Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Photos of Making Maple Syrup

Well Gang It's been a few Days or longer since I posted so here are some photos of what I have been doing.
I have been helping the North Bush Rd crew gathering Maple Sap and boiling it down into Maple Syrup, Here are a few of the shots.
Those two jars are the 1st of this seasons syrup.
The Boiler reducing sap
This building is something new this year made by Fred of Albany....It's a Pump House that sucks sap down the main line from the trees to a tank, seem to get more from the trees, not connected to all the 200 taps
Photo of the inside of the sap pump house
The Little pot on a burner is the finishing sap boiler
The large tank up on a stand is the raw sap waiting to run into the boiler
wood burning sap boiler
Having fun with this
We are still doing volunteer work at the Glove Theatre And this year Jen has a very exciting show line up. The weather has started to warm here and snow is melting fast.
Til next time gang,........Jerry

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