Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lions Club

Today I have been invited to speak to the Lions Club about myself,the theatre and our hopes for the community. It seems kind of presumptuous to me to be speaking about our hopes for the community, because I am the community's newest member. But, I was asked, so I will speak. I guess my biggest hope for the community I work in is that they will wake up and see the gem that is the Glove Theatre, and start to really support it so that it can not only survive, but flourish. That's it in a nutshell. Get out and support the arts! We'll see. Next week is Arts Day in Albany. That's a day when administrators and community activists come to Albany to meet with their legislators and vie for the few dollars that are left in the budget. Hoping to get a few dollars thrown our way, I am going to Albany too. I figure if I throw myself in front of our local politicians, who have all been to the Glove at one time or another, they will see me, and see the needs of the Theatre. It's worth a shot. We've been pretty tied into the Olympics, and last night was no exception. The men's skating program was fabulous and heartbreaking. When you see someone who is clearly ready for the Olympics lose it on account of nerves, it is such a heart wrenching moment. And of course, there are those who nail it and get their moment = it is a thrill to watch. So that's today's plan. We're off and running on hump day, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of no show at the Glove. Just quiet. That's a switch.

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