Friday, February 5, 2010

Caroga Updates !!!

Hey....Just found this picture of Tastee Freeze on the Internet..... This is the one from Shore Rd in Port Washington. WOW
I don't know if I posted these Sap Line Photos so here they are ( Again?)
I have Not been up to Dave's to work with Him running Lines, Fred has been seen in the area helping out. I see Fred's car there every time I pass Dave's house on my way down the mountain heading into town . We have had a Very Busy Week or two rehearsing at the Glove Theatre for this weekends show " Love Is!" Lets clear that up...Jen's Rehearsing....I'm just support..... I'm helping out with the sound, getting food and drink, cleaning and making sure that lights are out and that Jen is driven to & from so that she can listen to her Music. Jen is doing a great job , I don't know how she learns those songs and dances.
Tonight is Opening Night, Jen's resting as we have become Night Owls , coming home late from our time at the Glove..
Weather reports , south of us about to get SNOW......I hear up to 2 Feet in Washington DC... South of Albany , not so much or none. How is it that We move up here and You get the Snow down there?
That's about it for Now...... , Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry
( P.S. Jen & I are on FaceBook)

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