Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

It's been awhile since I've blogged-sorry! We had a show last weekend that was well received by those who saw it-but not enough people saw it-it is a tough road here getting people out to the theatre, especially when the weather is saying "hunker down-stay home!" If I could have stayed home I would have. The temps were hovering around 3 or 4 degrees, and it was COLD standing backstage in our evening-wear. But we put on a great show-and that's our goal. This past weekend my cousin Mark and his honey Trish came for a visit-we had a ball, as always. We go way back. Some of my fondest childhood memories include Mark and his band of brothers. His only sister was so much younger than me (isn't everyone?) that I have pictures of her in my mind, but not so many memories. We had a great time and have vowed to make this happen more often. I am so blessed with a large family, and even more blessed that we make the effort to stay in touch. It's the key to my happiness! Thanks guys. The show fell all weekend, but all in all we only accumulated another three or four inches. Nothing to sneeze at-but we're about twenty inches below average this winter. Driving to Newburgh yesterday afternoon to pick up Allie, I saw that the Catskills are actually down to the grass. Wow. That's remarkable for February. We still have snow on the ground. The skiers are still going at it down the road, and I still have time to become some kind of Alpine participant. I have really been watching them closely this year, and quite sure I want to get on skiis. We'll see. Watching the Olympics I have been quite inspired. This is a reason to get to the gym! All that spandex is enough to get you off oreos for sure. It is for me anyway. The pump thing is working remarkably well. The alarms on it, for me, are the ticket to success. I am warned long before I get too low, or too high. I'm working on it. I think my endocrinologist will be quite pleased. I am. and proud of myself. I have been taking all the information from the nutritionist and applying it to me. It is working. That being said, the Fat Tuesday tradition is pancakes for dinner. So, for today, I will be having the maple syrup that was sap trapped down the road-thanks Dave. It's worth the extra insulin.

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