Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Call

Yesterday was a hugely disappointing day. We had some serious appointments Allison and I, and when the snow situation became clear that it was bigger than us, I had to make the unpopular call-we're not going. If you've ever dealt with an angry teenager, then you know that yesterday was very cold here in the northeast, and I don't mean out on the porch. Yeesh. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't drive yet that getting in the car on sheets of ice is not necessarily something you can control throughout a four hour trip. You may encounter situations that are completely dangerous and possibly life-threatening, not to mention expensive. So, the chill here goes on. We are still getting snow too, so it is basically a double-header. When we knew the trip south was off, Jerry saved the day and took me to dinner at the local dive, I mean restaurant. I don't mean dive actually in a bad way. It is the kind of dive that is comfortable. The food is good, the staff is friendly and laid back, and the clientele is just really, really relaxed. It was just what I needed after dealing with the wrath of Gidget. They have a salad bar, which is harder to find here than you would think. Mostly you will find comfort food, which was definitely on my list of things to eat. But salad was a nice pre-course. We relaxed, ran into a few local friends, and came home early enough to watch a little TV and relax. The ride to and from the restaurant (Vrooman's) was quite beautiful. The moon luminated all the new snow, and I could see that the poker run, which is scheduled for today in Caroga lake, is going to be a rousing success. It was postponed from the beginning of the month because of low snow levels. Well, that problem has been solved. There are snowmobiles everywhere. We have a goal for next year. Snowmobile. The truth is if you wanted to get to Canada, some 200 miles north, you could travel there on a trail all the way. I think that is an adventure I would love to try. But for right now, just getting to Vrooman's was enough of an adventure for me. The roads were bad, and that is here where road cleaning is second nature. We don't have bad roads when it snow. They are just "on it". Not so last night. It was quite bad, and still falling. I was relieved that I made the safe call, unfortunate as the consequences were. But coming down the road and seeing the house with the "white lights" on the porch (don't mention the word Christmas-they are NOT Christmas lights) was very heartening. Just a warm welcome on a snowy night. Way better than being wrapped around some tree on the side of the Thruway, which by the way, was closed in Harriman at around 4 PM. Good call. Good call.

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