Monday, December 6, 2010

Updates from Caroga 12/06/10

Well gang I have not been keeping you updated so here is the best I can recall( Age is a Bitch). It's not that we are getting older, it just seems like so much going on here that it all seems like too much.......or maybe we are just over whelmed because we are getting older. I'm am having my morning coffee and looking out of our new living room window watching the snow falling and typing. So now, for whats new..... You all have seen the pictures of the new grandchild, Michael. We love him and miss seeing him, thank god for the Internet as we do seem to get new pictures every day. He is growing very fast. Every time I speak to Nicole seems she has it all under control as a New Mother, we are very proud of you Nicole & Mike. Payton our Step Granddaughter seems to also just Growing so fast. Hurry up grandchildren and come visit....We got winter stuff to do with you. Thanksgiving came and went, Jen & I helped out serving/delivering meals in the morning at a local church. Cooked a turkey at home and had a couple over for dinner. We are so thankful for what we have! Seems all the all the grown children , Jackie, Walter, Brian , Ali doing well Brian had been in the NYC Police Academy for 5 months, Just a Short 30 days or so from Graduating from said Police Academy and he got called to the Suffolk County Sheriffs office to become a Sheriff. So off Brian went and now he is in the Suffolk County Police Academy for another 6 months or so. Deer hunting did not go so good this year for me...Only out one day( Again that so much going on thing). I work part time here (30 hrs) and just not fitting in to a hunting schedule. I heard a 10 to 12 Pointer seen just down the road and even shot at by Daves cousin. Jen's got the Guest Bedroom up and running, New Wallpaper, New rug, New trim, and last but not least, that futon is gone and a new queen size bed going in today.. All of our snow moving equipment , Main generator, Back up-back up generator in order and ready to go. I hear that it might be a light snow fall season. If you stand in our yard and listen I think you can hear the Snow making machines over at Royal Mountain humming along at night, wont be long now til they open. We purchased a Christmas Tree in a box and any day now it will be going up. Saved a living tree this year. That's about all I can recall for now, off to spend some time with my Bride before work.. Til Next time Gang.....Jerry

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