Friday, July 16, 2010

Who's Job is it?

According to Jerry, four out of five people who mow their lawns are women. That was his observation on Tuesday when we took a ride into town. We passed a few homes and women were mowing the lawn. We assumed they were the wives, but I am not convinced. I will need more proof. Today, Jerry mowed the lawn and I went to the grocery store. He is still in negotiations. The weather has been Hazy, Hot and Humid, which means we are unable to see the mountains in the distance when we drive up to Caroga. It's an odd sensation, knowing something is there but only seeing a faint outlne where yesterday was a detailed vista. It has been a lazy week for me, but for Jerry, not so much. He is suffering outdoors at his post in the parking lot of the O'Brien building in Albany. Hopefully soon, his post will change to an indoor area where he can enjoy the benefits of air and heat, accordingly. Allison has been cleaning up her room for nearly four months now. Tomorrow Jerry's Mom will arrive, and we will find out exactly how far we got in this process. I have been threatening to finish the job for her, which tends to move progress to a higher level sometimes. I'm hoping. With this kind of hot and humid weather the best thing to do is find a quiet spot and enjoy a good book. I have been doing that all week. My view at the computer is now out the side window, and it overlooks the remnants of last year's garden, sorrowfully. I have been enjoying tomatoes from the grocery and so far, I have heard nothing of the blight. The rain this year has been much less than we experienced last summer, and so I can only assume that these local gardens will enjoy a more successful summer. I hope so. It was heartbreaking last year to pull 24 tomato plants, overnight. So much so that we were garden-traumatized this year. I think that was the real root of our problem, no pun intended. Anyway, next year we try again. Our campfire is ready and waiting for the week ahead, and we are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Grandma Rosa. I hope she likes dogs.

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