Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got Snow?

It was over 50 degrees here on Tuesday, and we were loving it. Much of the snow did melt, but our base is so substantial that melting snow takes weeks, not days. So, we're only down to about 12 inches here or there, and its falling from the sky again. We're supposed to get sub-zero temps this weekend, and it looks like winter is back. Actually, I don't mind so much. The spring thaw means MUD, like you've never seen before. I did take my car to the car wash last week, because it was impossible to see out the rear window. I spent the 8 bucks to get it washed (it's not like long island, they don't even go INSIDE the car-just a hose down on the outside) and by the time I got the 4.4 miles to the house, it was filthy again. Yuck. It all brings us one step closer to nice days, but what a dirty process it is. Jerry has gone into Johnstown today for Jury Duty. He was actually a bit excited because he had never experienced the law from THIS side of the box. We both realize he will most likely be disqualified due to his former career, but he wanted in anyway. Truthfully, I think he does miss the law a bit. Just the day-to-day tidyness of it all. You're either guilty, or you're not. Not alot of gray area there. Now, in our lives, there is nothing BUT gray. "What do we want to do today?" "Eh, I don't know" See? Gray. "Should we stay in or go out?" More gray. "What do you think of him/her?" Interestingly gray. There are many unknowns in our new lives. That's what makes it fun. But, as with today, occasionally we do miss the routine of it all. I think that is why I'm at the theatre too. Even though this routine is NOTHING like the routine of the PD, it is still a responsibility and a place where people are generally expecting something from me. If we didn't have that, I would rise to those low expectations like a pro. My personality is such that R&R could become a way of life very easily. I'm just not that motivated anymore to do something I don't love. So, doing something I love keeps me going at a pace much more healthy than reverse. When it stops being a thrill, it will stop being my job. I'm just so fortunate to have that choice. And don't I know it! So today, Jerry is playing down at the courthouse-which by the way is the oldest "functional" courthouse in the country. Built in 1772, it is a beautiful brick structure that has a fantastic cupola and sits right in the center of the town square. A small building with a big history. Jerry is reading a homicide novel - I don't think that will help his cause as an "Objective" juror. Not alot of homicides here though. Who knows? The town square in Johnstown is a lovely park where there is a small band shell, a fountain and lovely benches and walkways. Small by Long Island standards, it is just perfect for here. Even the dogs are allowed. Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere here. Occasionally you'll see a stray fellow walking along the street without a human companion, and no one things twice. Most likely he's on his way home from SOMEWHERE. They ride without restraint in the back of a pickup and wait outside a store while you step in and shop. They are part of the landscape. Our dogs are not so well behaved that I could travel them in the back of a pickup. I ask myself the question, which came first? The well behaved dog, or the pickup truck? Do you just let them up and assume they'll stay? That could be a painful mistake for the dog, and I don't think I would want that responsibility hanging over my head. But when I see man's best friend riding along in someone's truck bed I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. Would Bailey or Jake stay in the back if they saw something interesting on the side of the road? I'm not so sure. And Daphne? She doesn't do trucks. She's more of a red sporty convertible type. As the snow piles up outside, I'll just think on those lazy summer days hanging in the town square and watching the dogs drive by. Am I bored and lonely? Is this cabin fever today? That's a gray area.

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