Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am hearing that this weekend is supposed to be spectacularly beautiful, and that outdoor activities are highly recommended. I think it is time we pull out the showshoes and get on a trail. That is, after all, why we moved here. Fresh air and exercise. My exercise these days has been limited to running up and down the stairs at the theatre, and truthfully, that is not enough. I want to get out in the brisk and clear air and breath it in. We have nothing at the theatre this weekend-nothing! That hasn't happened in awhile, and so we should take advantage. I was at the Lions meeting yesterday and had a lovely time. As I said, I was invited to speak about my journey to the theatre and the area here, and I managed to get through it without freaking out. When I think back to my youth, I am hard pressed to remember that I used to be shy. That's right, shy. I used to blush horribly if someone asked me to speak to a group other than my known circle. I would be tongue tied and shaky. Not a great public speaker. And now, well, I'm not sure when it happened but I can safely say that shy is not a word used to describe me. That's a good thing. I am much happier being comfortable with people, and speaking what's on my mind. Shy is a waste of time. It is a beautiful and cold morning, and if you stand on the porch for awhile you can smell spring in the air. Even though it is a long ways off, there is a musky smell that is the foliage coming back to life. A moldy kind of smell that comes from the ground up through the trees. I love it. Jake and Bailey have been working their way over to the grove of trees across the street. They can smell it too. Daphne can only smell what's cooking for dinner. She is outside so little that she will only come out when the deck is clear and the sun is shining-maybe May or June. I'm almost done with the socks I have been knitting for Jackie since, well, way back. I decided that any time I sit to watch the olympics I must be knitting. My own personal olympic dream. and so, the socks are getting done. by the time I head south next weekend, I will have them with me for the ceremonial hand off. Possibly a medal ceremony? Some pageantry for the Mom who finished knitting the socks? Nah. I loved knitting them, and now I am on to the next project-my kimono sweater. There's still a week left to go in the olympics. I think I can finish the kimono sweater as well. Pictures to follow. Enjoy the weather-whatever it is.

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