Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Embracing the Slow Life

I am learning to love the slow life. We spent the day Sunday on the lake with Cathy and Dave. They have a beautiful pontoon boat which we managed to trash with spilled soda and onion dip. We were swamped a couple of times by drive by skiiers, and the sodas did not make the wobbles well. Wonderful hosts that they are, they simply washed it off with a smile. We had a ball. It is amazing to see the houses along the shoreline, and to see where the draw is. Many of these waterfront homes from the back are unimpressive. From the water you can see what the WOW factor is. They are truly spectacular. Photos will follow as soon as I can find the camera. The pictures we took give you just a small peak into a truly wonderful day. We are expecting some VIP's here in the next few weeks, and looking forward to the visits. Jerry's Mom is coming for a week, and Jackie and Jessie (and Blue!) will be joining us at some point. We can't wait for all of them to join us. I look around with a new eye when I know visitors are coming. Yesterday I painted thefront door. That was a project four years in the making. I think I've had the paint for a full year. Just didn't get around to it. Now it's done, and I love it. I decided to go all Martha Stewart yesterday once the paint was out, and decided to decoupage a small child's chair. I love the finished product and will give it an important place in the house. Now we just need that small child's butt to park itself in the chair. Soon! Mike Jr. has no idea how many folks are waiting for his arrival. We're ready! Little by little, I'm finding my place in this beautiful spot on the world. Jerry is enjoying his job, I can tell. He has a new spring in his step and is having his hair cut in the old style. He's back in business. I kind of miss my mountain man, but I know he is enjoying himself. As I tell the kids all the time, everything is temporary. Try it-you never know. I am trying out being a Type B personality and so far, so good. I have not yet become the spinner/knitter that I want to be, and so I am directing those energies again. We'll see.

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