Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This snow is getting boring. Actually, I find it hard to believe that we don't have 14 feet of it on the ground, because it just keeps falling. I think we're into our ninth or tenth day of continual snowfall. It just keeps flying around, but the accumulation seems to be less than the air activity. Interesting. I have been paying attention to snowfall lately, because there are so many different types of flakes. That's true in everything isn't it? There are all kinds of flakes out there. January is the nitty gritty get down to business time of year for me. There are few distractions, because spending time outside is essentially not going to happen until we at least break 20 degrees on the upside. I try not to spend alot of outdoor time if the temp is less than that. It hurts. But I have found the solution to winter. Down baby, down. Goose down, duck down, it doesn't matter. It's all warm. I have acquired a down filled full length coat from Cabela's which has a full hood. I can finally say that I am toasty warm. The coat comes below my boot tops, which means that no area is exposed to the elements. This, finally, is the answer. There are no cold moments when you sit your bumm in the car, because the coat covers you all the way to your feet. I am laughing at the weather! The dogs are being walked more than 30 seconds, because I am perfectly happy to stand out there for a few minutes while they pick a good spot to handle their business. I can throw it over my PJ's and still be warm and covered. This is historic. I generally have a love-hate thing with winter. Usually, the love comes and goes rather quickly-say Dec. 23 through Jan 1. Currier and Ives, over. But this year, I am feeling much less concern that this cold snap seems to be endlessly eveloping the entire country. I am warm and toasty in my down coat. We can do this til May for sure. Along with my down booties, I got it licked! Is it attractive? Absolutely not. Ugly. It resembles a black quilt with arms. More like a thick snuglee. I would not be wearing this coat anywhere but here. Which is why I love it here. Wear what you want, as long as it's warm. We're all on the same page-there is no fashion judgement here in the northeast. I am in a good place. I can wear my sweatshirts that have crafty painted penguins and no will will say "Mom!" Actually, that's not true. I still have one fashion officer on the job. But she leaves for school pretty early, which means I'm free to offend until 3:30. And I work alone at the theatre, so we're pretty safe there. Well, off to work. There's a bad outfit just waiting for me. Stay warm. Down baby, down.

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arlee bird said...

Had the opportunity to enjoy the snow when I visited New Jersey at Christmas, but after nearly 20 years living in L.A. I don't know if I'd what to deal with snow and cold for long periods.

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