Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

There are differing opinions here, of course, but the snowfall is somewhere between eight and ten inches and is quite possibly the prettiest snowfall I have ever seen. It is heavy, wet snow, and has attached itself to every tiny branch out there. It's as if each tree was wrapped in cotton. Just beautiful. Jerry is out moving it around as we speak. And the icing on this snow cake is that school was closed. CLOSED! This is big news, as they dont' often close. The difference being that this is only the first part of a three part anticipated storm. The second half is due this afternoon, and the third and strongest storm is expected to come through sometime during the night into Thursday morning. So for right now, the snow has stopped, but it's just a brief reprieve. But to see this, I could watch forever. It is beautiful. I was supposed to head into Albany today for Arts In New York Day, which is a designated day for meeting with your legislators to beg for funds for the arts. It required representation from our theatre, because money is the key to our success. The Glove Theatre seems to be the poor relation in the upstate money pits. For some reason, we do not get the kind of money that is being tossed around to other theaters. I was going to change that. But now, with ten inches on the ground and the news media reporting "multiple accidents" on the roads, I have made an executive decision. Not going. I will be on the phone trying to reschedule those meetings, and hopefully, they will allow that. But getting on the road in this kind of mess, with another mess right behind it, is way more than I need to get involved in. Dedication is one thing, stupidity is another. Bailey is outside loving this white stuff. Jake took one look at the door and came back in, and Daphne is still sleeping. Allison checked out the school situation at 6 AM and we haven't seen her since. This is my kind of day. I'm still working on the knitted socks, and I'm in the home stretch. I should be done today. Enjoy your weather, whatever it is.

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