Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well It's Here!!!!
We are both glad that it's here , Glad that it will soon be over, I have had enough of the Television Spots that seem to have been running forever.
I hope no "HANGING CHADS"like we had for 6 or 7 weeks when Bush 1st ran after election day.
Get Out There and Vote!
Ali Has school today here in Johnstown , not off like her friends on Long Island , like she had when she was a student in the Glen Cove School Dist. Last night Ali was not happy when she found that out. I seem to recall her saying something like, this sucks! I don't think she will be saying that when she has off on snow days here and her friends from Long Island are marching off to school.
Jen's is suffering with her shoulder every day, Very much in PAIN. She has not been sleeping through the night as the pain makes her wake up and groan. The pain is ever so evident in her face all the time.. Surgery is just down the road for her , we all have high hopes that she finds some relief. Surgery is 11/18.
I have been trying to keep Jen's spirits up and light, Trying to make her laugh but she is having trouble finding any humor or pleasure in much as the pain is never gone from her shoulder.
Aggravating her shoulder with every move she makes.
We have been keeping busy here in Caroga , Ali has a school play this week starting Thursday thru Saturday , Jen and I have Been taking Bible study Classes on Thursday Nights, and we have a Wine and Chocolate party to go to on Friday night thru the church. Saturday is the day
that we go to Ali's play. Wooo Hooo.
We had pellet stove pellets delivered the other day...5 TONS( which means 10,000. LBS) to get us thru the winter.I have been moving them into the basement a Ton at a time, 40 LBS bags.
3 Tons moved so far, 2 Tons to go.
No deer hunting since Brian was here as the weather has been very warm , reports have that hunting has been slow. It also not as much fun doing it by yourself. Hope to get out soon, Brian has been talking about coming up to hunt.
Weather has been very warm here and warm enough to walk around outside in just a tee shirt.
Nicole is graduating from nursing school in December and we will be attending the ceremonies.
Good for you Nicole!!!! You worked very hard .
My retirement party is coming soon and we will be visiting Long Island
for that party that is being given by the Port Washington P.B.A. Two other retired members will also be honored that day too.

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