Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm convinced that we live in a snow globe. It has been snowing for four days and we have one inch accumulation. It's beautiful! All the hard work we have been doing over the past few months is finally coming together. It's nice to know that we can take somewhat of a break over the winter. It is my favorite time of year when you can cozy up to the pellet stove and read a good book. That's what we do here. I've realized that blogging requires you to get up and out there and interact with people! It gets harder to do when the snow is falling and I'm all cozied in. I try though. We are putting up an artificial tree this year. My neurosis about live trees and pellet stoves has overwhelmed Jerry, and I have made my point. So off we went to WalMart to purchase a beautiful pre-lit christmas tree. I am unable to enjoy the live tree in the living room because I am so fearful of fire. So that is how it goes. We have nine acres of beautiful christmas trees and in comes the wal-mart special. Oh well. I was at Wal-Mart today picking up my glasses - bifocals. What a revelation. I thought I couldn't see in the distance because things were far away. It turns out that glasses have corrected my distance vision, and I am able to see clearly. I have been using the reading glasses for years because I am truly unable to see up close. I need my glasses to eat dinner, otherwise it is just a plate of colors. Detail is lost to me. So these new glasses are must amazing to me. I also had the transition sunglasses added, and I no longer have to fumble for my glasses, changing from driving to reading directions. It's now all clear. I am boggled by this. What was wrong with me that it took this long to get this corrected? What was I thinking! So that's what we've been up to. Take care!

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