Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It was a magical day last Friday. We were honored to watch our son Brian be sworn in as a Suffolk County Sheriff after six months at the police academy. It was a grueling time for Brian, and the following poem shares the sentiments of his Father Jerry, retired Detective from the Port Washington Police Department: When I earned my shield, thirty years ago I didn’t yet know what life would throw Like you, I wanted to be in the law As long as I’d known that was all that I saw. My Father was in a much different field It wasn’t his footsteps that sought out the shield. It was something in me that was mine alone. As it should be with you, as your footsteps are sown. I love nothing more when I hear it said, “A chip off the old block, he’s just like his Dad” And I couldn’t be happier to hand off my gun As you finally graduate, and I mean finally! My son. You are well-trained and confident! Of this I am sure. As were years of recruits who have gone-on before. You don’t need my assurance, you know what to do I don’t want to re-live my career through you. Make it your own, start with pride on your journey Understand that my job now is praying and worry. A moment, a second, will never go by that you aren’t in my thoughts, in my prayers, on my mind I love understanding - we’ll be able to chat About your experiences - this thing or that. And I’ll know when you’re suffering, so you won’t cry alone, when you speak of a loss, when we talk on the phone. I couldn’t be more honored, as this moment comes to pass My pride is even brighter than your uniform and brass Emotions aren’t likely when a cop is on the job When you asked me to pin your badge, I had to squelch a sob. To go through what you went through once, and take it on again! The studying, the endless tests, the sacrifice and pain. You are the greatest son, a Father ever had. God Bless you in your long career, from a proud and loving Dad.

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