Sunday, January 10, 2010

Miscellaneous musings. . .

Of course, I'm not the one moving it around on a daily basis, but I never tire of this white stuff that is falling from the sky. We had a little more of it today, the "glistening" kind. "glistening" snow is hard to describe, but you know it when you see it. It almost looks artificial, but it has to be really, really cold in order to glisten. So that is MY temperature update. Jerry will elaborate later, I'm sure. . . We've been spending alot of time at the theatre, more than usual actually. This upcoming weekend is the opening of the first play of our 2010 season-The Cocktail Hour. It is a play written by AR Gurney and is really quite funny. The set is absolutely beautiful, thanks to the hard working crew at the theatre (now consisting of my Guy-Jerry) He is an amazing asset to the theatre crew and really gets in there and gets it done. I will have pictures as the week progresses, but it is quite amazing. The Tech rehearsal was today and I was thoroughly impressed. Of course tickets are available and anyone seeking to come this far north for some serious entertainment at a great price should contact me. We'll get you good seats! We had a late lunch with the cast and crew at a local italian restaurant compliments of the Director. All in all, a really nice group of people who have worked so hard for this production. So when Friday night rolls around, keep us all in your thoughts. We need some good karma coming our way. . . We came home from this late lunch with two gallons of ice cream. Serious ice cream. There is alot of dairy farming here, and the ice cream is amazing. So amazing that eating it in January is totally understandable. Not normally something I would do, but. . . when in Rome. . . Chocolate chip for me, coffee for Jerry. I also forgot to mention that I am receiving my new insulin pump on Tuesday. It is a new model that calculates your blood sugar (from a sensor planted somewhere on your body) through the pump and then gives you the appropriate amount of insulin. It should take away alot of the guesswork, and the sensor actually STOPS the pump from delivering insulin if your blood sugar goes low-which is the real concern. I seem to have alot of lows during the night, which I am unaware of. (Jerry says alot of things happen during the night that I am unaware of. . . ha ha ha, he's a funny guy) These low blood sugars cause headaches, fries some brain cells, etc., so we are trying to get that under control. TMI? Sorry. It's just an amazing electronic that hopefully will take away some of the guess work for me. I'm sneaking in those sugar fixes (like chocolate chip ice cream) before the pump gets here and I'm busted. Of course, life busts you, so that is a silly little trick of mine, but hey, I'm human. So, that's our news. What's news with you? Keep in touch-we love to hear from you.

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