Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cabin Fever and paint colors.

Sometime between 2 and 3 AM, something got in my eye. I am now suffering with a scratched cornea, and wondering if I got out the offending spec of dust, and I'm just sore, or its still in there doing more damage. Not sure yet. I was supposed to get my new insulin pump yesterday, and they never came. I called last night at 5:30 before we left for the theatre, and of course, it was postponed to TODAY. I really do love when they do that to you. It's bad enough that the delivery will be sometime between 8 AM and 7 PM, but could they at least GET THE DAY RIGHT? As you can tell, my mood is less than special this morning. We are coming up on a big show at the Glove, and of course the furnace is giving us some diva attitude. This sucks. I have no time and no patience for inoperable furnaces. Especially when the darn thing is almost 100 years old and being nursed along much in the same way I am-gently, but cautiously optimistic. I am feeling much like an old furnace this morning. Jerry has gone down to the theatre because me discussing the options of furnace repair with the oil burner guy is just too ludicrous for words-me who feels a car should be purchased because it still has a casette deck. My standards are pretty low when it comes to mechanics. In addition, my eye is really hurting, and I'm on the fence about going to the doctor to have him look at it and tell me what I already know. It hurts. The sunlight, which is intermittent at best, is hurting it too, which leads me to believe it is corneal related. The dogs are all settling into new sleep dynamics. Bailey has taken the couch. Right near the pellet stove. Smart dog. Jake is now sleeping on the floor by my side of the bed. His own bed is four feet away, and I'm not sure why he's not sleeping there, but he starts out by me. Daphne of course has her spot at the bottom of our bed, and guards it fiercely. I sometimes have to reacquaint her with the bottom of the bed, as she is passively moving up towards my pillow. Sorry dog. No way. I don't mind the bottom of the bed, I do mind sharing my pillow. I'm getting that cabin fever bug. I look around our house and am starting to feel up to the task of completing many of the renovations that we put on hold in the fall. I guess enough time has passed and I am interested in finishing up. Unfortunately the living room is waiting on window replacement and fireplace structure building, all of which must be put off until the warmer weather. Missing windows doesn't work when the outside temp is 5 degrees. And of course, these structural changes must happen before we can complete the interior enhancements. So fixing the living room is out. Our room is fabulous so no decorating there. . . Painting the hallway may be the next project. We've had swatches hanging on the wall for a few months now, and I think I may be ready to make a decision. I used to make decisions much more readily, before I had to run it by Jerry. There are alot of concessions one must make when taking on a partnership. One of them is that painting and redecorating cannot be started willy nilly without regard to your partner's tastes or desires. I feel this is a very worthwhile concession. Usually. Occasionally we butt heads and must have decorating negotiations that rival Custer and the Sioux Indians. Sometimes, there must be blood. I think that the hallway paint color is going to be an easy one that we both agree on. We have no wallpaper in the house, and I understand that is coming back into vogue. Neither one of us is a big fan of the guest room. It was done back when it was a vacation room. Now, it's a guest room for our visiting weekenders. I think it could be upgraded. I'm thinking Wallpaper. Now this could be a war. I'll keep you posted.

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