Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Rainy Day

Bailey is porch sitting this morning. He was all in a rush to get outside and when he saw the rain, he stopped short and parked it on the top step, out of the rain. I knew it was raining yesterday, when my shoulder kicked in. Ow. It's no fun being a walking barometer. I'm off to Halloween World in Ballston Spa today, finding makeup for the Alice cast. It should be fun. I'm going with my friend LisaBeth, and we are a good match. Two wacky girls from LI-she's from Brooklyn originally. Anyway, we're taking a road trip to get the Alice makeup and any additional props we can find. This is the fun part-the creative process. I am loving it. I wish my cold would go away, but I have found that Benadryl is an adequate solution. I can function and not feel so bad. As I always say-better living through pharmaceuticals. It's not a joke. The grass in the pasture is a beautiful emerald green. The rain is helping the seed we put down in the fall. It is coming up beautifully. Bocce anyone? We're getting closer to the show, and truth be told, I'll be glad when it goes on. I'm very tired. Rehearsal three nights a week and weekend activities at the theatre are taking their toll. I love it all, but I love resting too. It's a tough balance. It would be easier if there was a Board that was really "on board", but they are a tough sell. "Hard Work" is the only way this theatre will revive, and there are just a small few who are truly working hard. Ah well. We do what we can. Allison made her bus this morning, in record time. I've become quite friendly with the bus driver, from a distance. He and I have developed a hand signal language that we both understand. I can wave him on at 30 mph if Allison has a ride, or more likely, just isn't ready. He barely has to slow down. A little honk means he "gets it", and we both wave as in "have a nice day". It's rather pleasant, conversing with someone so early in the morning. I wonder if he feels the same. The days that Allie is taking the bus and walks across the route from the house to the bus, we just stay out of sight and pretend we don't know each other. We wouldn't want to embarass anyone. Ahhh kids. Just another day here in Caroga. . .

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