .
Man.....Who is that old Guy from the Back?
That's the one that will be ready next month for the table, Farmer states that he (The turkey) will be about 20 LBS the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That's him on the left...The white one next to the other one.....Did you find him?
Here's another clue on which one it is...he's shy so he's not looking at the camera........On the left!!!!!!
A little cool and damp here In the Adirondacks so I fired up the pellet stove.
Some Eye Candy for you Leaf Peepers
Not much has changed here at our Adirondack Camp other then the weather......Construction has been placed on hold just because we are tired..... We are also trying to enjoy the journey a little.
The Glove Theatre has also given us a new direction to focus on......Jen working and I volunteering.
The front porch still needs a railing and the underside closed in and flower beds in front. Siding needs to be installed, 1/2 round logs will be the siding making it to look like a log cabin. it should look like the old "Lincoln log cabin toys" we played with as children.
Some more leaf shots, pond on the right side
The Camp Fire waiting!
That's about it for now gang.. Wet and Damp here outside.
Til Next Time.......Jerry


Since I walked in the doors of the Glove Theatre I feel like I have been on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We're feeling better today, but last week was just the ultimate crash. We suffered with colds and it laid me out, Jerry too. Allison was uncomfortable, but that's about it. Ah, to be young. The past FEW weeks have seen us down to the island for a family wedding, a fantastic housewarming, visiting with the kids, (we missed you Walt) back up here for a show, rehearsals, dog sitting, swim practice, swim meets, and every day business. To put it mildly, I'm tired. The job is great, but I'm still working without the internet. That will be fixed this week, but I am working from home some of the time, printing from home, back to the office, back home to internet. I do the Gloversville-Johnstown commute like it's two miles. It's not. It's exhausting. We're working on getting the theater up and running. This weekend the volunteers managed to get carpet laid down in the ladies lounge and a new sofa in place. It's beautiful! The concert there this weekend was poorly attended, but well received. There are just so many things going on simultaneously that sometimes the Glove is not first choice. I would like to change that as much as possible. And I do miss being at home and sitting on the porch with my buddy. The leaves here are maybe 1/3 turned, and it is surely beautiful. We went to the pumpkin farm on Saturday, Jerry and I, and just walking around the fields and sniffing all the fall smells, it is an amazing place to be. I am definitely living in two worlds. Our house, which is quite rural, and going into Gloversville every day, which is quite not. It is still a small country city, but the feeling that you are on Main Street is there every minute. This is what's called the best of both worlds, and I guess I have it. We have two weeks off and then our big Broadway Revue. The talent that showed up for our cast call is quite amazing. I am confident it will be a great show. Now if we can just fill those seats. . .

Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Leaf Shots From My Back Porch.

Well Gang here are a couple of shots from my back porch . Change is coming and as I speak we have the pellet stove on .....Just to take the chill off.
Jen and I suffering with colds and have spent last two days in Bed or watching T.V. from the recliner.
Not a whole lot to blog about other then what is the best MEDS for this cold....From what I hear it's going around.
( Hey from what I hear that Field is where Lily will be hold her wedding one day)
Our Big game season opens soon so it's time to start taking a few scouting walks....
Will keep ya up to date.....
Til Next Time Gang.....Jerry

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upate Dates From Here in Caroga.

Cloudy , Damp and kinda warm here in Caroga Lake...68 degrees. The Leaves are turning so fast here, it's like a picture outside. We are all kind of suffering with a sore throat here along with some joint pains. I guess it's going around. We have Broadway rehearsal tonight at the Glove.... My voice is bad enough normally and the one who "Can Sing", Jen , might have a tough time too as I know she has at least one Broadway number that she is doing. (I'm in it too but no lines or singing involved....) Jen's making it an early day today or at least that what she says cause she is hurting too, A little rest hopefully will get her back and up on her feet for tonight's rehearsal. Rumor has it that Pam & Chucking heading up soon or should I say in the next couple weeks. Pam, I got 4 tons of Pellets sitting outside waiting to come in and the Pond needs some attention. Just Kidding Pam....The only lifting we expect might be from a Mug of Mull or Hot Cider. That's about it for today........ Here's a little somin for Ya... A little advise for those readers out there. How I learned to mind my own business......( A lesson that should be learned!) I was walking past the mental hospital the other day, and all the patients were outside shouting, '13...13...13.' The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks, so I looked through to see what was going on... Somebody poked me in the eye with a stick! Then they all started shouting '14...14...14'... , eye poke Pictures, Images and Photos That was from an e-mail that made me laugh, Oh so true! Mind you own Business or you could get a Sharp stick in the Eye!!!! Til Next time Gang........Jerry

Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Again!!!!

