Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ski Jackets and Shorts

Yup-It happens here alot. You'd be surprised. As you can see from the dreary picture, these kids were heading home from school in the afternoon and pushing the spring thing a little. Speaking of pushing spring, on my way to the theatre this morning, I passed an older gentleman on a lawn tractor mowing the six foot patch of grass that had melted in his front yard. Now, you can see that the snow has not totally melted, and this poor bastard was riding his mower and participating in the most futile activity I have ever witnessed. On it's best day, his lawn was only mud. But he was tooling along as if it was the middle of June and he had a whole day's mowing ahead of him. That, my friends, is cabin fever. I bow to the pro. Of course, he was NOT wearing shorts-I leave that to the kids. The following picture is of the Great Sacandaga Lake, and as you can see, the ice shacks are out in the middle. This is a wonderful activity that was going strong until yesterday, when a truck and two cars went through the ice. Now, I can understand the first accident-it happens. The second one? Who sees a truck go through the ice and then pulls out there to follow? Not a wise choice in any instance. But that old "Let me try" mentality kicks in at the strangest times, doesn't it? Speaking of ice fishing, I have two takers to next years Great Sacandaga Lake Ice Fishing Challenge-my cousins Mark and Trish. They have picked up the gauntlet and are planning their thermal underwear strategy as we speak. There is room for more-don't hesitate to join in. I know this will be a good time-whenever we're together the laughs are memorable. I have decided that I hate mud season and plan to someday take this dog and pony show on the road-I dream of traveling the country from January to April, and coming back after all the mud has grown some grass. I think that is the ideal situation, don't you? Just pile all the canines into a little Minnie Winnie and hit the road. It could be done I think. I'll dream on that while I'm wiping off everyone's four feet as they come in the door. Jake actually gets in up to his ankles, he's that heavy. We have spread the hay around the driveway again this year, and it is working like a charm. Daphne and Bailey are doing OK with the mud, they have a lighter tread. I also think St. Patrick's comes at the perfect time-who knows mud better than the Irish? I think they put this holiday right smack in the middle of mud season so they could get inside, do a little singing and dancing and just forget about it. Brilliant idea. Next week we're halfway to April! Hang in there. Apparently, you can wear your shorts.

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