Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not much going on.

The sun coming up over the mountains is the most beautiful part of the day here in Caroga Lake. Especially when spring is in the air. There is still plenty of snow on the ground, but it has that musky, mushy, spring thaw about it. I can see that we had better load up on hay, because very soon the driveway will be very muddy, and the dogs will be bringing it into the house and onto the furniture. Yeah spring. I guess this is the reason we need to have spring cleaning-because of all the mud. I always wondered why it was done specifically in the springtime. Now I know. Mud. Once the mud season is over, then spring can arrive in full bloom. It's just one of those things we have to get through. I guess it makes us better people, or at least more appreciative of the good things in life-we have to suffer a little before we get the goods. That's how I feel about spring. All off a sudden I have the desire to decorate in yellows and greens-pastels. I'm not a pastel kind of person, but spring will do that to you. The stores are all carrying those spring colors and "cruisewear". I'm not heading out on any cruise, but the spring clothes are very nice to see. The velvets and courderoys are slowly disappearing from the racks. It's still cold, but spring is everywhere. Our big Season Preview was in yesterday's local paper, and so far all the feed back is good. Jackie did a bang up job on our graphics, and hopefully this will generate some income for the theatre's spring season. That's our goal. The scripts are coming for Alice in Wonderland, and Saturday night we have a Mindbending Illusionist coming. Should be interesting. I'm off to the cardiologist today for the annual checkup, and Jerry and the boys should be down the road a bit watching the sap boil. Life rolls along here in the boondocks. It's all good.

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