Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Shanty onto East caroga Lake

Well Gang we had busy weekend , Jackie & Katie along with Blue came up to visit. We had shows going on at the Glove and I helped Dave & Fred to Launch an Ice Shanty and run more sap lines in the woods at the rear of Dave's property. This is the shanty being pulled out onto East Caroga Lake by Dave's son, Eric using a 4 wheeler
Ahhhh..... Fred who is always a help but never seems to get into any of my photos.....Got you!
Dave & Eric hooking shanty up to 4 wheeler
That's Me helping out.
We later headed into the woods at the rear of Dave's camp and ran more lines for Maple Sap. If you look close you will see Dave off my right shoulder behind the trees. It does not look too bad as the sun was shining and not too cold...snow was too deep to walk without snow shoes. I had lot of fun with these two guys. Going back for more in the next few days...... I did not bring my camera so not many photo's. This is at least a mile & 1/2 in the woods , Fred & I rode in on a 4 wheeler, Dave used his tractor
Brian this is not too far off that logging road that you hunted on for the 1st time , rear of Dave's property, where old tree stand was.
Again Had a Great time with Jackie & Katie ........So much more to come!
Having the times of our Lives!!!!!
Walter , Mike, Nicole ,Payton, Brian & Ashly we Miss You!!!! Come Back soon.
As I type we are having a heat wave...almost 50 and they say we will hit 58 today.
Til Next time Gang......Jerry

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