Monday, February 1, 2010

Rambling on. . .

There is a new dusting of snow on the ground, and the moon behind the pine trees is absolutely stunning this morning. These are the moments I am so grateful to be living here. . . there is nothing like a crisp winter morning to satisfy the thirsty soul. The suet baskets in the front yard are actually crowded with finches. Where have they been feeding while we were not paying attention? I don't know, but they are lousy with good cheer these days-lots of thank you chirping going on, even at this early hour. Bailey has taken to sleeping in the recliner by the pellet stove. He likes his warmth. So that's where I find him in the morning when I wake up with Allison. He doesn't get UP until she is almost ready to leave, because he knows he's not going outside until 6:30; AFTER the bus is gone. We are humiliating Allison enough by still having our white lights on the porch. OK, call them what you want, white lights, Christmas lights. They're still up. So her humiliation is already in the upper ranges, we don't need to let Bailey out while the bus is here-he would insist on getting on the bus, then I would have to go out and get him in my pajamas-we just don't want to go there. So as soon as the bus goes down the street, he knows he's allowed out. He does the perimeter check, pees a little and then it's back on the porch to come in. It's too cold these days for exploring, and he likes to wait for Jake. I've been sorting through ice skates and getting the urge to get out there in the great outdoors before it all melts. I'm sure I have plenty of time, but the fact that Feb. 1 has arrived and I have not done nearly the things I was hoping to this winter is a little daunting. We must get moving. Today is my first nutrition class at the hospital. Four hours talking about food. I can't imagine a more boring topic. I hope I am proven wrong. We'll see. It's hell week at the theatre. Performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have a week of rehearsal, tech night and dress rehearsal, and we're hosting a founder's day program on Wednesday. I don't think I'll be skating THIS week, but my skates are at the ready. Get out there and see the moon. It's gorgeous!

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