Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things to do - or not

Yesterday we went to Albany to pick up more flooring from Lumber Liquidators. It was a great day, and we had FABULOUS seafood at Bob and Ron's Seafood Diner (Bob and Ron? something like that) It was clearly a local favorite and the lunch was delicious. We took a scenic swing around Albany and I was shocked to see how it has grown since I was last in the heart of the city, probably about ten years ago. It was a culture shock for sure. We took a leisurely drive home and stopped at a few antique shops, just for fun. I always appreciate when Jerry is so willing to step off the beaten path. We always have a good time. By the time we got home, I was whooped. Truly whooped. We had walked the property in the morning, in an effort to get outside and start exercising. It was great, although cold. The land changes every day with every temperature change. The little brooks that run through the property are now frozen and crackle when you step on them. It is a rugged beauty that I love so much. I have found new appreciation for down coats, and the warmth they provide. I am a convert forever. It still befuddles me why someone would not want to be warm (hello Allison!) when it is such a comfortable condition. Warm. It is my life's mission to be warm. Inside and out! It was a great walk, but contributed to my meltdown last night. We had planned on attending the Christmas Parade in Johnstown last night, but 17 degrees is not the right temperature for me to be standing on the curb for a couple of hours, however wonderful the event. I was never one to want to attend a football game either - not when the same game was showing on the TV in the living room - warmth, food and the remote. It just doesn't get better than that. And I would pay for a ticket to sit in the stadium in the freezing cold why? I never had a good enough answer for that burning question. I guess I'm a lazy fan. Allison went to see Twilight last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are not aware of the book series and the movie opening on Thursday, you need to get out more. Even I know that Twilight is this weekend's big story. I haven't read the series yet, it is a vampire type love story-not so much my preference. But, in the middle of January when the activities options are winding down, I may just pick it up. I still have to tackle Harry Potter. There is alot of reading ahead of me, and alot of cold weather ahead. What a great combination don't you think?

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Mother of the Year! said...

Exactly how "cool" do you look in your down? That's why Allison won't wear down and be warm, at her age it's much more important to look "cool." You should know that by now! lol