Monday, November 29, 2010

Give and you receive.

Cyber Monday. I find myself not wanting to shop, simply because I'm so disgusted by images of shoppers plowing each other down in order to get into the store and be the first to grab a TV or Radio or something. Is it worth it? I don't think so. I am becoming a non-shopper. Our annual christmas show is a tough gig to book. We're a big family, and finding a Saturday where we're all available for a trek into the city to see a show, and dinner, is becoming more and more difficult. But we try. It is worth it to us, because getting us all together for one day is important, and sharing our love of theatre and the arts is important too. So this has become the gift we give each year. A day in the city with family. It eliminates the killer shopping. That I am grateful for. This year's show has not been picked yet, nor have we decided which date. Last year we ended up in the city in the spring, due to scheduling conflicts. It had its benefits. How this year pans out remains to be seen. Our mouse wars continue. So far, the peanut butter is not working. Has it found a new kitchen to terrorize? There's a church next door. Perhaps he has become a church-mouse? I'm a little afraid to look each morning when I get up. I'm just slightly less offended by a dead mouse than I am by a lurking mouse. The snow on the ground is still in patches. It should be warmer this week, and I'm sure it will melt. Today is carpet day. After that the reveal for the guest room (and hopefully bookings) will take place. Ta Da! I'm glad that's done. Another job to check off the list of things to do. We're in the home stretch. I hope. We had a lovely Thanksgiving although missing the family was tough. We delivered a bunch of meals for the needy through a local church program and it was certainly a gratitude producing activity. I was shocked and saddened by so much poverty and need, but also uplifted by the fact that there were more volunteers than necessary. They were rationing the number of meals you took to deliver so that everyone would have an opportunity to help. That was nice to see. Selfishly, giving to others does make you feel better about yourself and your situation. Coming home to dinner, we were particularly conscious of what we had. Our dinner was not in a styrofoam take-out box. All we wanted, for the asking. Count your blessings. They are many.

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