Friday, June 3, 2011


Not that kind silly! I'm talking about lawns. I'm not sure I understand why we spend a fortune tilling and planting and rolling and all that, only to cut that which we have been nursing through growth. It becomes this war - growth against mowing. We spend a ridiculous amount of time and money cutting our well fertilized plots of land, be it a postage stamp on Long Island, or acres here in the north country. To me, there is nothing more lovely than a field of wildflowers. I know that our field does have them, but they have never been given the opportunity to grow. They are cut down in their prime, and the gently waving wildflowers of summer are not to be seen out my window. Instead, I see a manicured field of dreams. We have no baseball team here (at least none that I can see) but the field is beautifully manicured by Jerry, my personal landscaper. He is good enough to do the grunt work for the flowers and shrubs that I am requesting, and so I feel somewhat bad about commenting on the field/lawn. But truthfully, I would rather see the unmanicured wildflowers blowin in the wind. I wonder if we would see MORE wildlife, or if the animals like the landing field look. We had a turkey land here last week, and he hung around most of the day. At one point, he was sniffing and exploring the campfire, which hasen't been hot in a few days. I don't know what he thought of the whole area, but he was checking it all out. After quite a bit of time, he waddled under the deck and behind the house, heading towards Rogers next door. We haven't seen him since. We thought of inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner, but alas, he was a little young. Speaking of fields, we have been power walking after dinner each night, and last night we decided to bring Bailey with us. He is the only one of the three dogs who could possibly keep up with a brisk walk, and the only one who is interested in doing that. He was like a ball of fire! In and out of the cemetary headstones, he was running 3 miles to our one! I know he had a ball, because when we got home, he went to bed! And so, we do keep busy here, waiting for spring and summer, and just getting a little more cold weather than we were hoping for. 42 degrees this morning on the porch! We'll keep you posted! Anyone a member of the Caroga Lake Book Club? Our first meeting will be held this saturdaya at 7 PM at the clubhouse. The chosen book was "Water for Elephants". Get reading! Keep in touch-I love your feedback! Jen

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Kittie Howard said...

I hear ya about mowing vs wildflowers. *sighs* I think my hub would agree with your hub's comment. However (you know how we gals are), I follow a blog, Sage to Meadow, by a rancher in NE Texas who allowed a pasture to return to its natural state. It took a couple of years, but the quail and deer have returned, along with bees and butterflies for the wildflowers. Of course, as my hub says, he has a ranch with lots of pastures. Anyway, enjoyed your post!