Well Gang, We are once,...... again,........ Home! Jen ,me and Ali headed south to Long Island to visit with Family, Got to a Wedding and a Bar-B -Q. Jake, Bailey and Daphne stayed up here at the Kennel. We landed at Jackie's last Friday night at about 10pm or so to spend the night as Saturday night we had a wedding in Bellport at the Bellport Country Club on the south shore of Long Island. Pam & Chuck's Daughter, married. Just a Beautiful event, the Bride was just beautiful, the Groom was handsome . It appears that a Great Time was had by all.... Congratulation to both of you Jackie and Bill on you wedding. After the wedding that ended for us around 12:30 or 1:00 am,,,,,,, after all the goodbye's. We headed back west to Mineola and Jackie and Jessie's apt. , landing in bed at about 2 AM. Sunday Morning. Well in about 8 hrs our cell phones started ringing as we needed to be up and heading back east to Nicole and Mikes house in Holbrook for a house warming Bar-B-Que. Up and out arriving at Bar-B-Q by 12 30. Seeing the house for the 1st time since they purchased it about a month ago. JUST WOW !!!!! We loved it!!!!! Congrats Mike and Nicole. It seems "they" have some renovation plans but from my eye the house did not need a thing....Of course they are a few years younger then us and look at things through younger eyes.We ended our visit at about 4pm as we had to head home on Sunday night for Home. ((( Well gang I started this on Monday and now it's Tuesday morning))))) Made it into our door at about 9:45 Pm and all of us dog tired. As Jen posted on her Face Book Page....We operate here at warp speed and the 1st thing Monday morning after a short sleep she was off the work being the the Executive Director of the Glove . After that she was the Producer / Director of a show at the Glove..."Broadway Comes to the Glove!" Jen took that on as it was a project that was scheduled for the theatre but the persons handling it back out. Jen a firm believer in "The Show Must Go On!" took the reins and held Cast Call for Talent on Monday Night.

Jen Had a great turn out of talented people and a Show will go on....!!!!!!! Word has it that more people will be coming tonight too. I was there too, but 1st it was a Run to the Kennel for our dogs that had spent the weekend and only could be picked up on Monday at 6pm.

Dogs back safe at home I was off the the Glove for support....... Guess what? Jen's already got me on stage and I did the opening number with the cast last night.

Well as I often say ....Volunteer, so that's what I did and with any luck I won't be in any embarrassing costumes. Good thing We live Far from the old work place. Tonight we have Ali's swim meet at Johnstown High School , Jen will be attending from work and then returning for further Cast Calls at the Glove.....I will be a "timer" at the meet, then off to the Glove to help out Jen's Cast Call. We do operate here at Warp Speed.

So that's about it....Jen's been very busy at night working on music and numbers for the show show that's why you have not heard from her on the blog.

I'll do my best to keep ya up dated

Thanks Jackie, Jessie, Nicole, Mike , Pam & Chuck we had a great weekend.

