Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There's Snow in them thar hills

Not alot of snow, nothing that would have to be plowed or shoveled, although the car windshields will need a bit of attention, but yes, we have snow here in Caroga. It was cold enough last night, the pellet stove was ramped up and it was toasty here in the living room, but I never thought snow. For me, I think this might be a personal best. I do remember once seeing snow in July in Litchfield Connecticut, camping with my folks, but nothing stuck to the ground. This snow has stuck, and so, I think it is the latest snow I have ever witnessed. Bailey was nonplussed, he just went out and did his business (he's the only one who gets up with me and Allison, the other two are sleeping in with Jerry) but came back rather quickly-too cold I imagine for any exploring. He is a good dog. He comes when he's called, and he also worries with me about Jake, who is a wanderer. The neighbors across the street were here this past weekend, and although he never goes across the street as a rule, he had to go yesterday and just sniff those smells. I was calling him, and he heard me, but Bailey was getting slightly disturbed that Jake was ignoring me. He kept looking back at me from our property perimeter (which he would NEVER leave) and sort of making a "I don't know, what should we do?" kind of look. He continues to watch where Jake goes, which gives me a good idea how to find Jake. Eventually he comes in, and we all just go about our business, but Bailey is somewhat proud of himself as he feels he orchestrated the whole "get Jake back" activity, just by worrying. We spend alot of time looking for Jake. The older he gets the more he's inclined to wander. I feel his pain. I was in Schenectady yesterday costume shopping, and we had a few side trips. It's hard to go to a city I hardly know and just get in and get out. I have to do some side streets and see some new stuff. I am a wanderer too. We ate at Clinton's Ditch, which was a lovely pub type sports bar, and I wondered to myself, what would happen if you opened a lovely pub type women's place? If you showed the ballet on the TV screens, or soaps?(Heaven forbid). Would there be a clientele? Because there were enough women in there having business lunches (Schenectady is a bustling city) but I'm not sure the sports screens were a big draw. Not for me anyway. I had a good time, but was glad to get back to the theatre. We're cranking up the work on Alice, and it's getting closer. I hope we don't have a snowstorm. That would effect attendance.

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