Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Which came first? The Chicken, the egg, or the variance?

As spring winds down here in the northeast, summer is barreling in with heat and humidity. Today I will water the garden, water the porch plants, and water myself. I am grateful that I am not dressing for work these days, as shorts and a tank top is the way to go. I was glad when I was working to be in an environment where dressing "down" was OK during the summer months. For the civilian staff anyway. I pitied the cops with their wool uniforms and bullet-proof vests. It's hot out there. We've been experiencing a wildlife boost here, with all kinds of stuff appearing and making themselves heard. Yesterday I heard a "woofle, woofle" kind of cry from the woods. It sounded as close to a Jabberwocky would, in my mind, then I had ever heard before. When I went to the window to try and get a direction on this wild sound, it stopped. That led me to believe that this incredible creature was watching ME! As much as the woods have become more benign to me since we live here full time, there are still moments when I realize we are living in a wild environment and to watch my step. I haven't heard the jabberwocky since, but I am listening carefully! I am always amazed at the ability of the flower and fauna to grow up in such a short period of time. Nature is constantly amazing me. Just weeks ago, we were surround by grey and dead looking trees and branches, and pow! It was spring! The plants make up in strength what they were lacking in time! Healthy and brilliant plants surround us now, and I'm loving every minute of it. We finally got our full vegetable garden planted, and yesterday I made the trip to the local town hall to "inquire" as to whether or not chickens would be possible here on our property. It's a stretch, and we're still in the discussion phase of this possibility, but first step is getting a variance to allow "livestock" on the property. If you've been following our blog for any length of time, you remember our trip to town hall to request permission to raise Alpaca. We are in a very different place now, and due to health restrictions, I think chickens would be as large a livestock as I could take on right now. But I am inclined to raise our own chicken for eggs, and possibly meat, which I know is abhorrent to some, but ever since reading the book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" (which I highly recommend) I am inclined to take on chickens for our own consumption. I'm not yet ready to become a vegetarian because the truth is, I love chicken. Beef has appeared less and less on our table, and we always discuss the pros and cons as we're eating it. More cons than pros by the way. But now, with me faced with a long summer ahead of us, I am really in the mode to produce SOMETHING besides bees on this farm. I'd love to give the chickens free range, and a humane end. I have a farmer in me somewhere and she's just screaming to get out. Now, if we were given permission to raise our own chickens that would entail some type of coop for egg hatching (another great chicken product that I happen to love) and winter protection. The plot thickens. So this is step one. We'll see!

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