Til next time Gang...........Jerry

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I put the pictures in the Blog in the wrong order .....But here they are anyhow! Bailey thinks he is a lap dog. and will put himself in your lap any chance he gets. On the days we hear gunshots outside in the woods, a Lap is good......under the bed better! He came from down south in the Carolina's but my guess he does not come from a hunting blood line. Jen's looking good as she has been enjoying herself at"The Glove Theatre".. She works many hours and is giving them 200 percent. I also am down there as a volunteer and only put in 20 hrs last week. I think Jen's doing 60 or more....In at 8 am and out at Midnight some times on the weekends. OK here are the """"BUCKET O' BEES"""""" This is what the honey goes into from the hive and then into a filter then into jars. This was a bucket that I was working with in the last couple days and has a little honey left inside. I hung this bucket on the garden fence last night to get it away from the front porch area where I had been jarring. Today the front porch has about 4,000 bees flying around because the honey smell is still strong by the porch . They don't bother me or the dogs because they are only looking for honey but they can be a little scary to others.....No door to door sales persons today!
Ali has her 1st swim meet today at 4:30 at home...... I will be there cheering her on ...Jen too
Maybe a picture or two.
The weather here has started it's change...... We are having "Cool, Crisp" mornings in the low 50's and upper 40's. I suspect that that will only be for a while....
The Maple Trees have already started to turn Red and Yellows mixed in with shades of Green.
Small piles of leaves are starting to form aprons around the Maples, Birch trees are not far behind.
Last night at about 7 pm I had the Pellet stove on for about an hour to just take the chill of the inside of the house.
Hey guys....Come up and visit......See some leaves change, view the lake, pick some apples,maybe kayak or get in a show at "The Glove"
Til Next time Gang.......Jerry

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 . . . Still

I am repeating last year's blog because really, our hearts will never change.
It's hard to write about anything today, without remembering the date and it's importance in our lives. No matter where you live in the world, 9/11 is the date America was attacked and shaken from our collective innocense. It is burned in our memories and our hearts, and even though seven years have passed since that day, it is so important that we keep alive the horror and outrage, as well as the compassion for our brothers and sisters who perished, and their families who still pay the immeasurable price of their loss every day. Those who stepped up and helped us dig out of the rubble and are doing it still; the police, fire and medical responders and the armed forces were there almost instanteously, doing what had to be done. They have not stopped yet.
No matter what your politics are, the party that I want to be most affiliated with is that of Citizen. No one asked your political affiliations that day. "American" was enough. Imagine if we could keep that same sense of purpose and mission in our everyday lives, we would pay tribute to those whose lives were taken so tragically and brutally. We could accomplish so much if we put aside our petty differences and worked towards a future that held promise instead of fear. On a day like today, it is easy to believe that is possible, because the memories of 9/11/01 are still so fresh. We don't have to just dream of a country that works together, we can still remember it.
Whatever you do today, keep that memory in your heart and make the world a better place, a kinder place and a safer place. Even if it's just your neighborhood, honor those whose lives were taken. Live your life well and be a friend to someone who needs. A random act of kindness in honor of 9/11. Not really hard when you think of the sacrifices that have been made. Not hard at all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There goes my baby. . .

When I stop and think about it, it just doesn't seem possible that I am old enough to have a 15 year old-a tenth grader! How did this happen? WHEN did this happen? When I realize that she is my youngest-my BABY! I can hardly believe it. I am still working out what I want to be when I GROW UP! And she's right behind me! Today was the first day of school. I was getting a little panicky last week when it dawned on me that we had not received the bus pass in the mail yet, when Allison reminded me, "duh Mom, they come to the house." Right. It's a little different here. I forgot. It's only been a year, but we're still finding our way. I was at the schools yesterday, dropping off registration forms for our comedy improv workshops this Saturday, and they are spit and polished ready for the kids. There is something so exciting about the first day of school. A clean slate. A full year ahead with only last year's report card holding you back, or propelling you forward, however you choose to respond. I heard a quote the other day that absolutely riveted me. Because of its truth. "The truth is your past, a lie is your future". How profound that is, really. A good quote to hang on to don't you think? I've been living in the world of the Glove. Phones, registrations, advertisements and logistics. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and it's getting windier. We're having a ball and making a difference. It's a great combination. But I did enjoy seeing Allison off this morning. Sometimes it is nice to just stop and breathe in the moment. This is one of those times. Good Luck Allie, you'll do fine. Jerry has been holding down the fort and keeping us all nourished and motivated. As I said, breathe it in.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Eye Candy

