Tuesday, February 28, 2012

stock up!

It has been a month and a day since I last posted, and I am appalled at how quickly time has flown by. Then again, time moving quickly in winter is usually not a bad thing, so it is mixed emotions. I have no intention of going away, I just took a much needed breather. Of course if I had notified you of this little mini-vacation that probably would have been easier than checking back day after day. My apologies. We are awaiting the mother of all snowstorms, after a winter of fairly few. The snow base around here is nothing less than piss-poor, and the local businesses are suffering. This is ski/snowmobile season, and although the skiers have had little interruption, the conditions have not been great. The snowmobiles have been unable to tour and everyone is getting a little bit antsy. This next system (or systems) are coming from the west AND the north, and they will both be meeting directly over Caroga Lake. That's how the prediction feels. I was in town today, and it seems that people are stocking up on the essentials, bread and milk.  I never could understand this. If I were going to be stuck in my house for more than 24 hours, bread and milk are certainly not the first things that come to mind when we prioritize replenishments.  M&M's?  How about chocolate cake, popcorn, jax, twizzlers and the entire family of flavored tootsie rolls?  Bread and Milk? Are you kidding?  We'll see how it goes. It's supposed to hit Wednesday night into Thursday, and rumor has it that there is going to be an expected snow day. They haven't used any yet, which is kind of unusual for this neck of the woods.  We'll see. I'm keeping my options open.