Saturday, January 30, 2010

the second annual great walleye challenge

Today is the second annual Great Walleye Challenge on the Sacandaga Lake. Being of a competitive nature, I am disappointed that we have not registered for this lucrative fishing contest. It is held the last Saturday in January, and I am giving formal notice that NEXT year, we will be registered. It features prizes and giveaways in excess of $45,000, and is limited to 1500 registrants, which gives you odds of winning at, well, nevermind that, the odds are good. They have $1000 prizes every hour, from 9 am to 3 PM. After that, the ATV's and Fishing shacks are raffeled off. What do you say boys? Next year? I know better than to put that challenge out to the girls, because, much to my chagrin, I have not raised any "outdoorswomen". This is not for lack of trying. I dragged them all through the girl scouts, family camping trips and Mother-Daughter camping trips. I was the camping Mother for all our scouting expeditions, and still, I have mall queens. How did this happen? I have no qualified answer for that. I do see that both girls have taken on Camping in Montauk, and will allow that as a possible activity. And camping in campers is allowed on occasion. Having LIVED in a trailer for a short period of time (my other life), I can tell you that this does not qualify as Outdoorswoman activity. It can be a viable activity for vacationing and enjoying the great outdoors while still luxuriating in foam mattresses and microwaves, but if you want to qualify as "outdoorswoman" you must unzip your shelter to get in and out. A zipper qualifies you. That being said, ice fishing is an activity that interests me. I want to be on that lake, cutting holes in the ice with an auger, dropping my line, and possibly qualifying for those prizes. Just having the satisfaction of PARTICIPATING in this great annual trek to the solidly frozen Sacandaga Lake is what I am after. Although I am truthfully thankful that I have NOT registered for THIS years contest, because it is eleven BELOW today. That's right, the thermometer on the porch is not broken, it is registering in the BELOW range. Which means, those fisherpersons who ARE registered are going to freeze their collective ARSES off while fishing for the illusive walleye. Thank GOD we're not registered. But consider this a challenge for NEXT year. I will, by then, have the appropriate clothing and accoutrements for ice fishing, and will have practiced a bit on the Caroga lakes, and will be ready for the challenge. Consider this the line drawn in the sand. You have a year's notice boys. Make sure there are no conflicts for the last saturday in January,2011. Any other takers? We'll put you up for the weekend. I dare ya. I double dog dare ya.

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Mark said...

we are totally in ice fishing is my thing i take th challenge and double dar you even trish is willing to try boooya! remember we ARE traveling to MALAYSIA!