Daphne is ready for trick or treat!! Only problem we don't get any trick or treaters here.
Dave and Cathy last weekend
out on the boat...Thanks Guys!!!!
Had a great time on
East Caroga Lake.
Clint and Joanne Came over after dropping the Girls at school
We stopped for Ice Cream
Only a short over night stay, Stopped by after dropping of girls
Jen's been working hard at the "Glove" this week.....2 Night Comedy show coming up this weekend. I have been home working in the garden and cutting the lawn.
Also been back and forth to P.A. as Mom has been in the hospital last 3 weeks.
Doing better and getting out today , going to a nursing home for a short recoop before returning to her home.
That's about it here.... Mornings have been cold and days warm. Maple trees turning up here on the mountain. We have had the heat on a couple times in the early morning hours just to take off the chill. Class starts for Ali in the morning... She has already started practice on the swim team and at it now as I type. 3:15 to 5:15 pm
Expecting Jackie and Jessie this weekend and looking forward to some other company.
Apple picking time has started down the road at the orchard, trees are heavy with fruit.
Happy Birthday Mike !!!!!!! Ali's Birthday the 10th.
I'm Sure Jen has Plenty to post but just too busy to do it.
Til next time gang.......Jerry

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"What's New?"

"What's New?" Is that not the title of a song that Linda Ronstadt sings???? Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1AS-IOlUgI Blog has nothing to do with her ...just came to mind as I was getting ready to type with the blank screen facing me.... If you watch it I think she sings as well or almost as good as Jen. Well gang it's been a while since I last posted cause we have been busy , Jen at the Glove and I have been back & forth to P.A. as mom has been in the hospital recovering from surgery. Seems she is on the road to recovery and headed home after a few weeks of down time at a nursing home where they can give her the daily attention she needs after getting out of the hospital. This is the Last official summer weekend of the season, Labor Day Weekend and we are headed down to the lake house to help out...Jen's baking for a bake sale, I will be helping out the association to take out the boat docks... We don't have a boat or really use the docks but extra hands are always welcomed . Walking the dogs out in the pasture this morning I noticed that some of the Maple trees are getting a little color change. Easy there Big Guy....Don't rush it!..... Sorry about that always thinking about the up coming season as I still have to prepare the house for the cold winter bite that comes along. Working at getting that all fixed so that it's not all that much work in the future. Nuff about winter.... summer still here. Jen's been working very Hard at the "Glove Theatre " , I believe next weekend is a two day comedy fest at the theatre and she has a play in the works coming too at some point. This weekend we had people coming then we did not so we going to take it easy here at the camp this holiday weekend.. Just a few burgers and dogs on the BBQ, some time at the lake house and a couple board games with friends. Hoping to get in a walk or two and suck in some Cooler Adirondack Fresh Air. This time of the year seems to be a good time to catch those photo shots of the white smoke coming off the lake in the early morning hours as the morning cool weather and warmer lake water creates that effect . Least ,.....I think that is how and why it happens. That's about it for today Gang, Til next time........Jerry Hey..... Call and come up and see us as we are about to unwrap a whole new season here at the camp and looking forward to share with family and friends!!!! If we haven't said it Family and friends....We miss you and want you to stop by. Apple picking time is here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Morning break

This morning the temp is 48 degrees. Summer is still out there when you look out the window, but opening the door lets the cold in, and then the reality kicks in. Brrr. Allison and I are both already wearing our boots, cause these toes are cold. It is hard dressing for work, because here in Caroga the temp is colder by 5-10 degrees. Then I get into town, and I'm clearly overdressed and feeling uncomfortably hot. Its a dilemma. I have been at the theatre almost non-stop since I took this job, and I feel like we're making alot of progress. The volunteers I am working with are the most dedicated people I've ever met. It makes it fun to work with such driven and passionate people. I'm working from home this morning because I need a full-time up and running telephone. So here I am. Back at the blog. I have missed blogging every day, but also feel I have more to bring to the table, so to speak. It's a different world just 5 miles down the mountain. Gloversville is a bustling busy community with a downtown that is charming and frustrating at the same time. There are those whose businesses are open and busy and clearly doing well. And then there are those who open, say . . on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-3. It's like they are trying to fail. I wonder who has it right? I'm still working on that. I like to think that hard work makes for success. But here in the Adirondacks, defining success is not so easy. It will be an interesting transition for me, because sitting on the porch and dealing with fiber and house remodeling has been the focus of our first year here. Now I'm off to work and more traditionally productive. Which is the healthier lifestyle? I don't know for sure, but I think a balance is most important. That is the tough part - finding that balance.