Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vacation. . . not.

The big news here today is that it is 23 degrees. Woo Hoo! The dogs are in their winter mode - eat, out, snuggle in, repeat. Bailey is a herder. He likes to keep an eye on everyone and makes sure that we are aware of everyone's locality. He actually escorts each dog when they move their location. He feels it's his job to let us know exactly whom is where. Daphne actually looks to Bailey for direction in the morning. He gets her from the bedroom (she sleeps in) and brings her out to the LR, letting one of us know that "she's up! she's up!" It's quite a festival when Daphne gets up. Jake gets herded and merely tolerates it. It's kind of fun to watch, but that's the beauty of more than one dog-the interaction. I can't imagine having only one dog anymore. It must be awfully quiet. Then again, the homes I know of with one dog are not experiencing alot of peace either. I guess its what your used to. We are busy at the theatre-today we take on the costume shop. This is on the third floor and has been sorely neglected-you might even say abused. There are costumes everywhere that need to be sorted, hung up and categorized. We're taking this on because we need the third floor studio space for the tap class and rehearsals. We now have two shows rehearsing simultaneously-which is a good thing-but space is at a premium. So, that's our new task today. Lately, I've been looking at my knitting and wishing I had the time to finish my socks. This means that it is time for a small break. I think they call that a vacation-not entirely sure. I now understand how people go years without taking a vacation-I hate to leave the theatre for even a week. this is how it happens I guess. You become so enmeshed in your job that its hard to leave. I never felt that before. Leaving for vacation was the goal. Every January 1 I would sit down with Jerry and we would plan our year-when to leave, where to go, what to do. I am not feeling that. I am looking at my knitting as a vacation, which is about as far as I will go. To the recliner. With a hot cocoa. And a nap. That is beginning to sound like the perfect vacation. I may reconsider. What did I say that temperature was today?

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