Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zoning out

It's a new day. The temperature is rising and we're barreling towards the weekend. We have Elvis at the theatre on Saturday. Join us. We were there last night for another rehearsal and "clean up". All the painting and scenery work we have been doing for Alice needed to be tucked away so that Elvis has full use of the theatre on Saturday and it won't look like an art class. It is complete. Hanging the backdrop for the Queen's castle is just beautiful. Melissa, you will be well back-dropped. Congrats to all the artists. I am getting more and more excited about this show. It is so great to see it all come together. We have a few more weeks of rehearsal, and a few characters who are giving us some concern, but all in all, it is a wonderful show. I am still shaking my head this morning from a trip in the car yesterday, and it occurred to me that we are all in one zone or another. If you are in the "gray hair" zone, you will be driving about 20 mph, no matter where you are. If you have ever driven at 20 mph, you know that it is inadequate as a travel speed. It is a speed that you pass when you are accelerating up to another speed, or slowing down to stop; but not a speed that you maintain, especially in traffic. Now, I have gray hair, but I have not shrunken to four foot nothing, and I do not travel in oblivion, staring straight ahead with no apparent concern for what is going on to the left or right of me. All of these things amount to a "gray hair" zone. It is a perfect storm. Those who travel at 45 mph are in the "normal" zone. They are more inclined to speed up or slow down, according to traffic requirements, but prefer to maintain a nice steady speed without any apparent rush or hurry-up type of travel. Then there is the "Busy" zone. These are drivers who are busy, and travel at the safest maximum speed allowed to get to where they are going. If there is a straightaway, they speed up to the safest speed. Slowing down around curves and corners is necessary, but only to the speed that allows you to make that curve or corner without danger. Then it is back to the quickest speed allowed. This zone does not allow for sight-seeing or nature watching. It is the "get me there" speed that is so important to commuters, mothers on the way to school and those who are catching a train. I am in this zone. "Busy" drivers are good drivers in a zone that would like to get things frigging done as fast as possible. I do not want to look out the window and see the nature passing by. When I am on my way to work, or working in my car (that happens alot-I travel around town very often). I want to get it done, and I want to move on. Gray hairs are impossible. They make me crazy. "Normal" is tolerable, but I will pass them whenever the road allows. Once past, I can sit back and breathe again, because not breathing is what happens when one of these drivers gets in front of me. The next time you're out there, take a look at your speedometer. What zone are you in?

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