Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

Not that I'm censoring or anything, but did we really need to see two different angles of the mac and cheese? Just a thought. Anyway. . .
You may also be tired of seeing endless pictures of paradise in the snow Thankfully, I never do. Although the angles may be slightly similar (mac and cheese?) I guess these are the views that I never tire of, and so I try to share them with you. If you have had enough of lousy shots of snowfall in the woods, and the view from our back porch, feel free to scroll down. I have also shared other thoughts with you today.

and my favorite, the sun coming through the clouds over the pasture. You know the old saying - "Just another lousy day in paradise." I pinch myself every time I wake up and get to see this gorgeous nature miracle.
They say there are no two snowflakes alike, but really, how do you know for sure? When you see the snow falling from the sky at any given place in the world, isn't it conceivable that a rogue copycat snowflake has slipped through the cracks? Just one? Or two? or five? In all the billions of snowflakes that are falling from the sky and landing in drifts and fields a gazillion deep, who is to say that no two are alike? And more important, who was given that job? "Hey Bob, today you are going to be checking snowflakes for duplicates". "Let us know if any two are alike, OK?" How long did that career last? And what if "Bob" was a slacker? What exactly was the scientific equipment that determines the screening of snowflakes? I don't think I've ever heard of it. My point is this, I don't believe it. Not no how. I personally have never found any two alike, but then, I seem to feel that they work best in teams of snowflakes, so I never try to really find duplicates. I'm happy with the fact that they are just falling around me. I don't have to dig too deep (no pun intended) to find all that detail. I'm just dumb and happy with the visual.
These are the things I ponder as I am being chauffered all around the northeast. It occurred to me the other day as I was nursing a crick in my neck that I have become the ultimate passenger. I rarely look forward in the car - due to my temporary injuries, I am viewing the world out the side window, and I like it. After trips to Amsterdam, Johnstown and Gloversville, I have learned North Bush Road from top to bottom, and could tell you approximately where we are by the lay of the woods. That to me is quite an accomplishment. I also have the time to ponder street signs, and the biggest question I have is this - Which came first? the Deer? or the Deer Crossing Sign? How do they know where they are supposed to cross? These are the same deer that are running out into the road in front of cars and trucks, willly nilly. Not the wisest of the animal kingdom's beasts. I could understand a chicken crossing sign because apparently, they cross the road quite often. But deer? We expect them to read warning signs produced by the Department of Transportation? Isn't this a large and overblown expectation? It makes you feel sorry for the deer. What if he's a slow reader? Who helps him? This is what happens when you are a constant passenger. You begin to fixate on questions that quite possibly have no answer. Today, we will be driving to Long Island and then on to Pennsylvania to enjoy Thanksgiving with Jerry's family. We are looking forward to the trip, and to Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. As our family grows and expands (in numbers, not in turkey induced waistlines) road trips become more and more of a reality for any kind of gathering. As for me, I am lucky enough to view it from the passenger seat where I can really focus on what's happening on the side of the road, instead of in front. That's Jerry's job, and he is a brilliant chauffer. I will see the farms, the woods, the creeks and the railroads that parallel the roads we are driving, and sometimes get a peek inside someone else's world. But always, I am thinking of where we are going and who we are going to see. I am thankful for all of it. Enjoy your holiday, enjoy your family, and don't miss the view outside your window. It can take you breath away if you let it.

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