Tuesday, January 5, 2010

N.E.W.S. From Caroga

Well Gang , Been Busy last couple of weeks here in Caroga & down on Long Island visiting the family. As you can see we have snow and maybe less then south of us. Nicole and Mike Surprised us over the Holidays that they are expecting and Due 08/07/10...Woo Hoooooo , we are so Happy. We are so blessed. I'll keep you updated as the reports come from Nicole & Mike. We saw all of the kids over the holidays, Jackie running her own graphic arts business , Nicole Nursing, Walter working on the water on a Tug Boat, Brian working Numerous places....Hoping any day to get on NYPD., Ali doing well in school and developing into a very nice young girl. Jen got to sing New Years Eve at the Glove Theatre with BIG STAN and his group. As always she was fabulous and sang about 4-5 numbers...back up to a few others. Elvis is In the Building !!!!!! Do You Know Me????????? Look Close!
David R. Smith Down the on the Left ( Direct from Nashville)
She and the Band just GREAT.....Asked her to come on the road with the Band.

Tried to down load Jen Singing and Hope it's there when I publish this blog...If not you just have to come up and she her sing in person.

Have a Happy New Year, Always do the Right thing and good Karma will follow you always.

Pay it Forward

Til Next time Gang....Jerry.


TinaRev said...

Love the song you posted Jerry! And i love seeing all those happy people dancing to jen's song! :-)

I'll take a $8 jar of honey please!

Caroga Traffic Lawyer said...

That first shot of the log cabin is too cool. One of the big advantages of small towns.